The bounty hunters 


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The jepson family had there own family business.  They had a successful business.  Ron and tracy were a hapily maried couple.  Ron was an army vet.  He had been decorated for his service.  He even was awarded by the president.  Ron had a criminal justice degree.  He minored in business.  

Tracy had a business digree. She was smart and atractive. She ran the administrative end of the business.  She was very girlie but knew how to do car repair and loved tools. She came from a law enforcement family. Her uncle owned his own construction compony. 

They had four kids. The oldest was 22 years old. Rylie was a college student.  She loved the family business and was activly involved in it. She would not have it any other way. 

Then there was amy. She was 20. Amy was in college.  Julie was 18 and was about to start college.  Her brother ben was five and tracy was pregnant with a daughter. Tracy refused to slow down.  

Ben would stay with a baby siter while they were out on rounds.  What was the fanily business?  You see they were bounty hunters. 

Ron wanted to join a police officer after he was honorably discharged from the army. After serving over seas he hated being a police man. He did not like the limits placed on him. He left the police. 

Tracy wanted to be a stay at home mom but she wanted to work from hime. She hated being idle. She had a bussinesd degree.  They decided to start a business together. He did not want to sell pez dispenser or antiques or amway. They say a writer should write what they know. Mayby a business man should do what he knew. He decided to be a bail bondsman. He liked the idea of going after bail jumpers and briging them to justice. 

His favorite tv show of all time was gun smoke. Matt Dillon was his hero. Now in a way he could be marshal Dillon.  Tracy loved the idea. They jump though the hoops and became bail bondsman. 

They quickly developed a reputation for always geting there man. They had a high sucess rates. They knew how to find a suspect. They developed a good reputation.  If you had a fugitive you wanted to catch.  Your best option was the jepsons, the husband and wife bounty hunter duo. They were a  celebrated team. They were highly saught after. 

At first there targets were male. Most fugitives were male. One time they got a female target. Annie may palaster looked inocent. She was five foot four. She liked to keep her hair in a poney tail.she liked to wear skirts.  She worked at a library and loved books. 

She was a kleptomaniac. She took things from people.  First she borrowed things from friends. She turned to lick pocketing.  She just took things.  If there was an item in an unlocked car she took it. She stole fuzxy dice, car freshener.  If it was accessible,  she took it. 

Then she started steling from convenient stores, retail, mals you name it. She got a huge fine abd probation. She had to go to counseling and attend a suport group for kleptomaniacs.  She struck with the strict regime at first.  She decided to skip out of town. 

While they never had gone after female suspects, there was no rule against it. They were fine briging in female fugitives. They just had not. They agreed to the case. They were able to tract her down. 

They kept an eye on her for a couple of days. They luled her into a false sense of security. Then they struck. She was in a hotel room. They broke in. They overpoweeed her. She cried rape but no one listened.  She wore a black t shirt and gray skirt and shoes. Her feet were otherwise bare. 

She resisted. Her hands were cuffed. She was put in the car. She cursed then out. They put on opera to naje them uncomfortable.  Her mom made her listen to and watch opera as a kid. To her opera was like fingers on a chalkboard. 

She insisted she had to pee. They stopped at s rest stop. She tried to esape.after that she was put in handcuffs, feet chains and wast shakels. They took off her shoes. They made her pee her skirt after that. She was turned over to a county jail. 

She was striped and put in an orange jump suit. They got paid. It made both ron and  Tracy horney. They went to a hotel room and made love. 

They went back to male figitives.they did not like it.ron found women in prison hot. He liked female bobdege. Tracy was bisexual and she also had a thing for female convicts. They found male subjects boring. 

They continued to have male targets.  Then there was another female fugitive.  Katie greer had a series of unpaid parking tickets. She owned a lit if mony. She had a dui. She skiped bail.

Again they found her. Tracy caught her. This time they were careful. They they took off her shoes.  Tracy took her in the back.  She removed her gray pants and underware and put her in a diaper. She put her pants back on. She was given hand cufs waist and feet shackles. 

She was turned over to lse enforcement in a very wet diaper. She was striped outof her cloths and put in an orange jump suit. Again justice was served.  

They had more male suspects.  They decided to only go after female subjects. They brought orange uniforns from a surplus store. They went after any female subject. 

The kids wanted to be involved. There parents would not have it.when Rylie turned 18, she was alowed to join the team. She loved it. She became a full enploye.

One time she befrended a figitive. She met up with her at a gay bar. She and her gad a report. Brandi the target wanted to take Rylie home she agreed. She slapped the cuffs on her 

Ry and Tracy processed her.they striped her. She was diapered and put in ab orange jump suit. The jump suit said prisoner of the jepsons.  Brandi and her talked on the way to jail. They kissed before she was turned over.brandi was not mad at ry. She knew the long arm of the law would catch up with her eventually.  

Amy joined as soon as she was 18. So did Julie.  It became a family business.  The three girls were made eaqil partners. Not even pregnantcy stoped Tracy.  She was pregnant with ben and now the new one and stil stayed on the job.

Her favorite was going to a doctors office.  She found becca a pregnant fugitive wanted for embezzlement abd fraud. She nabbed her. The two talked about pregnancy and there was no hard feelings. 

Tracy gave birth to a halthy baby girl named gracie. She took time off. Soon she was chasing fugitives with tge family. They loved this job.they never dreaded going to the office.

The girls comforted the prisoners. Thry held them.some cried on thete shoulders. They told them it would be ok. Many times they came to visit them in prison. They did have problem fugitives. They knew what to do m they always got there women no mater what.

