Bleak future 


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Nicole, Jessica, becca and maddy were heading to a shoping mall.they had a day off so they decided to hang out together.   They enjoyed having off time and they looked froward to spending the day together. 

They went to the mall. It was a normal day at the mall. It was a buz of activity. It was a fairly buisy day.  

The groups of friend began to rome the mall. They saw some shops that interested them. They went inside.

They visited several stores. They bought a few small items.  Nothing too big. They were having fun. After a while they went to the food court. They were eating and having fun. 

They came to realize that they were being watched. At first they dismissed it. They kept seng the same people over and over again. After a while they got rattled but did not want to let it get to them. They did not want to have it put a damper on an otherwise good day. 

After a while it got worse and worse. “This is driving me crazy! ” nicky remarked.  “I know. I wish that they would just go away. “Becca said. “Maybe we should just go. ” jessie suggested.  

None of them wanted to leave. They were having a good day. They were having fun. They were reluctent to leave but they suspected that they needed to. After they finished eating, they decided to head out. 

They tried to exit in a non chalant manor.  They were determined at the same time. They wanted to get out of there and fast. They wanted to get to the car. 

As they neard the door,those that doging them made there moves. Four males ran to them. They surrounded them. They were serrounded on all sides. 

People watched but not one intervened.  No one wanted to get involved. It appeared that no one would. They were on there own. They knew that. 

One rushed becca. He pinned her down. He pulled off her black t shirt. He pulled off her denim skirt. He ripped her panty. He riped off her bra. He forced himself into her. He kept going. 

He was relentless.  He was forceful. His thing was going into her. She could do nothing to stop it.

Nicky tried to help becca.  Another one of the thugs came at her. He forced her to the ground. He removed her pink sweater.   He then pulled off her gray skirt. He pulled off ber bra and panty.  He went at her. 

Jessie and Mandy wanted to help there friends. After a while it was clear they were goners. It was an everyone for themselves proposition. They took each other’s hand and atempted to esape. 

They were intercepted before they could make it to the door. They were both forced to the ground.  They tried to fight back but neither one were strong enough to fight back.  

Jessie brown top was removed. Then her bra was ripped off.then her brown pants were ripped open.  Her panties were cut. He licked her tits while his penis went into her. He kept going. 

Mandy was able to get away.her blue shirt was ripped but she got outside. She got outside and called 911. 

After they were done they left the mall. The ambulence arived.the girks were brought to the hospital. They were examined and then released. They wore hospital gowns but were given scrubs to wear on there way home. 

They went home and comforted eacother. They had never been raped before.  It was a traumatic event for all of them. 

You see in the future following backlash over draconian sexual harassment and decrimination laws,male supremicist parties began to crop up. Mens rights movement began.  At first they denanded comon sence easing if laws. After the pitsfeld masicure of 2088, militant pro mens group began armed resistance.  Thid led to a cival war. Right ring male groups took over the congress and legalized rape and sexual herashment. 

Now rape was legal with a few stipulations.  The women had to be adults and after the ‘procedure’  they had to be allowed acess to medical care.  They had to be permited to leave. No other harm could come. 

Mandy felt a bit isolated from the group. She had no conection to them.she did not have the bounf with them.  They were all rape victoms but her. 

Then all of them got pregnent. Abortion was now illegal.  They had to have the kids. There belles got big. They all loved being pregnent. 

Nicky had twin girls. Jessie had a little boy and becca had a girl. Mandy felt isolated.  She was not in the rape club. 

One day a guy at work got horney and dragged her into a janitors closet and had his way with her. She got pregnent and had twin boy and girl. They all knew they could be targeted again. 

They kind of enjoyed the experience.  It was definitely an experience. One they would never forget.  

The end.  


This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone rape or other forms of secualy based crimes. 

Right to groping


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Whenever the pendulum swing too far,it swing back in the orther direction. In the 20th century,  women got the right to vote. They then tried to advance in politics and bussiness even in religious clegy. 

In 1992 women began to be elected to u.s house abd senate in droves.  That year was called the year of women. Female ceo crop out. Females were taking role as world leaders. From england to Germany, chilie,Argentina Brazil even indonesia had a female president for a time. 

It seemed that women had turned the corner. They had reached a point of no return. It was believed that women were now eaquil to men or e even have the chance if surpassing them. As it had been observed,if the pendulum goes too far to a certain direction,it night soon swing into tbe oposite direction.  As it was observed , every action has an equal and oposite  reaction. 

