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Anisa graduated seccond at her class at a prominent university. She got a job in the accounting department at the home office of Edson industries. She found herself promoted to a manager and later to vice president of finance. Stil in her twenties she was seen an up and commer in edson and in the cooperate world in general. It was believed that for her the sky was truely the limit. 

She was very intelignt. Not only that,she was bery innovative and resourceful.  She proved herself to be an indispensable part of the company.  Mr. Edson himself thought very highly of her. 

She was an up and coming. She was considered part of the future of women in leadership in the cooperate world and beyound.  

The world was changing.  Women were rising to more posistions of power in coperate world ,in academia, the judiciary and in politics.  She was seen as a key player in this transformation. 

She did not see herself as a feminist. She was doing what she loved.  She saw herself as somome who did what she wanted to do. She was hardly a womens right activist. She was not particuly political.  This was not about activism.  She was simply who she was. This was how she chose to live.

One night she came home..she changed from her pant suit to tank top and pjs. She got chinese takeout. She fed the cat then had her lunch.she watched some net flix then turned in. 

She went to bed. She fell asleep.  She slept until morning. What she did not know was that an unsual event occured that night. An unusual metor shower and a series of volcanic eruption caused a disturbance in the space time continuum.  This created a disruption in the structural intregrety of the universe. 

Some how she ended up in another universe. A universe parallel to ours. One that was very similer to ours. Simuler but with some distinct differences as well. One that are subtle at first but after a while imposible to ignore.  

She woke up. She made cofee. She showered. She fed her cat and played with a bit. She got dressed. She put on a black  suit jacket.  She wore a white buttoned down shirt undwrneth her. She wore a blaxk skirt.  The skirt went below the knee. She wore heels.

She went over to the office.  “Wow!  Your dresing realy conservitive today. ” a guy in accounting said. “I always dress like this!” she said. “You joun a fundy cult nissy?”another guy asked.  “What do you meen? This is hardly fundy.  ” she said.

“Compared to a birqa or a hijab i supose.” another said.  ” your kiling is nice” the first man said.  She saw a co worker naimed Kathy.  Kathy wore a disruption puple blouse and a blue skirt. Her blouse was opened up.  It showed a lot of clevege. 

“Kath what up with you?” she asked.  “What are you talking about? ” kathy asked. “If your blouse was any more opened up,  i could see all of your boobs. ” anisa said “come on nissy. I always show clevege. Please tell me your not buying into that women liberation crap ? I am plenty liberated. I am vp of transportation. ” she said.

“Ok. Its fine.  Its just not like you. ” Anisa said.  “What are you talking about?” kathy asked. All of the ladies were wearing short skirts or doung things that were a bit risky or bendinh over in front of man or wearing low cut shirts. 

Anisa went over to her friend paulete later in the day.  “Paulie what is going on? Has everyone lost there minds?” she asked. “What are you talking about? ” paulete asked. ” well the girls are praricaly running around half naked.  ” Anisa said. “Are you becoming a prude?  Look women are guarantied equal pay. Its the law.  The eqaul pay commission takes a hard stance against discrimination’s on pay. For the first time in American history the chief justice of yhe supreme court is a women. They juar conformed thr first female chairman of the jont chiefs. I am fighting real batles. I will show a little clevege as long as when our stock go up or down i am the go to person. ” she said.

She did not quite feel that way. She walked around and mr. Edson grabed her boobs.  “What are you doing? ” she asked.”woa calm down nece. I did not meen anything by it?” she asked. 

Anisa wanted to go home and take a long cold shower.what was going on? She was in some kind if twilight zone. History had changed.  It changed dranarically.

She woke up the next day and things were the same. After a few weeks she decided to play the part. She started to wear more revealing clothing.  She let male and female enployies grope her. 

She overcane her prudish ways. She was happy.  Just as she got use to it she woke up back in her universe.  She did not realize it at first.

She came to work in a low cut skirt. Her clevege showed though her sports coat and shirt. “Nece put some cloths on. Have some respect! ” paulete said. 

 She had no idea that she had crosed back into her reality.  She adapted. She kinda  missed being ogled and man handled.  Thats ok. 

She did not tell anyone thatm some times she fantasized about it. She wandered did it really happen? Did she just imagine it? She had no idea. She held it to those menories real or imagined.  

The end


I beaely paased high school science courses. science is hardly my strong suit. The science stuf was totaly made up. I did not even try to be acurate or possible.  

I dont supory misonergy or sexual harassment . This is nearly a work of fiction and fantasy. 


Naked maid


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Becca wanted to be a house keeper. She decided to try to get a job as a house keeper.  She looked at various adds. She had some interviews but she lost out to other candidates.  She did have a lot of experiences.  She had some but not enough for those who interviewed her. 

She had got an interview.she really hoped she would get this job. She wanted to work for this man.she did not Know  why but she knew that she did. 

She had got an interview.  She was invited to his house. She wore a pink blouse and gray skirt and flip flops. She spent time styling her hair. She looked her very best. She arived promptly.  She knocked on the door. 

After a few seconds a tall man opened the door.  “Becca?” he asked. “Yes. Are you Donald Eastman? ” she asked “yes i am.  Please come in. ” he said.

He was about six feet. She was 5 foot 7. He invited her to a parlor area. He invited her to sit. She did so. He followed suit and sat down. 