The end

Lesbian hospital  


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Janey was not feeling well. She had had a pain in her stomich. It started off a mild discomfort.  It seemed to get worse and worse.  She did not like going to the hospital. After a time she felt that she should no longer avoid it. 

She decided to go to the emergency room. She put on a gray t shirt and a green skirt. She put on flip flops. She put on a black coat. She got in her car and drove to the hospital.  She was not in so much pain that she could drive herself to the hospital.  She pulled in to the parking lot. 

She excited the car. She walked to the hospital. She went to the emergency room. She fills out the form. She waits in the waiting room. A doctor excited.”jane Lawrence? ” the female doctor asked. 

“Thats me!” she said. She folowed the doctor into a private cubicle inside the e.r.   Janey did not know why but she felt horney. She was not a lesbian.  She had no idea why. Perhaps it was a defense machisism. Perhaps this was how she delt with everything.  

The doctor wore a lab coat over a purple blouse, black skirt and black panty hose. She wore her hair in a pony tail. She was quite attractive. “Will you please get undressed and get into a hospital gowan. ” the doctor said. 

Janey renoved her jacket. She pulled it off. She started to pull off her gray t shirt.  She retracted the shirt. She pulled off her skirt. She asked dr. Mason to help her unclasp her bra. She did so. She pulled it off. She then pulled off her pamties. She put on a gowan.  

Dr. Sarah masson asked some questiones. She asked about the pain she experienced.  She also asked questiones about her general health.  She also asked about her sexual actuvities. 

She did some test on her. It turned out that she had a nasty paraisite. The parasite had to be renoved. While it required surgery it was not consider a super risky surgery. She was still stuned and woried. 

Dr. Masson gave her a great big hug. Janey held on to her. They got her ready for sugery. She was given a catheter.  She was brought into the operating room. The doctor heading up by a skilled surgiical team and a very skiled surgon. 

The parasite was removed. The. Parasite was embedded in food. She went to a sea food resturant a week earlier.the funy thing was thatthate did not really like sea food. Her friends had talked her into it. Now she wished she had not taken that fatefull decision. 

The parasite did not let go of janey. Finaly the tendrils were removed. The parasite was removed. She was closed up. She was sent to recovery. 

She woke up grogy at first. She becane more and more coherent.  She started to remember who she was and why she was hear. She saw that she had a roomate. Her roomate was atteactive. She was about the same age as she was. She was in a hospital gowan.  

“Wake up sleaping beauty! ” her fellow patient said. “How long have i been asleep? ” she asked. “About three hours.  Sense you were whealed in hear!” her felow patient said. “I hope the surgery was successful.  I had a parasite inside me. ” she said. 

“I overheard them talking. They got it all. ” she said. “I feel prety good but it could be the pain meds. ” she said.she chuckled. 

“Oh i am ashly by the way. ” she said. “I am Janey. ” she said. “I had an infection but i am on the mend. ” ashly said. “I am glad to hear that. ” janey said. 

The dr came in. “I am dr. Carson.  ” she said. She had long hair in a poney tail.sge wore a red shirt and black skirt and a lab coat. She was very sexy.  She never had same sex atteaction but sense she arived at the hospital she had plenty of homosexual urges. 

She checked her over. “We were able to sucesfuly remove the parasite. We want to keep you for a few more days for a observation. We should have you home in a few days. ” she said. 

Janey loved ghe way she talked. She was saucy. Janey wanted her. She was getting wet. She hoped that neither ashly or the doctor noticed. 

After a while the doctor left. She felt realy horney. “Ash can i get in bed with you?” janey asked. “Of course! ” ashly reaplied. 

She got up and tip toed into ash’s bed. She rested her heads on her head. Ash put her arm around her. They cudled for a while. 

Janey kissed her. Ash kissed her back. They kissed on and off for a while. Ash threw her on to the bed. She pushed up her gowan. She pulled her panties down. She licked her pussey. She was so happy. She begged her to keep going. 

After a while she got on top of ash. She pulled her up her gowan. She licked her pussey. They were both wet. 

Dr. Carson came in. They were both embarrassed.  Dr. Carson came over to Janey.  She kissed the doctor. She kissed her back.  Janey pulled down her skirt and slip. She pulled her panties down. She licked the doctors pussey. 

She did not want to leave the hospital. In a few days she was discharged.  A home health nurse would visit her. She realy hoped that she was gay. 

She huged and kissed ashly who left the same day. She hugged and kised dr. Carson. She changed into her cloths. Her sister was there to pick her up. They whealed her to the car. While not a vacation but it was a week away she would never forget. 

The end. 

This is a work of fiction. No reserch was done. I made no atenpt to get medical or sciteific information acurate. 



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Amy is an inmate sentenced to six mouths in a minimum secuity facility. This is her story.  

SO i committed some prety pety stuff. I am in jail.  It is a light sentence. In the grand scheme of things,  it is a drop in the bucket.  A year from now it will be totaly forgotten. In five years it will bearly be a distent memory. I could do this. I kept optomistic about all this. 

So far prison was not so bad. The cell did not have bars.  At night a transparent door was closed and locked. During the day we could go anywhere any less a door was locked. We had acess to tv and the gyim and library. There were a few rules but they were all reasonable.  It was actually almost enjoyable. Kind of like a vacation.  

The food was good. Everyone was nice.  All of the inmates were non violent offenders.  The gourds were cool. 

I kinda enjoyed prison. I should have known that if something was too good to be true, it probably was. I should have known that this was too good to be true. I was stil numb. I was still in shock. I took any smal comfort as comfort. It was ignorence but it felt like bliss so i took it.  I was grasping at staws i gues.

