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Kelsey came to the davison corectional facility for women. Kelsy went to visit her sister. Her sister waa sentenced to a year in prison.
Kelsey arived on time. She was searched and then brought to the visitor’s area. She wore a pink dress with flowers on it. She wore sandles.
She heard the door open. She saw the gaurds enter. Then she saw what she was not expecting.
Kaylah was chained. Her hands waist and ancles were shackled. She expected her to be chained but did not expect her to be naked.
She wondered if perhaps she had to be naked during visits. All but two gaurds remain at the door.
Kelsy tried not to stare. She had not seen her sister naked sense they were young. She found her atractive. She tried to fight the erosal.
“We are required to be naked at all times!”she explaned. She could not believe this. This was so humuliating. To be nude all the time.
She found it a bit erotic. On her way out she huged her sister. She enjoyed huging her sister’s naked body.
She went home and masterbated.she imagined herself being arested. She imagined the strip search. She imagined being placed in shackles. It was so hot.
She imagined being her sister’s cell mate. She also imagined being her sister’s gaurd.
She loved visiting her sister in prison.she went whenever she could. Due to some of kayla’s decisions,there relationship had been straned. Sense her incarseration,there relationship seemed to be repaired.
Kelsey asured her that all was forgiven and foregotten. Kay was pleased with that.
As her sentence was almost over,kelsey told her she could stay with her. She did not want to be a burden. She tried to decline but kelsey incisted on her staying with her. She would not take no for an answer.
After much back and fouth kayla agried. Her release day came. She was alowed to get dresed for the first time in a year. She. Put on the brown t shirt and jeens she wore to the prison when she serendered.
They went to the car. They drove home. They went inside. ” Take off your cloths!” Kelsey incisted. Her younger sister was taken aback. “I don’t understand ! ” kayla said. ” You heard me !strip naked!” She barked.
“I don’t understand !”she said. “I’m leting you live hear rent free ! You will live by my rules. Your debt to society is paid. Your debt to me is not!  Now remove your clothing!” Kelsey incisted.
She decided to agree to her terms. She pulled off the brown t shirt. She pulled it to her head.she pulled it off. Then she pulled down her jeens. She pulled it under her feet. Kelse took off her bra and panty. She made her go around the house naked. At night she was tied to the bed.
She could only ware clothes when they went out. She picked the cloths. She hated it at first.she got use to it.
“This is unfair. You get to see me naked. I want to see you naked!” The younger sister said. She feared her sister would punish her. Kelsey removed her gray t shirt. Then she removed her black paints. She unclasped her bra and panty. Then they huged.
They decided to sleep together hand cufed. They both stayed naked while inside.