“Well you have an inpresive work history. You got good reviews. I wish you had more experience in house keeping.  ” he said.

“I do understand that.  I am very organized.  I have a reputation of having attention to detail.  I know how to menage my time. I know how to be efficient and acurate. I can clean promptly and effectively.  Though i dont have the work history or work experiences i can do the job. I realy think you would be quite pleased with my work. ” she told him.

He was impresed with her answer. She seemed to know how to sell herself. He trusted her. Her work experiences seemed to back up her aswer. He liked how he was she was able to stand up for herself. .in his mind she has scored quite a few points. She was starting to really win him over. 

“Ok. ” he said. He tried to preserve his poker face thoughout the interview process.  He asked her job specific questions.  He asked her about certain aspects of the job. He liked her answers. They seem to be on the same page in regard to what she was wiling to do and what the job entailed.  

He was liking her answers. He liked her personaly.she was nice and sweet. She seemed like she would work seemed like they would mesh well. 

She fell prety confident about all this.she was prety sure that she had a real schot at getting this job..that really excited her. She started to really want this job. 

“Ok. I like you so far. This interview is going well. I do have othet candidates.  Ones who are more qualified then you.  Some who worked for sate senators even a future governor. Why should pick you over them?” he asked.  

“If you wanted them, i would not be hear.  The fact that i am hear proves that your not sold on them. If you wanted them, i would  not be hear. ” she said.

He chuckled. “True. You have a point. You wil be through. You will pay attention to detail. You will be acuarate and complete.  You will be clean and orderly?” he asked.

” i will!” she promised him. She thought that she was going to get the job. She was excited.  She liked the attention.  She realy wanted to be challenged.  She wanted to prove herself.  

“Ok. Would you be wiling to work in the nude?” he asked.  She was schocked. She was not expecting that. She thought it over.  ” well i gues i could ” she answered.

“Excellent.  How soon can you start?” he asked. “How is monday?” he asked. “Very good i will see you then. ” he said. 

That Monday she came in to his house. She wore an over coat. She waa greated by her new boss. She set up her stuff. She renoved her coat. She was naked under the coat. 

She started with dusting.  He watched her dust. He watched her vacume. Ge watched her do laundry.  He enjoyed watching her.she did not mind. 

He was impresed with her work.  She did not tell anyone about this part of her work.  Her family especially her mom would probably not was weird for her to be working under these conditions in the eror of me too. She was paid well. She got breaks.  

She liked the job. She stuck to her. She was glad of her work. She decided to start her own ckeaning compony. She was clothed when she worked for them but not him. 

He eventualy asked her out on a date. She agreed.  They eventualy married. They had kids. When she cleaned at home she was nude. 

The end.the author does not endorse this kind of behavior nor recommend it. 

Two guys and a girl


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Dylen stone was hardly a hardened criminal.  He had been a lawyer. He had been on both sides of the courtroom.  As a prosicutor he was unrelenting. He got his man. As a defense attoney he pulled no punches to defend his client.  

When he defended a young man who joined isis and was caprured on the battlefiele, he made an enemy of the justice department.  Especially the attoney general.  The ag had been a senator from north Dakota and was considered a future presidential candidate. J. Ross Flanigan was determined to take stone down. 

Flanigan had marijuana planted in his car. As a senator he enacted mandatory minimums for drug posesion. 

Alrough dylen was inocent there was no way for him to prove that the drugs were not his. The evidence had him dead to rights.  He had little chance of getting off.  Flanigan made sure that the deck was stacked against him. Sure enough he was found gulty. Under the Flanigan finegold act, the judge had to sentence him to five years in a federal prison. The judge had no discretion. 

He got a few weeks before he had to surender himself to the authorities.  He got hos afairs in order. He got a trusted friend who was power of attoney over his finances and orher matters. His x had custody of there children. That was set. He was ready.  Well as ready as he would ever be. 

He arived with plenty of time to spare. He was sure that Flanigan would love nothing more then to have him declared a fugitive from justice. He would not give him rhat sarisfaction. If inspector ghavere wanted to hang him, he would not give him the rope in which to do it.

He arived at the prison. He went though the check point and was given admisson.  He went to the Main administration building in order to self surender.  

He signed the paper work. A gourd arived to process him. He has to go though the strip search. He removed his gray t shirt. He then unzipped his jeans.  He then removed his unserware.  

He hated being naked. He feared being nude in front of others.  He was surprised that Flanigan waa not hear to witness his humiliation. Maybe he was. He chided himself for getting so paranoid. It was not Like him. Now that he was a convicted felon he did not know what acting like him was like now. 

He was given a cavity search. He was given a shower. He dried off with a towel. He was given a blue prison uniform and was barefoot. 

He was escorted to his cell. He saw his two cell mates. To his astonishment they were females. “Hi there!” a brown haired girl said. 

One was five eight. She had long brown hair in a scrunchy.  She wore a blue nurses scrub like uniform and was barefoot.  Her finger and toe hails were painted.  

The other was a kind of dirty blond.  She had hair placed in a bun of sorts. It was neet but a bit disheveled. It still looked elegant.  She had the same blue uniform.  She was barefoot and her nails were painted.  