The trend saw the emurgence of a movement to undo the feminest insurgence.  All over the world anti eqality parties swept into congress, parliment and presidency all over the world.  They started to role back progress made in the 20th and early 21st century.  

Some nations took there country back a hundred years in the wrong direction. Others partially undid equal rights or scaled it back slightly. 

In the us,house majority leader hosen introduced a bill that legalize unwanted groping of women by men. The bill passed the house and the senate. The president signed it into law. 

 Missy was a college student on her way home from college for spring break. She wore a brown shirt and tan skirt and flip flops.

She pumped gass. She was not really paying attention to anything but the pump. She did not want to go pass a certain point. She did not see that someone was approaching her. 

He started to feel her up. He rubed her but. She looked up. She was a bit startled.  She had heard that unwanted groping was now ligal. She put up with it. He placed his hand into her skirt.he felt his pussy.  Then he left.

She finished punping gas. She put her debit card inside and got her recipt. She went back in. The whole event made her wet. For some reason being groped made her horny.  

She stoped at a fast foid restaurant. She ordered her food.  She wanted a break from being on the road. She took her food in the store.  She got the tray and sat at a table. She started eating. Someone went inside her shirt and bra. He rubed her tits.

Later another man touched her feet that were in sandles. One man rubed her leg. A girl touched her hair. Some women might be offended but not Missy.  She loved it. 

She would never set out to be grouped. If it happened she would not do much to stop it. She would not protest.  If she did they might stop. She did not want that. She did not off too eager but did not go out of her way to discourage it either.

She got in her car and continued her jouney. She made it home.shewaa glad to see her family. She huged her mom and her dad. She had two olders brothers and sisters.  She had three younger brother and three younger sisters.  She was glad to see him.

“So how many times were you grouped! “Her older sister elise asked.”too manny to count. ” she said. They laughed.

“Why arw you laughing about this?” there mom asked.”this is terible. ” there mom added. Missy and elise said something like true or your right. Both did not think that it was abig deal. 

Some might want to repeal this.  Not them.  They loved it. They kept that to themselves. At least in front of there mom.  

The end. 


Cure for stress


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Craig had started his own company.  It became a very successful conpony. He eventualy sold it to a larger then started another compony from sctech just to prove he could. He had become very successful in this business as well. 

He got very stressed. Sometimes he wondered if the stress was worth it. He considered seling this compony and perhaps taking a break from cooperate life at least for a little while. He liked to stay buisy. It drove him crazy to be inactive. 

He could not decide what was worse,being idle or being stressed out. Both made him batty. He did not how to distress. 

One of his friends a fellow founder and ceo of a conpony saw that he was stressed out.he wanted to help his friend out. 

“You ok craig? You seam out of sorts lately. “His friend remarked. “I am a bit out of sorts barry. “Craig admitted. “Why is that craig?” he asked. 

“Well i find the job is getting to me. It is a lot harder then i thought. I need to take a break.”he told him. 

“I used to get stressed out myself.  I have found a way to realy works!” bary told him. He was realy exited to hear what this miracle cure was. He realy wanted to know what it was. So he asked him. 

“I go home. I take off all my cloths .i put on a women’s night gowan. I just relax.i watch a movie . i ware a soft nightie. I just enjoy it. ” his fellow c.e.o said. 

“Your suggesting i cross dress? I love being a man. I love being a masculine.  I really hope that your not sugesting the key to relaxing is a sex change. “Craig remarked.

“Oh no no! I too love being a man. This has nothing to do with wanting to be a women. It is a relaxing technique.  It is no different then going for a run or doing yoga. It is realy not a big deal. It is cloths. Thats all. ” Barry said. 

He was not sure about all this. He felt like he needed to try something.  He could not keep doing what he was doing. What he was doing was just not working. He knew that. 

He acted like he was incredulous to the idea. He acted like he was not even remotely interested in the idea. 

In truth he was wiling to give it a chance.  At this point he would try just about anything. He decided to buy a night gowan from a local box store. He ordered it on line but picked it up at the back of the store.  

He did not make much convrtsation with the clerk. They ofered to open the package to make sure that the item was the itim. He declined.  He figured that if it was not the item he would deal with it later. 

He went home. He opened the box. It was indeed the itim he ordered . he found that it was excited. He felt like a kid that just got a new toy. Now he was excited to try it out. This was brand new teritory. This was a brand new experience.  He was excited to experience it. 