I had been in the game room. I watched old episodes of mary tyler more with felow inmates. I played pool with Mary Anne.  She was sweet. She was convicted of embezzlement.  We hit it off. We wore gray top and blue swet pants and flip flops.  She had a pony tail. 

We were told by the gaurds that it was time to return to our cells. It is time to get ready for bed. I gave Marianne a great big hug. I said goodnight to the inmates i had just met.

I walked to my cell. I saw my cell mate casie. She got off the toilet. “Go to the bathroom trust me!” she said.i pulled down my pants and panty. I peed. 

Casie took off her swet pants and panties.  She took off her gray top and put on a gray t shirt and was botomless. She styled her hair for bed. I found casie to be attractive. She did not mind me staring at her private area. I did not mind her leering at me. 

I pulled off my pants and panties.  I put on a gray t shirt with the name of the prison on it. I styled my hair. “Oh. Nothing below the belt at night. It will become apparent later. ” cassie told me. “Ok cass” i said. 

Two female gaurds came in. They had a moving gaurd. ” its that time” Anna a gaurd said.  “I know ” cassie said. I had no idea what was about to happen.  

The two female gaurds pulled things out. I saw a diaper. ” why are there diapers? ” i asked. “This prison alows a lot of freedom during the day.  It is a minimum secuity prison. It is still a prison. We are being punished.  They want to make sure we dont try to escape.  At night we are tied to the bed. Our hands and feet are put in restraints.  Every night no exception.” cassie said.

“When we first implemented the policy, several women pee the bed. Women tend to have weak bladers anyways. Some inmates have given birth or have had blader isues.we isued diapers to those who had accidents during the night. A review after the year found that it was quite an issue.  After a time the warden decreed that all inmates be diapered at night. ” Anna the lead gaurd said. 

I was shocked and stuned. I was going to have to wear diapers and i was going to have to use it. Casie and i were given our diapers. 

Casie was not phased by it. She later told me that she was horified at first.evenualy she got used to it. It hardly phased her any more. I wondered if i would get use to it. I did not think i would get to use to it let alone like it but one never knew.  

Casie laid down on her cot.   A gaurd named keri took out a diaper. Casie laid down on the diaper. The gaurd put bany powder on her. She closed the diaper. I thought she looked weird.  I would never admit it but at the same time i thought she looked cute. I would not admit it.  

Then anna came over to me. She had me lay on the diaper. It felt weird on my bum.  The baby powder felt cold. It tickled a little.  The diaper was closed. I felt odd. 

I was told to lie down and get comfortable . i would be there all night. I laid down.  My hands and feet were placed in restrants. My mouth was given a pacifier. If i was not degraded before,  i was now. 

I chomped on the paci. I saw casie.she had a paci too. I wished i could move. I could move some but not as much i liked. It fell asleep. 

I woke up. I had a good dream. I woke up back in my cell. My  diaper was wet. I had not been incontinent. To the best of my knowledge i had no isues sense being potty traned. Hear i was waking up in a pool of urine. 

Casie explaned that this hapened to her on her. There are various theories on this. Some believe that it was because we are relaxed.  The diaper alow total relaxation.  Others believe that may be a compound that causes loss of bladder control. No one was sure.

I hated bed time at first. She was right.i did get use to it. I did learn to like it. The prison was very safe.  I kind of liked it. I did not want to leave well almost.

The end.

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. It is in no way based on reality. No reserch was done. All of this was totally made up. 

The kidnapping 


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Jennifer was 34. She had three kids. She was still very attattracive. She was smart.  She was known to be serious but had a silly side as well. She had a seven year old son, a five year old daughter and a three year old daughter she seemed to have it all. She had a broken heart.  Not long after her youngest daughter was born, her husbend died of a brain aneurysm.  He was only 32 when he died. 

It was a total shock. He had apeared to be in perfect health.  It had been a ticking time bomb for a while. She was left a widow and a single mom. She was not left up a creak without a paddle.  

The house had been paid for. Her husbend avoided debt. If he did go into debt, he tried to pay it off as quickly as possible.  He was not a big spender.  He had been frugal and lived within his meens. 

She was well off financially.  She was a certified public accountant.  She worked from home. She was doing fine.  

She was a bit sad. She tried not to let it show.  Of course everyone was a worse kept secreet. She tried to make the best of it. She loved her kids. She mostly kept to herself.she tried to be strong willed. 

She would not show weekness. She would be venerable in front of anyone.  Even though everyone knew that she was. She toughed it out and suffer in silence.  That is not to say that she did not have good times. She did.  She had happy times mostly involving her kids.  

Even was a qiet guy. He was taking clases at a community college. He got good grades. He was an introvert.  He kept to himself.  He focused on school work and a job. 

He worked as a camping supply store.he was a good employe. He got employee of the month.  He did not realy socialize with co workers outsude of work or in the break room. When he did socialize, it was talking shop only. That was just how he was. 

He wanted to marry. He went on a few dates.  They went no where. Many the date just did not see any chemistry. Others they liked him but he had no interest in them.  

He tried blind dates, he tried on libe dating.  You name it. Hr tried it but nothing happened.  He developed a reputation for being too fussy.  Women stoped asking him for a date or accepting one. 

He still believed that the women of his dreams was out there. He had no idea how to find her. He was not sure how to go aboit looking for her. 