The gaurd left. “Hi. I am Aubrey.  This is Audrey.  “She said. “I am dylen. “He said. “This prison is really not so been. You stay out of the gaurds way and they will do the same. ” audry said.

“Good to know. “Dylen said. Dylen laid down on his cott. ” we are campuses to the dorm after eight pm.lights out at ten. Head count some where between that time.  There is to be no talking during that time.  Before eight you can roam about. Any area with no door or an open door you can go in. A locked or closed door is off limits. ” aubry said. He indicated that he understood. 

Audry had to pee.  She took off her pants and panties. He waned to look but looked away. “We don’t stand on mannors hear. Go ahead and watch away” Aubrey said. Audrey agreed with that sentiment so he went with it. 

He watched her pee. She flushed.  She put her cloths back on. They hung out in the cell. Then they gave him a tour. Then they had lunch. Prison food was what you expect from prison food.  It was kind of eatable.  

They watch television in the tv room. Only cartons and romance shows were alowed. Ge learned that audry did not want to bw disturbed when my little poney was on. The last time someone did, they ended up in the infirmary and she was put in solitary. That was not done again. 

They returned to the cell well before curfew.  Audry took off her uniform scrubs. She asked Dylen to unclasp her bra. He was only happy to do that.  

She wore a white t shirt and panty to bed. Aubry took off her scrubs.  She asked him to unclasp her bra. She just wore a panty to bed. They asked him to style there hair.

He decided to just wear shorts to bed.  After the count they got into bed. He got into his cott. “We sleep together.  Want to join us?'” Aubrey asked.  He quuckly agreed. 

He snuggled up to the girls. His boner grew. He slept like a baby. The next day they got up. They went to the shower. They all got naked.  He got to wash both girls. He got to got wash there boobs and vagional area.  He made sure that he was thorough.  

They washed him. They washed his peepee as well. They dried eachother off.

That night he asked the girls to kiss eachother.  Audry leened over and gave aubry a huge smooch. It was extended. His things got really hard.

He got to lick audrys tits.aubry wanted her tits licked. That night they slept together.  He really hoped that Flanigan never found out about this.  He did not want his sentence to be up. He did not want to leave. 

The end

This is fantasy and fiction.  None of this would or should happen in real life. 

No research was done.  

Chastity belt 


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Briana was usualy an upstanding citizen.  She worked as an office adadministrators at a top company in the sate. She paid her Taxas.  She was quiet.  She did not get into fights or anything like that. She was well liked. 

She usually was at home when not at work. She had never gotten in trouble with the law. She had some speeding tickets but it was no big deal. She had put that behind her. She was a productive member of society.  

She almost never partied or drank. That was almost never not never. The only time she did drink was the ocasional office parties. Usualy once a quarter or so her company held a party.  This was the one time she did indulge in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. She sometimes did go too far. Most of her co workers excused it because this was the only time she was like that. She was hardly a drunk. It was excused and ignored. It was a once and a while thing.  It was fairly infrequent.  It could be justified.  

This last time was no different. She took to the alcohol.  She went way overbored. She said and did things that were way over the top. She tried to kiss the ceo in front of his wife. She tried to beat up a guy from accounting.  She almost got escorted out bt security.  Her co workers talked the secuity people down.  The bartender did incist that she leave.

A co worker drove her home. Another co worker drove her car. She crashed in her bed. They took her key. They left. While some in the company wanted her fired,the ceo wanted everyone to calm down and reflect on all this before making any major decision.  

She apparently got up and in a delusional sate and got an extra set of key from a pot. She got in her car and drove.  She hit another car. She drove off. The car was seen waving. A cop tried to pull her over. The cop car had to barricade himself between her car.she rammed into him. She tried to get away.  

Several cop cars set up a blockade . she stoped. She tried to run out of the car. She had to be tazed. She fell to the ground. She was stil wearing a gray t shirt and denim skirt but was barefoot when she was arrested.  

She was put in a cell. She fell asleep.  She woke up startled.  She demanded to know where she was. A gaurd came by. “Why am i under arrest? ” she demanded to know. 

“Dui. Hit and run. ” the officer said.  “Thats not possible!  ” he said. “I assure you you happened.  You are dead to rights. ” she said.”i take it that i am facing a long jail sentence?” she said.  “That is a good assumption. ” the female officer said. 

She was shocked.  She tried to relax.  She was arranged later that day. She was released on bail.

At trial she was convicted on all counts.  She was sentenced to five years in prison. She could have gotten a lot more.  It could be worse she supposed.  

She was taken from the courtroom to a transfer area. She was striped out of her pink dress to an orange jump suit.she was shackled and put on a transport buss. She was taken to a prison. 

She had to strip naked. She was given a very cold shower.  She froze. She then was given an enima. She was told to pee. She was given a chastity device.  

“What is this?” she asked. “It is a chastity belt. You are required to wear it. You will be allowed to go without it out for one hour every day. ” a gaurd said.

“How i pee and poop?” she asked. “We give you enimas during your free time. We are careful with what we feed you. If you do it will go into the device.  ” the gaurd said 

The device was placed into her vaginal area.  It felt weird. It chafe . she was given a blue scrub uniform. She was shackled and escorted to her cell.

In her cell she took off her pants. Shr saw that the other female inmates did the same. 