He took off his cloths. He put on the night gown. He was really soft. It waa comfortible. He just took in the sensation. He felt odd. He also felt good. It was comfortible and comforting.

He sat down on the couch. He realy hoped that he would have no visitors tobight. He forgot about the stress he was deeling with. He just relaxed. 

He fell asleep on the couch. He woke up the next norning. Even on the couch it was the best sleep he had in a long time. 

He took a shower the next morning. He changed into normal busdiness atire. A suit and a tie. He came to work happy . the day seem to go so much better. 

He went home and changed. He got into a night gowan. He was so happy to relax.

This became his routine. He kept it qiet. He did not want it to be made public. It would be verry embarrassing.  

He did this for mouth.  His employies noticed a difference in him. He was a private person any ways. His private life was his private life. That was his bussiness. 

He was a life long belchor. No one knew why. There was stories that he had been engaged once but it was ended. There was rumors that he waa gay and rumors that he was impotent or a eunic. That was not true at all. 

He met a young lady who was a staff member to another coperate officer.  She and craig started off talking casualy. It was a hi how are you kind of thing. Then it started to grow. 

Craig did not want to get into a relationship of any kind. He was too buisy. He visited places all over the country and the world. He was always on the move. She did not report to him but he started the compony. She did work for him technically.  He was reluctent to persue this.

Clare was a sweet young women. They both started to like eachother. She took a job at another compony. She got to head up a department.  

She asked craig out. The two went on several dates. He was woried she would learn his secret. They eventually got maried. He decided to step down as ceo but retained the title of president and was active on the bored. 

She worked at her compony until she got pregnent. She left her job . one day she found his night gowan.  It was not hers. She had been told that he had not dated anyone in quite some time.

He finaly came cleen with his night gowan wearing. She laughed. Apparently he resumed his night gowam wear. They would watch tv in the bed room in matching night gowans. Both enjoyed this rituel. It was a secret only they knew about.

The end. 

The sisters


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Rebecca and katie and Megan had all moved back home.  Rebecca had been to university. She was a ceo of her own compony. Her conpony fell victom to a hostle takeover. She was emotionaly and physically exhausted.  Her father was woried about her and begged her to come home for a while.  She was reluctent to.she loved her farther but liked her independence.  She decided she could use a change of synery. Going back to her home town could be the medicine she needed. She decided to go back at least until she got direction on what to do next. 

Rebecca was the oldest daughter. She was the most responsible. She h ad always been. She was the five going on forty child. She was teacher assistant so on. That was just how she was. 

Katie was in colege. She was smart. She was bubily. In some ways she was the pollar oposite of rebecca. Rebecca was able to tenper her. She pushed katie. Katie decided to take a year off . she decided to move home while she worked.  

Megen was the baby of the family.  She was attending. Comunity colege. She worked at a grocery store. Her dad talked her out of going to colege of the orther side of the contry at least for now.   He was not ready to let go of his little girl quite yet.

 Tom was a widower. He was a lawyer and a part time judge. He lost his wife a few years ago. He was qiet and reserve anyways. He short of lived vicariously though his kids. He was fine with that. 

He was glad to see his kids back in his house. While some dads were eaiger to see there kids leave the nest not him. He liked his kids.  He felt the oposite.  He dreaded seing them all gone. Espeacialy if he went far out of town. 

He had a firat day back party. He ordered piza. He made cake. ” ok. I have tons of food! ” he said. “What are we celebrating ?” rebecca asked.  “You all being back hear.” he said 

,Rebecca wore a pink shirt jeens and was barefoot. Katie wore a purple tank top and blavk shorts and waa barefoot.  Megen wore a white tank top and pajama bottom.

 They eat. He saw the girls gerting along.they laughed. Swared stories. Tom was happy. He liked seing them together. They were different. They fought alot. They at the end of the day did get together.  

“After dinner they cleaned up. They watched a movie. After the movie the dad sugested they play a game. “Lets play truth or dare?” katie suggested. “Really katie? ” megen said. “It will be fun. ” katie said. 

“Ok bec truth or dare? ” Katie asked.”truth!” rebecca asked. “Have you ever had lesbien fantasies? ” katie asked. The rest of the family hised and laughed. ” oh my. Yes i have.” she said.” i knew you.” katie said. 