He decided to look for a suitable canidate to be his wife.  He looked on social media.he came across Jennifer. She was prety. She had a look of confidence. He learned everything there was to learn about her. If anything was on line concerning her he knew about it. He was quite an expert on her. 

He decided that trying to woo her would not work.  She seamed to beleve she should never remary. He decided that trying to change that view would be unsucessfull. He did not try. He decided to try something else. Something a bit more unorthodox. 

He decided to kidnap her. He servalled her house for a week. He knew her habits. Everything. .he felt he was ready to procede.

He waited until night. He snunk into the house. The kids were asleep. He tip toed into the maine bedroom. Jenafer wore a t shirt and a panty to bed. He got into her bed. He put a gag on her.

She tried to talk though the gag. He told her he would release thw gag if she refused to scream. She promised. He opned the gag. “Please. I am a mom. I have kids. Just let me go. Just leave.  No one has to ever know about this. ” she said. 

“I dont intend to leave!” he said. “You going to rape me?” she asked. “No. You and i are going to get maried. You are going to add me to the house title. ” he said. 

“You got to be kidding! Title fraud. This is ridiculous.  I am a target of tittle fraud!”she said. “I dont want to take a mortgage out on it or sell it. I want it. Its a nice home” he said. “Its creative.  I will give you that. ” she said. “I will sleep in the chair. Only to insure you dont esape. ” he said.

“Do not harm my family. If you do i will haunt you down even if it takes my last breath to do it. They are off limits. ” she said.”of course. I dont want to hurt anyone.  ” he said. “How long will you keep this sherade up? ?”she asked. “I dont know.  ” he answered. “This is doomed to failure. ” she said. 

He watched her sleep until the morning.he knew shewaa right. It was a risk..he did not want the house. He wanted her. He was prety sure he could in time win her over. 

To be continued.


This is a work of fiction and fantasy. 

The author does not condone the activities depicted hear. 




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Jessica was thin but hardly anorexic. She had always been petite. She liked to eat and she liked food.  She had always been thin.  She was active. She liked to play sports. She had been on the tract team in high school and college. She liked to go on runs. 

She was not drop dead gorgigious but she was attractive.  She had brownish hair.  She was five six. 

She was qiet and shy. She had a reputation for being a sweet lady. She was smart.  

It was assumed that she was obsessed with maintaining her figure.  Friends, family and acquaintances believed that she did all she could to stay in the shape she was in.

That was not quite true. She would not tell anyone that.  The truth was very different.  Her family were all slender. No one in her family realy strugled with weight gaine. They seem to all be thin. They all seem to have good metobolism. 

As a kid she thought everyone was thin.she knew no difference.  She did not know what obesity or what being overweight was. She had no idea that fat people existed or what they looked like. It had been totaly foregn to her. 

She was shocked that she first met a fat lady. She stared a bit. The lady at the time had been deeply offended at Jessica who was young at the time. Jessica was not repulsed by her obesity she was curios about it. 

Her parents stressed the importence of living healthy.  They stressed eating healthy. They also stressed being active. They tried to stress the downsides of sedintary living. They stressed the importence of being active.  

She had been active in her whole life.she seemed to enjoy being active. She was curios about fat people. It was a kind of oddity. It did not make sense to her.  Fat people did not fit in to her equations of life. It did not fit in to her life philosophy.  

One day while on one of her runs she saw a women who was slughtly overweight. She was not terribly so. She was five six and 229 lbs. She wore a jean jacket and skirt and sandles. She stared a bit. 

“What is your problem? ” the lady asked. Jessica did not really answer. “Im fat ok? Get over it. ” she said. The conversation abruptly ended. The two diversed. 

The lady was convinced that jessica was repulsed by her.  She  were cinvinced that she found her offensive even ugly. That could not be further from the truth. She was not repulsed, not at all she was erosed.

She got sexually eroused by fat women. She did not see it that way at first. She did not know what it was. She was curious. It was something she knew little about. She wanted to know more. She wanted to understand it. 

She googled fat women.  She saw mutiple puctures of women.  Sone were moderatly obese. Some were morbidly obese. She was a bit nieve.she had been a bit sheltered growing up. She did not know what being eroused was.  She was 19 and was still a masturbation virgin. 

She found fat girls intreged her.  She was nieve and did not know what a sexual fetish was.  She did not know that some people were sexualy triggered by certain things. For some fat girls were. She knew it did something to her. She did not fully understand it. 

One night in bed, she was thinking about the images of fat girls she saw. It made her feel weird but also good. She  started touching her pussey. She was out of control.

Then she discovered federism. She was intreged by it. The thought of having one person who was a feder. Someone who controled a person and there eating habits. A dominant.  The thought of a feddee. A submisive girl. A girl who was controled . a girl who was fattened.  

She wanted to enter into a feder feede relationship.  She did a google search. She saw a sight called faten me up. (I made this up.not a real site. ) it was essentially a social media site for feeders and feedes. She signed up for it. 

She put an add with her pic.  She wrote that she was new to the life style and to the site. She said that she was thin but was eager to meet someone who would fattened her up. She took a deep breath then hit send. 

She got some responses.  None interested her.  She did not know why.  The adds did not interest her in the least. Then he showed up.  She saw his add. 

His name was even.  On the site he went by the handle brother even. He had studied to be a francisican brother but left the order. He seemed to be obsesed with the jedi and sith orders of star wars. He created his own costume.  He wore it  on the profile page on the site. She was interested in him. He was strong forceful .she believed he could be the one for her. 

They started to chat for a bit. They felt like thay had a lot in common. After a series of back and forths, she invited him to move in with her.   He agreed. 