She longed for her houer of freedom.  Her pussey liked the feel of her exposed skin. She came to even enjoy enimas. They were not gentile. She hated when the belt went back always did. It would for the next five years.  

The end.

This is a work of fantasy and fiction. No research was done.  

Christian women arrested 


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Amy was a wife and mom. She was maried to a pastor. She had attended a fundamentalist Christian college. There she met her future husbend. She has four kids. Two of each.  

She was very tradiotinal. She was conservitive and modest. She was qiet. She only wore dreses or skirts.  She never wore pants.  She beleved in tradiotional womens role. She was the perfect husbend for a fundamental pastor. 

She had never been in trouble with the law.  She was carefull to obey the letter and the sprit of the law. From her time as a little girl,she was told the importence of obeying the powers that be. 

She had a good reputation in the church and in the surrounding community.  She was well liked by people in general.  

So how did a virtuous women with an incredible reputation end up in the slammer?  It is an interesting story. 

She had just givin birth to her fouth child. This baby was a little girl.  She was a stay at home mom. The oldest child was age eight, his brother was six and had a four year old sister.  She was a great house keeper. She was very knowledgible in multuple subjects including math and grammer. 

No one would have even envisioned a syinerio where she ran afowel of the did it happen?  It was a swries of unfortunate circumstances. 

She was usualy super orginized. One day while getting ready for a ladies grup meeting at the home of a Christian lady friend from the church. While getting the kids ready, she forgot her drivers lisence. 

She was driving to het friends house a police cruser stopped her. She stopped. Aperently she had a lisence plate light out. The officer came to the window.  Amy pulled down the window.  

“Lisence and registration please?” the officer requested. She opened the glove compartment and pulled out her registration . she realized that she had not brought her lisence.

“I don’t have my lisence with me. I must have left it at home. ” she said. “Hold on.” the officer said. 

She was realy woried. Was she in serious trouble.  The one day she was disorganized.  She tried to remain calm. 

The officer came back to the window. “Mam please pop the trunk. I need to search the vehicle.” the officer said. 

She did not think anything of it. She popped open thr trunk. He looked it over. There was a shot gun inside. Her husband was a gun owner and a hunter. He rountinly stored it in the trunk of one of there vehicles. 

“Mam please step out of the vehicle.” the officer said. She slowly got out. He arrested her for not having her lisence and having a gun without authorization and other charges. Her hands was placed behind her back. 

They waited until a social worker from the department of health and human services arived. Her kids were taken into the custody of dhhs. 

She was taken to a lock up. She was fingerprinted and had her mug schot taken. She hoped that this would all be taken careof soon. She hoped to be home soon. 

An officer came over to her. “Mam. You have an outstanding warent for your arrest in Missouri.  The Missouri attorney generals office wants you extradited. “The officer said.

“Missouri.  I have never been to Missouri ” she said. What she did not know was that she was the victim of identity fraud. A women pretending to be her commited a series of crimes. 

She was moved from polixe station to a county jail. She was handcuffed and in wast and uncle cuffs. What a difference a dsy made. She woke up in her own bed and is now a prisoner .

She was taken to intake. There was a male and female officer.  Her shackles were removed.  “Please remove your clothing! ” the female officer ordered.

She reluctebtly pulled off her black sweater.  She did not like to remove her cloths in front of anyone except her husband.  She had not even been naked in front of a family member. 

She unbuttoned her white shirt that had been underneth her sweater.  She pulled it off and handed to the guard.  She took it.

She pulled down her skirt and pulled it to her feet. She puled it off. She removed her half slip.  She took off her panty hose. She then took off her bra and then her panties.  

She felt weird. She hated being nude in front of complete strangers. It did not help that it was cold. She shivered a bit.

She was given a cavity search.  She was given her prison uniform. It was a two piece orange jumpsuit. It was pants.  She had never worn pants in her life. They did not have a dress version of the uniform. She put it on. 

She was humiliated. She was arrested. She was strip searched. She was given a cavity search.she had to wear pants. She was taken to her cell.

She feared that she might be in prison for a really long time.  She tried to stay calm. She got a bit clusyrophobic.

She laid on her bunk. She got comfortable.  She rested for a bit. She woke up the next day.

She was taken to court to be arranged.  She was denied bail because of the warrant im Missouri.  She was moved to the jail.

She had a cell to herself.  It had been a few days. “Amy the district attoney wants to see you ” a female guard told her. They had developed a report.

“Ok mrs rolins.  You have several credible alibies. The Missouri a.g is persuaded that you are the one wanted for crimes committed by that Amy rolins. They are not persuing extradition. Not having a license can be excused this time. It is your first offense.  The gun is the only real issue. It was registered in your husband name. You will need to pay a fine. You need to have your plate light replaced ” he said.

She paid the fine. She was released. She hugged her husband and kids.  They got the car out of impound. He quickly fixed the plate light.

She kinda thought of the brief incarceration as a vacation.  It was quickly a distant memory. It was a cool story. She promised her husbend that her life of crime was over. He teased her as his outlaw wife. 

She found that her arrest made her horny. That night she begged her hubby to frig her. He did so. She sometimes fantasized about her incarceration.  It was something she never wanted to repeat. Now that it was in the reer view miror, she looked back on it fondly.  Only her husbend knew that.  