“I had no idea.” tom said. ” yea sorry dady” she said. ” nothing to be ashamed of. ” he said.”ok bec your turn! ” katie said.  “Ok. Meg truth or dare !” rebecca said. “Dare.” megen said. “Take off yout shirt. , rebecca ordered. Oh. Megen pulled off her shirt.she  was just in her bra now. 

“Ok meg” katie said.  “Dad!” Megen said.”dare!” he said.”kiss rebecca. ” Megen said. He went over and kissed his olest dayghter. They kept going at it. “My turn? ” he asked.”your turn?” meg said.

“Katie?  ” he said ” truth” she said.  ” who have you fantisize about having sex with?” he asked.”rebecca!” she said without any hesitation.  “Really”  she said. “You are realy hot!” Katie said.

“Lets take this into the bed room. ” tom said.  They went to his bed room.becky and katie got on to the bed. They started to kiss. They kept kissing. 

Rebbecca took off Katie’s shirt. She licked her tits though her bra. She removed her bra.she kept going at her boobs.  Rebecca loved it. She begged her to keep going. 

Katie took off becky’s botoms and psnty. She licked her pussey. She just kept going. Becky pulled off katie shorts and underware and went at her pussey.

 Megen took off her cloths and both girls took her licked her boobs while the other took her pussey. After they all got on the bed and cudled. 

They all felt more relaxed. The bed in dads room became the family bed. They slept together and showrred together. He hoped that they would never leave home. 

The end. 



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Julie was scared. She was going to prison. Her husband was found guilty of tax fraud. He was sentenced to ten years in a federal prison..while she was aquited of all charges.  The middle nane she gave on am i.r.s document differed from her birth certificate.  Her mother died when she was young.her dad was a terrible speller.  He speled her middle name lee. The birth cirtificate has it lea. She was convicted of a process crime. She was sentenced to two weeks in a minimum secuity facility.

While she could fight the sentence. She was told by her lawyer that she would probably win.  He stressed that it would take time and mony.  It might take years. The conviction would hang over her head. If she got it overwith it would be over. It was only two weeks.  It would seem like an eternity.  When it was over it was over.

Her sister agreed to watch her two young children.  She had a three year son and six mounth old daughter. She would back with them. They would probably forget about it once she was back. She decided to get on with her sentence. Get it over with. 

She wore a black t shirt, pajama botoms and sandles. She went with her lawyer. She signed the paper work. She was then escorted to intake. 

” im Kylie a gaurd. If you agree to cooperate, you don’t have to be shackled.  ” she said.”no i will cooperate.  ” she assured her.

“I hope it rains these two weeks. With my luck it will be suny. The day i get out downpour for a week.” julie said.”that is how it goes for me. Suny on my work days days off monsoon. ” the. gaurd said. 

They entered intake. Kylie huged her.she found her to be soft and comforting.  “I need to strip naked now don’t i?” she asked. “Yea jules i am afraid so. ” she answered.  ” i figured.” she answered. 

Julie pulled off her tank top. She then pulled down her pj botoms and pulled them off. She then pulled off her bra. Then her panties.  She was searched. Kylie was very gentile. Julie quickly trusted her.

 She was taken to the infirmery. The nurse was also friendly.  She gave her a physical. She was gentile as well. Then she was given prison blue scrubs underware and sandles.  She put it on.

“All of the prisoners on this block are non violent. This is a safe cell block. You have nothing to wory about. ” kylie told her. She thanked her for that.

She was escorted to her cell. She was escorted inside.  She saw her cell mate. She had ling brown hair. She was prery. ” hi im katie. ” she said.she hugged her.  

” im julie?”she said. “Scared? ” she asked. ” a litle” she admited. “Understandable.  I assure You are perfectly safe hear. ” she answered.  

“Look i know you dont know me. Can you hold me?” she asked.  Her cell mate wraped her arms around her. They held on to each other. 

She was so soft. She loved the feel of her. She was not a lesbien or even bi or curias. There was a saying,  gay for the stay. Mayby that was this.Mayby she just needed comfort. Katie provided that. 

They went to one of the coats. They held on to eachother. It was nice. She had a chance to let it go. She likef katie. She liked her alot.

Over the two weeks they would become best friends.  They would become confidants.  

They slept in the same cot. They cuddled.  They loved to be around eachother. 

On day four julie kissed her.julie feared she went too far. She started to retract. Katie stoped her. She kissed her back. They continued to kiss eachother. 