He incisted that when he arived, she would have to follow him to the letter. She had agreed to do that. 

When he arived, he went right in. he was a really good cook.he cooked her a five course meal. he made her eat every bite. she felt so bloated. she felt awfull. she went along with her request.

Within a few days, she had already gained a lot of weight. Her parents were a bit concerned. Within six mouths she was at 220 lbs. 

Six mounths later,she had gained even more. She was at three hundred lbs at her wedding. She was at four hundred when she gave birth to triplets two boys and a girl. She stoped at four hundred. She trued to not gain more then that. .

She was fat but happy.  He loved fat girls.  He was verry happy with her weight gain. She was happy with it as well. 

The end

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. The author of this article does not condone or recommend rapid weight gain. 

The cage 


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The city of riverside was a major citty. There was plenty to do in the city. The city was the capital of the sate. There was plenty of administrative activities going on.  There was also members of the legislature who came in and out of the capital al the time. 

In addition to being a seat of government,  it was a business hub. There was a lot commerce that was praticed in this city as well. 

The city was also a center of tourism. The city had been home to artisans of mamy stripe. There were structures outside. There were also stuctures inside. Riverside was home to manny musime as well. 

There was plenty to do hear. Riverside thrived on businessman,  tourest abd visitors.  They made sure people knew about the culture,history,  and tourism as well as its natural beauty.  It was a perfect spot. 

Keith, jacki and there kids were visiting riversude. They were enjoying a vacation.  They were walking the streets of the capital. It was a nice day. The weather was really good. The sun was out but there was a light breze but nothing too savere. Nothing that could not be handled. 

Jacky pointed out to various plants found in riverside. She especially pointed out plants native only to this area as well as plants not found in there home town.  

They came across a cage. The cage was a smal cage. It was in the middle of the town square.  The cage had bars that could be seen on the orther side. There was a toilet and a mistress.  That was about it. 

There was a young women inside. She was laying down on the cott. She was wearing an orange jumpsuit. She was barefoot.  

Jacky and kaith’s kids saw the cell. Jacky did not want to discuss the cage with them.  They stered them away from the cage. They knew that thw kids would need to be tild about criminal justice system but vacation was not the proper time.  She wanted vacation to be vacation. 

The criminal justice system in this country houses prisoners in outside cages. The cages are appropriate to the wreather of the area. Manny prisoners are in high traphic area where they could be seen. It was a way of shaming.  It was seen as very effective.  It did have some detractors however. 

The kids were getting tired. Keith decided to head back.  “Hey Keith . i want to go give some food to that inmate. I want to sit with her a minute.  Can you put matty and nicky down?” she asked. ” sure.  ” he said. She kissed him and they dispersed.

The inmates do get fed. Civilians are avowed give them food as well. Jacky took a sandwich with you to offer to the young inmate.  

She went over to the cell. “Hi i am jacky. ” she said. ” hi i am julie” the prisoner answered.  “May i sit?” Jacky asked. She motioned for her to sit. She sat down.  

“I brought you a sandwitch!” jacky asked you. ” thank you. I apreciate that. ” she answered. She placed the sandwitch though the bars. She took it and started to eat it. ” thank you. ” julie said. “Not a problem hunnie.” jacky told him. 

“How long are you for? ” jacky asked. “A mounth. I will be released in two weeks.  I will be on probation for a year. I am not going to be a recivist. I got off prety easy. I dont intend to blow this.  ” julie tried to assure her. 

“I am sure you will. Your young. You have plenty of time to turn this around.  I have a good feeling that you will. ” Jacky said 

“I was convicted of shop lifting.  I was not hungry or poor. I did it on a dare. I knew that this was wrong. I did it anyway. I am going to change my ways. I plan on abandoning my old friends and getting good influences not bad ones. ” she tried to assure jacky. 

“You can do this. ” jacky said.  “Thank you. I am going to work at it reallt hard. ” Julie said. “I know you will” jacky declared. 

“I saw your husband and kids earlier. You have a lovley family. ” she told her.  “Thank you . i think so too. ” jacky said. 

“You want a family someday?” he asked. “I do. I want to be a mommy. ” she said.” i think you will jewls. ” jacky assured him. 

“Your really prety Jacky.  ” jullie said. She smiled.  “Thank you. So are you. ” Jacky said.  “You will have a bright future ahead of you. I realy believe that. Dont give up ok?” jacky said. Julie agreed. 

“I should get back. It was good to talk to you. ” she said.” it was good to meet you ” Julie told her. 

The next day Jacky came back with food. “We are leaving tomorrow.  ” Jacky said. ” i will miss you.  ” julie said. “I will miss you. ” jacky said. “If you ever come back to riverside. Look me up! ” julie told her. ” will do. ” jacky said. 

Jacky kissed her. She kissed her back. “I was hoping you were bi sexual.  You are drop dead sexy jacky. ” julie said. “Your prety hot your self jules. ” Jacky said. “I wish i could lick your pussey. I will settle for a kiss.  IA kiss is good too. ” julie told her. 

She kissed her they travaled back to gordenville, jacky suggested taking Julie in. He was sceptical at first. ” she is a criminal?” he asked.  “It was a pety crime. It is our civic duty” she said.  “Why do you want to help her.  Of so many criminals why her?” Keith asked.  

“I am attracted to her sexualy. ” jacky answered. “You want to boff her?” he asked. “Yes i do. ” she said.  ” arlight. I will what i can do. I will see if i can convince our town to allow her to serve her probation in gordenville. ” keith told her. 