The end

This is a work of fiction and fantasy . no real reserch was done. I may have got some of the laws and procedures wrong.  This is just fir fun not for information purposes.  


Doctor is in 


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Annie was a dedicated doctor. She had been busy today. She helped a young lady give birth. She saved a gun schoot victom..she was buisy.she had a successful day. 

She had a good day.  She was loved by doctors, staff and patients.  She had had a long day. She reported to her supervisor. She informed her that she was done for the day. The doctor said good night to her. 

She was never alone. She was constently serounded by gaurds. Police officers assigned to make sure that she did not esape. You see she is a prisioner. 

As soon as her shift is over her habds feet and waste are placed in restraints.  She is taken to the prison buss. She is escorted back to prison. 

When the transport arived, she was taken to intake.  Her shackles were removed.  She was told to remove her blouse. She pulled it to her head.  She pulled it off. She handed it to the gaurd. The gaurd looked it over. He pulled it inside and out. 

She pulled down her skirt and pulled it off. She then puled off her half slip. Her panty hose were then removed. She then had to pull off her bra. It was checked. Then she removed her panty.  

Her anal area was checked. A fenale gaurd with gloves on fisted her. She checked her anal cavity. They gave her an enima. She was able to take a shower and dried off afterwards. 

She was given her orange uniform and was barefoot.  She was shackled and taken to her cell. inside she was unshackled. She went to her bunk.

Before she was arrested, she was a beloved physision and surgon. Why was she attested?  She was texting while driving. She hit a pedestrian.  He died from his injuries. Worse then that she panicked and fled the scene. She had tried to help him but he was killed instently. She fled. A witness near by saw her. When she was arrested,  she decided that she should not try to fight the charges. She confessed.  She was given a life sentence. She would not be eligible for perole for twenty five years.  

Not only was her fredom gone but so was her medical carer. Well that was what she thought. She was sadened. Then things changed.

Interest in preofesional carers like doctor, lawers and scientists and the like had diminished greatly.  College attendence was at an all time low. Welfare and social programs led to a work crises. People started to work less and less. There was a masive shortage of doctors. 

To combat this crises, profesional who are incarcerated,  could get permission to work in those profesionals. They had to be model prisoners.  They would be closely gaurded. They would be taken to the job. Then When there shift was over. they would be reterned to prison. 

The privilege could be revoked at any time. The program had proven to be a sucsees. Annie herself was a suporter of it..she got to be assigned to her old hospital. She wondered if she would still be accepted by her old colleagues. 

She was. They were so happy to see her. She got to do good. She had saved numerous lives. She wanted to have a she did. Being behind bars did not brother her..she just wanted to matter. Now she did.

She regreted what she bad done.  She did not do this for redemption.she did not believe that she did beleve she could atone for this. She did so many bad things thst day. All of the good she had done had been undone by her action that day. She did this bacause that what she did. This was what she wanted to do. She could make a difference.  That was what she wanted. 

The end. 

This is a work of fiction and fantasy.  This is not based on real circumstances. This does not happen in real life. 

House arest

Amy was a sectratary to a c.e.o of a major cooperation.  She started in the mailroom and found herself as the personal assistant to one of the most powrfull tycoons in the country. She had become the ceo’s right hand persons. 

She was usually maticulous but one day she got slopy. She brought home a file that she not supposed to. She forgot to sign in out. The file pertained to a government contract. Not only as she violated compony policy but she had also broken federal law.  The file delt with national security.  

Because of that, amy faced five years in prison. In her mind,this was not a big deal. She thought it was much ado about nothing. In her mind it was an honest mistake. Her bosses and the justice and defence department did not feel that way. 

She was usually focused.  She got distracted.  Her aunt was fighting cancer. Usually she was very carefull.on this particuler occasion she got doing things. She took the file and did not sign in out. She did not realize it. 

She tried to get the file back before anyone knew it. The company security had already figured out her secret. The head of secuity informed the c.e.o of the infraction.  The company then informed the justice department.  

She wore a black sports coat with a blue shirt and black skirt. She came in to work. She was asked to go immediately to her boss’s office. 

She went to the office. She expected joe Douglas the ceo to be there but did not expect vice president of cooperate secuity carl weber to be there. There were numorous other officials there as well.  She did not know who they were or why they were there.  

“I am very disappointed in you amy i trusted you and you betrayed that trust. ” Douglas said.

She tried to defend herself but the ceo would not have it. “Miss weaver,  i am jerod trask with the f.b.i. you are under arest for mishandling confudential information. ” the agent said.

She was handcuffed. She was taken to a lock up. She had never even seen a jail. Now she was in jail. If convicted,she could face five years i. Jail. The feds had a prety solid case against her.  

She was in an orange prison jump suit. Her hair was in a pony tail. She was brought to see her lawer. She sat down in the visitor room. She sat down. 

“The prosecution does not want the time and expense of a trial.  They want to settle this. They want it out of the news. ” lawer simon brit said. “What are they offering?” she asked.”two years house arest.  This includes probation and menditory routine and suprise check ups and drug test. No alchole or ilicit drug. You will have an ankle bracelet. There will be gaurds stationed at all times. This will be confinement. It will be better then five years in a prison.  It wont be a cake walk.” the lawer said. 

