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  The davis corectional ficility was getting ready for an execution. Media and witneses were flooding in.
The condemed was daren dolend. Convicted of murder . The method was lethal injection. The execution would be telivised as all were sence the open government act was passed ten years ago. Not only was it telivised but it was broadcast in every cell of every inmate in the sate. They did not have to watch it. The sound had to be on.
The witnesses were in place . There were family of the victom there. There were also government oficials including the governor.
The warden went up front. He ordered the prisoner be brought in. The condemed was hevily shackled. He wore hand cuffs,belly chain and leg irons. He wore a brown t shirt,jeens and flip flops.
At the warden’s orders, the shackles were removed. He removed his sandles and was now barefoot.
He was told to strip naked. He knew ahead of time that this would be required. At first he protested it. Now he had acepted it. He disliked it but he did not like any of this. Why not just go with it so did.
He took off his brown shirt first.he pulled it up to his head and then pulled it off. He then unzipped his jeans and pulled it to his feet. Then he removed it completly.
He hated being in his underware in public. He hated being nude in public more. He took off the underware.
The room was a bit chily. He figured that this was by design. He was told to get on the table.he hoped on to it.
The gurney was just as cold. His feet was put into restraints. The i.v was placed into his arms. His penus seam to be getting biger. He was aroused.
The drip began. He fell asleep. His naked body seam to react to the muscle relaxent. The witnesses could see his stomic retract. His penus was very erect.   Then the toxic hit. His body shock around. Then urine gushed out like a lake. The urine went every where.
Then the fecal matter hit the gurney. He was pronounced dead. The place smeled fowel.
The body was kept on display for one hour. Then it was moved to the mougue. The room was hevily disenfacted with bleach and orther chemicals.
After the autopsy and paper work,the body was tosed outside in an abandoned area. The body decomposed and would be eaten by birds and other animals.