 A few weeks later julie arived. Jacky helped her bring in her things.  She was given her own room but could stay with them.

Julie came in. Jacky was in her underwear. “Come on in jewls. ” she said. The two kissed.  Keith watched as the two removed there cliths. Jacky wore a nightie. She removed it. Julie removed the rest of her cloths.

Jullie licked her pussey. She placed her mouth as far as she could get it. Jacky begged her to keep going. She went at julie’s pussey.  They cuddled.  

Jacky spent a lot of time in there bedroom. Thirsday and thurdsday was for Keith and Jacky only. Julie was fine with that. Most of the time she stayed in there room. 

The end

This is a work of fiction. 



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Anisa graduated seccond at her class at a prominent university. She got a job in the accounting department at the home office of Edson industries. She found herself promoted to a manager and later to vice president of finance. Stil in her twenties she was seen an up and commer in edson and in the cooperate world in general. It was believed that for her the sky was truely the limit. 

She was very intelignt. Not only that,she was bery innovative and resourceful.  She proved herself to be an indispensable part of the company.  Mr. Edson himself thought very highly of her. 

She was an up and coming. She was considered part of the future of women in leadership in the cooperate world and beyound.  

The world was changing.  Women were rising to more posistions of power in coperate world ,in academia, the judiciary and in politics.  She was seen as a key player in this transformation. 

She did not see herself as a feminist. She was doing what she loved.  She saw herself as somome who did what she wanted to do. She was hardly a womens right activist. She was not particuly political.  This was not about activism.  She was simply who she was. This was how she chose to live.

One night she came home..she changed from her pant suit to tank top and pjs. She got chinese takeout. She fed the cat then had her lunch.she watched some net flix then turned in. 

She went to bed. She fell asleep.  She slept until morning. What she did not know was that an unsual event occured that night. An unusual metor shower and a series of volcanic eruption caused a disturbance in the space time continuum.  This created a disruption in the structural intregrety of the universe. 

Some how she ended up in another universe. A universe parallel to ours. One that was very similer to ours. Simuler but with some distinct differences as well. One that are subtle at first but after a while imposible to ignore.  

She woke up. She made cofee. She showered. She fed her cat and played with a bit. She got dressed. She put on a black  suit jacket.  She wore a white buttoned down shirt undwrneth her. She wore a blaxk skirt.  The skirt went below the knee. She wore heels.

She went over to the office.  “Wow!  Your dresing realy conservitive today. ” a guy in accounting said. “I always dress like this!” she said. “You joun a fundy cult nissy?”another guy asked.  “What do you meen? This is hardly fundy.  ” she said.

“Compared to a birqa or a hijab i supose.” another said.  ” your kiling is nice” the first man said.  She saw a co worker naimed Kathy.  Kathy wore a disruption puple blouse and a blue skirt. Her blouse was opened up.  It showed a lot of clevege. 

“Kath what up with you?” she asked.  “What are you talking about? ” kathy asked. “If your blouse was any more opened up,  i could see all of your boobs. ” anisa said “come on nissy. I always show clevege. Please tell me your not buying into that women liberation crap ? I am plenty liberated. I am vp of transportation. ” she said.

“Ok. Its fine.  Its just not like you. ” Anisa said.  “What are you talking about?” kathy asked. All of the ladies were wearing short skirts or doung things that were a bit risky or bendinh over in front of man or wearing low cut shirts. 

Anisa went over to her friend paulete later in the day.  “Paulie what is going on? Has everyone lost there minds?” she asked. “What are you talking about? ” paulete asked. ” well the girls are praricaly running around half naked.  ” Anisa said. “Are you becoming a prude?  Look women are guarantied equal pay. Its the law.  The eqaul pay commission takes a hard stance against discrimination’s on pay. For the first time in American history the chief justice of yhe supreme court is a women. They juar conformed thr first female chairman of the jont chiefs. I am fighting real batles. I will show a little clevege as long as when our stock go up or down i am the go to person. ” she said.

She did not quite feel that way. She walked around and mr. Edson grabed her boobs.  “What are you doing? ” she asked.”woa calm down nece. I did not meen anything by it?” she asked. 

Anisa wanted to go home and take a long cold shower.what was going on? She was in some kind if twilight zone. History had changed.  It changed dranarically.

She woke up the next day and things were the same. After a few weeks she decided to play the part. She started to wear more revealing clothing.  She let male and female enployies grope her. 

She overcane her prudish ways. She was happy.  Just as she got use to it she woke up back in her universe.  She did not realize it at first.

She came to work in a low cut skirt. Her clevege showed though her sports coat and shirt. “Nece put some cloths on. Have some respect! ” paulete said. 

 She had no idea that she had crosed back into her reality.  She adapted. She kinda  missed being ogled and man handled.  Thats ok. 

She did not tell anyone thatm some times she fantasized about it. She wandered did it really happen? Did she just imagine it? She had no idea. She held it to those menories real or imagined.  

The end


I beaely paased high school science courses. science is hardly my strong suit. The science stuf was totaly made up. I did not even try to be acurate or possible.  

I dont supory misonergy or sexual harassment . This is nearly a work of fiction and fantasy. 

Naked maid


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Becca wanted to be a house keeper. She decided to try to get a job as a house keeper.  She looked at various adds. She had some interviews but she lost out to other candidates.  She did have a lot of experiences.  She had some but not enough for those who interviewed her. 

She had got an interview.she really hoped she would get this job. She wanted to work for this man.she did not Know  why but she knew that she did. 