“You advising aganst it si?” she asked.”no this is the best deal your going to get. Its basically a vacation.  Except you wont get paid but will still have to spend mony on food and stuff. ” the lawer said. 

“Cant i fight it? Force a trial. Cant we go for jury nullification.  It was a mistake. This is malicious prosecution. A waste of tax payer mony. The file involved national security  but barely. It delt with non munition suplies to our tropps mostly uniform and utility items.  This is silly.  I could get off. I could get a straght aquital. ” she remarked.

“Yes you could .you are guilty. Regardless of the lagitimacy of the law or the prosecution yoy get enough law and order grandmotherly types on the jury your toast. Five years orange is the new black. I am not allowed to argue for nulufication. It requires a nuanced dance, a texas two step. Take the deal. “Simon brit said.

“I don’t want to si. I could get off Scot free.two years house arest.  That does not sound like fun. ” she said . “ames,you should have thought of that before you got carelous. This was a kindergarten mistake. You did not get where you are by being wreakless. This is a good deal. Catch up on reading, start watching soap operas or take up knitting.  Dont take this to trial.  Look i worked in the us attorney’s office, you are not going to win this one. ” Simon assured her. 

She decided to take the deal. After the formal senrencing she was moved to the transfer area. She still wore the orange jump suit and was shackled.  She was brought to her house. 

She had an armed escort to the house. She was brought in. She was brought to a recliner . Her pant leg was rolled up. The monitor device was installed.

The waist chain and hand cuffs were removed. The ancle chained renaned. “Aren’t you going to remove the ancle cuffs?” she asked. “No mam. The ancle cuffs stay on.  As does the orange uniform!” the male gaurd said. “Come on ! You got to be kidding. I cant wear ny own cloths?” she asked. 

“All of your clothing was confiscated and donated to a thift store. The proceeds are used for your supervison. Your knives and anything else deemed inappropriate were also seized.  ” he explaned.

“What did i get to keep? ” she asked. “Your books and musuc colection.  You don’t have cable anynore but we did instal an antinena with basic chanels. ” he said. 

“Great.  Can you take my sandles off?” she asked.  The officer took off her flip flops. She decided to lay down in her bed riom upstairs. He folowed her. “Cant i have some space? ” she asked. ” i am sory mam but i am order strict orders to keep constant surveillance on you. ” the corrections officer informed her. ” of course you are. ” she said. 

She got into the bed.  He asked her to put the blanket on you. He did so.  He stayed near her. She did manage to get sleep.  She was glad to sleep in her own bed. 

Later on she got up. She had some food.” i would like to take a shower. ” she said.  ” of course mam. I will get it arranged. ” greig the gaurd said. 

She was escorted by an armed detachment to the bathroom. The gaurd took out there guns. Two guarded the closed door.  “Is this realy necessary?  This really seems like over kill to me. ” she said.

“You plead guilty to violating an espionage act. We take no chances. ” greig said. A gaurd took off her ancle chains. 

“You may now disrobe!” grig told her.she was so thriled. She unzipped her orange jump suit. She pulled it to her feet. She pulled them off.  A female gaurd helped her take off her bra. She pulled off her panty. She felt weird being naked in front ofa mixed company of male and female gaurds. They watched her bathe.

A female gaurd dried her off with a towel. She was given a fresh uniform. She was put in ancle cuffs. 

This was her life now. She supposed she would adjust some how. She would try to make the best of it. 

The end.


This story was inspired by a caption on a pucture posted in cuffedin uniform. 

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. It is not based on fact. No real research was done. This story is toraly fictitious and would not happen in real life. 

No pants


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I was sentenced to prison for five years. I was inocent but that did not matter. I was convicted. According to the law,i was guilty.  There opinion was all that mattered. 

I was given time to get my affairs in order. I had a mounth to get ready. I had everything ready. I got up the day that i had to leave.  

I tried to get plenty of sleep. I got prety good sleep.  It was nice to sleep in my bed one last time.  I tried to enjoy it to the fulest one last time. For the next five years, i would be sleeping on a cold uncomfortable cot. I tried to not think about that yet. Not until i absolutely had to. 

I drank cofee. I loved cofee. I was glad to be able to enjoy cofee. I knew i probably would not be able to drink cofee for a long while. I drank it while i could.  

I eat a hearty breakfast.  I showered. I was not looking to showering with other men. I hated showering with other guys. I had this fear of being naked with other guys. I had no chioce. 

I did not want to dread over things i could not change. I tried to focus on making the best of things. 

I got dressed. I put on blue jeens. I put on a gray t shirt and flip flops. I wore a blue swet shirt. I got in my car and headed to the prison. 

I had the radio on. I listened to the music i like.i was so nervous. I tried to stay calm. I could do this.  At least i hoped i could. 

It was an hour drive for my home to the prison.  I went to the check point. “What is the perpose of you entering? ” the gaurd asked. “I am hear to surender. I was ordered to report within thirty days. ” i said. 

I gave the paper work to the gaurd. He looked it over. He waved me in. I drove in. I was told to park in an inmste inpound area. I complied with the order. I left the area. I excited the parking garage. 

I saw inmates.  They walked around without shackles. They seem to be engaged in various activities. Some played chess. Sone played volleyball. Some were swimming.  There seemed to be plenty to do.  

There was something realy weird.  No one was wearing pants. Some had nothing on there botims. Others wore underware. No one wore pants. What was going on. Why was no one wearing much below there waist. 

I stopped an inmate. ” i just arived. What do i do? I asked. ” well first of all take your pants off. Men are not alowed to wear pants while incarcerated.  Get your pants off now before a haird see you. ” he said 

I felt really weird. I unzipped my pants.  I pulled my jeens off. I kept my underware on. 

He led me inside. ” we have a new recruit” adam said. “You must be brad. ” the receptionest said. ” that would be me!” i said 

“Adam must have told you about our no pants policy” the receptionist said.  “He did.” i said. She took my pants. “No pants msy be worn. You can wear underware but breefs only. No boxers.  ” she said. 

I did nor wear boxers so that was not a problem. I wore breefs. The rules were fairly simple. Doors with orange label were off limits. The rest were fine. Lights out at 11:00. You will only be locked in a cell at night.   The rest of the time i could prety much go where i want to go. 

It did not seem too bad. I got a health inspection then i was alowed to see my room. I was taken to my room.

I met my romate ken. Ken was around the same age that i was. He was attractive.  I was not gay. I could see that he was good looking. 

Ken was wearing a blue t shirt and nothing else.  ” hi im brad!” i said. “I am ken. Welcome. ” he said. I laid down on my cot. 

” how long you hear?” ken asked. “Five years?  You?” i asked. ” i have three years to go. I have been a year.  Is is not so bad. I don’t like going botomless but is not so bad. You get use to not being alowed to wear pants.” ken assured him. 

“I gues after a while you would.  I can’t imagine it but i supose you would. ” i said. “I could not imagine it myself but i did get used to it.i kinda like it. ” ken said.  

“Really ? You kinda like it?” i asked. “I do. You will too. Just give it a chance.  ” he adnonished him. I d

Nursing  home


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Keri seemed to have it all. She was smart and prety. She graduated third in het class at colege. She was hired almost inidietly after graduation.  She was hired as an office manager.  Within eight mounths she had been promoted three times.

It appeared that the sky was the limit for her. She had a bright future ahead of her. Coming home from a bussiness trip a tired truck driver ran her off the road. Her car was totled. Rescue workers had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the wrecked vehicle.  

She was unconscious but alive. She was rushed to the hospital.  She was in ceitical condition. When she first arrived at the hospital it was a fithty fithty chance that she would make it or recover if she did. 

She had to be rushed to sugary. They were able to stabolize her.. She was comatose.  The hospital got ger stable but she had not woken up from the coma. After time in the hospital, she was moved to a nursing home. The nursing home was a faculity with a very good reputation.  She was on a floor manned by a skilled and knowledgeable staff. 

She ended up being in a coma for a few mounths. She was in a hospital gowan.she was diapered. Nurses had to change her and bathe her. She was well cared for. It was unclear when or if she would wake up. 

She was the youngest patcient on the floor. Most were senior citizens. It was three mounths sence she was brought to this facility. 

She woke up from her cona after three mounths. She remembered the accident . she had to go though extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation before being able to be discharged. 

She was determined to get back on her feet. This was not going to lick her.she was goung to lick this challenge. 

She was well liked by the orther patcients on the floor. She was the same age of some of there grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She was quite popular. Many of the patcients had adopted her. She was sweet. They all rooted for her and cheered her on. They wanted to see her make a full recovery or something close to it. They were determined to help her though this dificult time.  

While she made many friends with the patcients,  there was one patcient that she was the closest with. His name was ed. Ed was 74 but was reasonably healthy. 

“So why are you hear ed? You seem fairly healthy. You should be out in your yard or out exploring in the woods or something not couped up hear. ” she said.

“You know it. My kids wanted the house and the propery. My oldest is a lawer. He knew how to get power of attorney and knew how to work the syndrome.  I got screwed. I dont think i belong hear. It is not so bad. I keep least i got to meet you. You are so pretty.”ed said. 

“I dont feel do prety. ” keri said. “You are.  Dont let all this get you down will make a huge comeback.  You will be bigger and better and more successfull then you ever were before. “Ed told her.

“You really think so?” keri asked. “Of course i do. Determination is the key. Resolve to get back to where you were. Dont settle for anything less. Refuse to give up. ” he said.

“Ok. I will not give up. .” keri said.”i hope i live long ebough to see you become a ceo or university president or congressperson or president. ” ed said.

“You really think any of that is posible?” she asked.”i know it is.”ef said.  

They spent a lot of time together.  She started to get stronger. She started to walk again. She was slowly regaing the strength she use to have. 

They continued to spend time together.  One day he out of the blue kissed her.  She did not object. He was a sweet man. Though he was im his seventies he was not an unatractive man. They continued to kiss. 

One night ed snunk out of his room. He slowly crept into her room. He got under her covers. He silenced her. She smilled. They kissed.

He pulled off her her hospital gowan.she pulled off hers.  He got on top of her. She begged him to frig her. He was strong and she lived his strength. His cock was fully erect.  He had no problem downstairs.  She tried to keep quet..they did not want to get caught.  

He climaxed.  She held on to him. Then he snuck out. They did that often. 

She had been able to regain most of her mobility. She was able to be discharged.  They spent the ladt night together before she left. He was happy for her but he would miss her.she promised to visit. He suspected she would move on in her life and would eventually forget about her. He was ok with that. It was how it should be.