She had got an interview.  She was invited to his house. She wore a pink blouse and gray skirt and flip flops. She spent time styling her hair. She looked her very best. She arived promptly.  She knocked on the door. 

After a few seconds a tall man opened the door.  “Becca?” he asked. “Yes. Are you Donald Eastman? ” she asked “yes i am.  Please come in. ” he said.

He was about six feet. She was 5 foot 7. He invited her to a parlor area. He invited her to sit. She did so. He followed suit and sat down. 

“Well you have an inpresive work history. You got good reviews. I wish you had more experience in house keeping.  ” he said.

“I do understand that.  I am very organized.  I have a reputation of having attention to detail.  I know how to menage my time. I know how to be efficient and acurate. I can clean promptly and effectively.  Though i dont have the work history or work experiences i can do the job. I realy think you would be quite pleased with my work. ” she told him.

He was impresed with her answer. She seemed to know how to sell herself. He trusted her. Her work experiences seemed to back up her aswer. He liked how he was she was able to stand up for herself. .in his mind she has scored quite a few points. She was starting to really win him over. 

“Ok. ” he said. He tried to preserve his poker face thoughout the interview process.  He asked her job specific questions.  He asked her about certain aspects of the job. He liked her answers. They seem to be on the same page in regard to what she was wiling to do and what the job entailed.  

He was liking her answers. He liked her personaly.she was nice and sweet. She seemed like she would work seemed like they would mesh well. 

She fell prety confident about all this.she was prety sure that she had a real schot at getting this job..that really excited her. She started to really want this job. 

“Ok. I like you so far. This interview is going well. I do have othet candidates.  Ones who are more qualified then you.  Some who worked for sate senators even a future governor. Why should pick you over them?” he asked.  

“If you wanted them, i would not be hear.  The fact that i am hear proves that your not sold on them. If you wanted them, i would  not be hear. ” she said.

He chuckled. “True. You have a point. You wil be through. You will pay attention to detail. You will be acuarate and complete.  You will be clean and orderly?” he asked.

” i will!” she promised him. She thought that she was going to get the job. She was excited.  She liked the attention.  She realy wanted to be challenged.  She wanted to prove herself.  

“Ok. Would you be wiling to work in the nude?” he asked.  She was schocked. She was not expecting that. She thought it over.  ” well i gues i could ” she answered.

“Excellent.  How soon can you start?” he asked. “How is monday?” he asked. “Very good i will see you then. ” he said. 

That Monday she came in to his house. She wore an over coat. She waa greated by her new boss. She set up her stuff. She renoved her coat. She was naked under the coat. 

She started with dusting.  He watched her dust. He watched her vacume. Ge watched her do laundry.  He enjoyed watching her.she did not mind. 

He was impresed with her work.  She did not tell anyone about this part of her work.  Her family especially her mom would probably not was weird for her to be working under these conditions in the eror of me too. She was paid well. She got breaks.  

She liked the job. She stuck to her. She was glad of her work. She decided to start her own ckeaning compony. She was clothed when she worked for them but not him. 

He eventualy asked her out on a date. She agreed.  They eventualy married. They had kids. When she cleaned at home she was nude. 

The end.the author does not endorse this kind of behavior nor recommend it. 

Two guys and a girl


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Dylen stone was hardly a hardened criminal.  He had been a lawyer. He had been on both sides of the courtroom.  As a prosicutor he was unrelenting. He got his man. As a defense attoney he pulled no punches to defend his client.  

When he defended a young man who joined isis and was caprured on the battlefiele, he made an enemy of the justice department.  Especially the attoney general.  The ag had been a senator from north Dakota and was considered a future presidential candidate. J. Ross Flanigan was determined to take stone down. 

Flanigan had marijuana planted in his car. As a senator he enacted mandatory minimums for drug posesion. 

Alrough dylen was inocent there was no way for him to prove that the drugs were not his. The evidence had him dead to rights.  He had little chance of getting off.  Flanigan made sure that the deck was stacked against him. Sure enough he was found gulty. Under the Flanigan finegold act, the judge had to sentence him to five years in a federal prison. The judge had no discretion. 

He got a few weeks before he had to surender himself to the authorities.  He got hos afairs in order. He got a trusted friend who was power of attoney over his finances and orher matters. His x had custody of there children. That was set. He was ready.  Well as ready as he would ever be. 

He arived with plenty of time to spare. He was sure that Flanigan would love nothing more then to have him declared a fugitive from justice. He would not give him rhat sarisfaction. If inspector ghavere wanted to hang him, he would not give him the rope in which to do it.

He arived at the prison. He went though the check point and was given admisson.  He went to the Main administration building in order to self surender.  

He signed the paper work. A gourd arived to process him. He has to go though the strip search. He removed his gray t shirt. He then unzipped his jeans.  He then removed his unserware.  

He hated being naked. He feared being nude in front of others.  He was surprised that Flanigan waa not hear to witness his humiliation. Maybe he was. He chided himself for getting so paranoid. It was not Like him. Now that he was a convicted felon he did not know what acting like him was like now. 

He was given a cavity search. He was given a shower. He dried off with a towel. He was given a blue prison uniform and was barefoot. 

He was escorted to his cell. He saw his two cell mates. To his astonishment they were females. “Hi there!” a brown haired girl said. 

One was five eight. She had long brown hair in a scrunchy.  She wore a blue nurses scrub like uniform and was barefoot.  Her finger and toe hails were painted.  

The other was a kind of dirty blond.  She had hair placed in a bun of sorts. It was neet but a bit disheveled. It still looked elegant.  She had the same blue uniform.  She was barefoot and her nails were painted.  

The gaurd left. “Hi. I am Aubrey.  This is Audrey.  “She said. “I am dylen. “He said. “This prison is really not so been. You stay out of the gaurds way and they will do the same. ” audry said.

“Good to know. “Dylen said. Dylen laid down on his cott. ” we are campuses to the dorm after eight pm.lights out at ten. Head count some where between that time.  There is to be no talking during that time.  Before eight you can roam about. Any area with no door or an open door you can go in. A locked or closed door is off limits. ” aubry said. He indicated that he understood. 

Audry had to pee.  She took off her pants and panties. He waned to look but looked away. “We don’t stand on mannors hear. Go ahead and watch away” Aubrey said. Audrey agreed with that sentiment so he went with it. 

He watched her pee. She flushed.  She put her cloths back on. They hung out in the cell. Then they gave him a tour. Then they had lunch. Prison food was what you expect from prison food.  It was kind of eatable.  

They watch television in the tv room. Only cartons and romance shows were alowed. Ge learned that audry did not want to bw disturbed when my little poney was on. The last time someone did, they ended up in the infirmary and she was put in solitary. That was not done again. 

They returned to the cell well before curfew.  Audry took off her uniform scrubs. She asked Dylen to unclasp her bra. He was only happy to do that.  

She wore a white t shirt and panty to bed. Aubry took off her scrubs.  She asked him to unclasp her bra. She just wore a panty to bed. They asked him to style there hair.

He decided to just wear shorts to bed.  After the count they got into bed. He got into his cott. “We sleep together.  Want to join us?'” Aubrey asked.  He quuckly agreed. 

He snuggled up to the girls. His boner grew. He slept like a baby. The next day they got up. They went to the shower. They all got naked.  He got to wash both girls. He got to got wash there boobs and vagional area.  He made sure that he was thorough.  

They washed him. They washed his peepee as well. They dried eachother off.

That night he asked the girls to kiss eachother.  Audry leened over and gave aubry a huge smooch. It was extended. His things got really hard.

He got to lick audrys tits.aubry wanted her tits licked. That night they slept together.  He really hoped that Flanigan never found out about this.  He did not want his sentence to be up. He did not want to leave. 

The end

This is fantasy and fiction.  None of this would or should happen in real life. 

No research was done.  

Chastity belt 


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Briana was usualy an upstanding citizen.  She worked as an office adadministrators at a top company in the sate. She paid her Taxas.  She was quiet.  She did not get into fights or anything like that. She was well liked. 

She usually was at home when not at work. She had never gotten in trouble with the law. She had some speeding tickets but it was no big deal. She had put that behind her. She was a productive member of society.  

She almost never partied or drank. That was almost never not never. The only time she did drink was the ocasional office parties. Usualy once a quarter or so her company held a party.  This was the one time she did indulge in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. She sometimes did go too far. Most of her co workers excused it because this was the only time she was like that. She was hardly a drunk. It was excused and ignored. It was a once and a while thing.  It was fairly infrequent.  It could be justified.  

This last time was no different. She took to the alcohol.  She went way overbored. She said and did things that were way over the top. She tried to kiss the ceo in front of his wife. She tried to beat up a guy from accounting.  She almost got escorted out bt security.  Her co workers talked the secuity people down.  The bartender did incist that she leave.

A co worker drove her home. Another co worker drove her car. She crashed in her bed. They took her key. They left. While some in the company wanted her fired,the ceo wanted everyone to calm down and reflect on all this before making any major decision.  

She apparently got up and in a delusional sate and got an extra set of key from a pot. She got in her car and drove.  She hit another car. She drove off. The car was seen waving. A cop tried to pull her over. The cop car had to barricade himself between her car.she rammed into him. She tried to get away.  

Several cop cars set up a blockade . she stoped. She tried to run out of the car. She had to be tazed. She fell to the ground. She was stil wearing a gray t shirt and denim skirt but was barefoot when she was arrested.  

She was put in a cell. She fell asleep.  She woke up startled.  She demanded to know where she was. A gaurd came by. “Why am i under arrest? ” she demanded to know. 

“Dui. Hit and run. ” the officer said.  “Thats not possible!  ” he said. “I assure you you happened.  You are dead to rights. ” she said.”i take it that i am facing a long jail sentence?” she said.  “That is a good assumption. ” the female officer said. 

She was shocked.  She tried to relax.  She was arranged later that day. She was released on bail.

At trial she was convicted on all counts.  She was sentenced to five years in prison. She could have gotten a lot more.  It could be worse she supposed.  

She was taken from the courtroom to a transfer area. She was striped out of her pink dress to an orange jump suit.she was shackled and put on a transport buss. She was taken to a prison. 

She had to strip naked. She was given a very cold shower.  She froze. She then was given an enima. She was told to pee. She was given a chastity device.  

“What is this?” she asked. “It is a chastity belt. You are required to wear it. You will be allowed to go without it out for one hour every day. ” a gaurd said.

“How i pee and poop?” she asked. “We give you enimas during your free time. We are careful with what we feed you. If you do it will go into the device.  ” the gaurd said 

The device was placed into her vaginal area.  It felt weird. It chafe . she was given a blue scrub uniform. She was shackled and escorted to her cell.

In her cell she took off her pants. Shr saw that the other female inmates did the same. 

She longed for her houer of freedom.  Her pussey liked the feel of her exposed skin. She came to even enjoy enimas. They were not gentile. She hated when the belt went back always did. It would for the next five years.  

The end.

This is a work of fantasy and fiction. No research was done.