She felt weird. She had been getting sick. She wondered if she was pregnent. She took a pregnancy test snd indeed she was pregnent.  

She knew that ed had to be the farther. It was unfair that ed was put off to pasture.  There was no reason for it. She decided to break him out of the nursing home.

She went to visit him. She waited until she was sure there were no staff members around. ” Eddie i am getting you out of hear. ” she said.  “How?” he asked.  

She had an idea. He faked stomich pain. He got sent to an a local hospital. She impersonated his granddaughter. She got him cloths. They snuck out.  Thry got in a car and went to another sate. 

“Why did you break me out of the nursing home? I got to admit i did not think you ment it.” he remarked.  “You dont belong there. You are not in need of hospitalization.  You are the victim of your familues greed.  There is another reason.  To me the best reason. ” she said 

“What is that?  ” he asked. ” you are the farther of my child!” she said “your pregnent?  With my child? ” he asked. She smiled snd said yes.

They moved to the east coast. She got a job as an office manager at a big company in the sate.she worked there until she gave birf to twins a boy and girl. She took a leave . she started her own business from home. It was quite successful. 

She snd ed got maried. She got the courts to have ed Jr’s power of attorney nullified.  Jr tried to argue that the marriage was a scam. She proved ortherwise. He tried to say she was taking advantage of him. The evidence contradicted that. 

Ed health was stil good.  He was able to help raise the kids and helped with her business. He showed no signs of slowing down anytine soon.

Recently she gave birth to there third kid another son. Ed jr tried to find a way to get sr declared incompotent to run his own afairs. A judge laughed him off. He had to give up. 

Ed and keri were happy. They enjoyed the life they had. 

The end. 

Fat and skiny


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Evie was a sweet girl.  She was kind. She was very intelligent.  She was overwight. She weighed 220 lbs. She tried to loose weight but never had too much luck with it. 

She was well liked. Her weight isue was not really a big deal with certainly did brother her. It constantly gnawed at her. 

She had a lot of friends. One of her friends was katie. Katie was thin. She was prety. The friendship was odd. They frequented dufferent circles. Then there was the weight issue.  

Evie was plump and katie was almost anorexic. There friendship made no sense. It worked. Katie loved evie. Evie adoored katie. 

There was more to it then katie even suspected.  Evie had a little bit of a crush on katie.  Evie liked her brown hair. She wanted to play with it. She wanted to kiss her and hugged her. 

She had no idea if katie was a lesbian or even bi. Evie considered herself bi. Katie had a few boyfriend’s hear and there but never had been in a serious relationship in the time she knew her.  

Evie loved to spend time with her. They did hang out quite a bit. Evie suspected that even if Katie was bi or a lex, she would have no interest in a fat girl like her.  She would never consiser acting on it. 

One day they hung out at katie’s house. Evie wore a gray t shirt and brown pants and was barefoot.  Katie wore a white t shirt and black shorts. She was barefoot. 

Evie loved her danty feet. Her toe nails had pink nail polish. She could not help staring at her friends feet. She hoped that either she would not notice or not be bothered by it. 

She did not seem to notice it. If she did, she made no coment. They had engaged in smal talk..they had quite a few comon interest.  There personslities did mesh quite well. 

They sat on the couch. They were chating about insignificant stuff. Sudenly out of the blue, evie reached over and kissed her. Evie felt like she was out of her body watching the whole event from afar. 

Evie was devisated. She could not believe she had done that. She just looked so hot. She started to run off. She did not say anything.  She just got up to leave. 

Katie got up and followed her. “Wait! ” she said. Katie hugged her. “Its ok eves!” she said.  Katie reached over and kissed evie. At first it was a peck. It was followed by a series of pecks. Then it became a full out make out season.

Evie loved the feel of her lips against hers. They kissed back and forth for a few minutes.  Katie invited her to her bedroom. 

They continued to kiss. Evie pulled off Katie’s white t shirt. She pulled it to her head and then yanked it off of her friend.  She unclasped her bra. She licked her friend’s boobs.  She licked them vociferously.  Katie yelped in glee. She begged her to keep going. 

Evie had wanted her to do that as ling as she could remember. She got caried away.  Katie did not mind at all. 

Katie pulled off evie’s shirt and bra.she always admired her friend’s tits. She went wild. 

They puled off eachother’s shorts and panties. Evie licked Katie’s pussey. Kstie moaned and moaned in plesure. Katie then licked her pussey.

They cuddled after. They held eachother close. “Im sory kates. I dont know what got into me!” evie said. “What are you talking aboit? That was amazing. I have wanted to do that for quite a while.” Katie said.

Evie was shocked. ” you have?” Katie asked. Katie had a thibg for fat girls. She was bisexual but kept it qiet. She was attracted to evie. Katie feared that evie might not like her. Sone saw her as a snob. 

Evie explained that she had a thing for her for a while. The two held eachother in there arms. Then they showered together. 

Katie and evie decided to move in together.  They kept there relationship on the down low. That was ok. They both wanted to keep it to themselves. They wanted it private. The neighbors heared them go at it. They knew. They lived hapily ever ever. 

The end.


I saw a video with a fat girl and skiny girl. There was no story line. I like story lines. I created one.