Then julie took off her roommate’s blue scrub top off. Katie pulled off julies. Julie pulled off her blue pants. Her were pulled off. There bras cane off then there panties came off.

Julie kissed Katie’s niples. Katie was so aroused.  She beged her to keep going. Julie was happy to comply. She kept going. 

After a while,  katie liked Julie’s pussey. Julie orgasmed. They weny back and forth screwing eachother. They cudled afterwards. 

Julie was excited to see her family again.she would miss katie. This was almost like a vacation.  

After she was released, she went home. Then after two mouths katie was released.  Julie incisted she move in. They lived hapily after after 

The end.  

The patcient 


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I’m calie. One day i was heading to work. I worked in accounting. While on my way,another driver had a heart attack and died almost instently. The car hit me. 

My car was forced off the road. The car hit a gaurd rail. I hit my head. I blacked out. Anothet vehicle passed by and saw what had transpired. The driver checked on the other driver and me. The other driver was dead from the heart attack. The driver was an off duty emt. He checked my pulse and found a pulse. He. Draged me out of the wrecked car. He called 911. 

The ambulance arived and i was rushed to a local hospital. I had been waring a pink sweter,and gray dress pants. I wore dress shoes and was otherwise cloths were removed andwas changed into a hospital gowan. 

I woke up in a hospital bed. I was grogy. I had no idea where i u became more coherent i began to remember. I saw that i was hooked up to michines. I could not move my legs. I feared i was peralized.

I looked for a call button. I found it and pressed it. I waited for someone to arive. The door opened and several came in. The doctor was a women who apeared to be inbher thirties. She had a white lab coat and blue scrubs. She had blondish,brown hair in s ponytail. I was not a lesbien but i found her attractive. This might be my way to coupe with all this. 

“I am glad your awake. You have been put though the ringer and then some. ” the doctor said. “I remember the other slaming into me. I saw my car hitting the gaurd rail.  ” i said.

“The other driver died of a heart attack before the car slamed into you. You are paralized. It is not clear if you will regain the use of your legs. ” she said.

Dr. Megen Elizabeth randolf haf a reputation was being cold and callous.  She could describe a slow and painful death in vivid details and sound more monotone then a reporter for national public radio. She was good at what she did.she was competent.  She could be relied on. 

“Your thinking that it is more likly that i wont be able to walk again?” i asked her. “Yes that is correct cal!”she said.

I was surprised that she used. Nickname. I was told by a nurse that was just her way.  She liked to use pet names especialy when giving less then pleasent news.  

After a while i was left alone.i was glad to have some time to myself. I took that time.  I rested and did some commiseration as well. 

I tried to watch some tv but i realy was not intetested. I shut it off. I slept on and off. I heared a door open.i figured it was probably a nurse. They were probably checking something.  I realy hoped that i was not going to be poaked and prodded again.  

I closed and opened my eyes.i felt a bit weak. I forgot that anone was there until i reopened my eyes. I remembered that i heared the door open.  I saw who it was.

It was her. It was dr. Randolf.  She just stood there.  “Hi doctor.  ” i said.”hello callie. ” she said. I did not know why but she made me nervous.  I was not sure why but i felt that my life was in danger. Even more so then the acident. I had no idea why or if my fears were true.  I was really nervous.

“Whats up?” i asked. “Oh nothing. Relax. You need to keep your strength up. “She told me. All of a sudden i felt her on top of me. She put her hand on my mouth.she incisted that i keep silent.  

She released her hand  from my mouth. I kept silent. She kissed her. Her lips were soft. I had no idea what was going on. 

She pulled up my hospital gowan.she touched one of my tits.she ceresed it until it was quite erect. Then she suck on it. Although this was rape it wad kinda nice. It felt good. 

She switched to the orther boob. She licked and licked.  Then she pulled off my diaper. She licked my pussey. She was really good. 

The acident left me incontinent.  I peed all over the bed. Urine fell on her head. Although i did not relish being molested ,i hardly wanted to give my rapist a golden shower. It not deter her.she was not amgered by it either. 

After she changed steiped my bed and gave me a fresh diaper.  I was not going to report her action. It was she said she said. I did kinda enjoy it. She was good at it. 

She visited me freqently before i was discharged. I was sent to a rehab facility. I was going to miss dr. Ransolf. I would not admit that. 

Eventually dr. Randolf was caught trying to rape another female patcient. She was attested. She ended up in an orange jump suit. 

I spent time in asisted living facility before being discharged. I never fully reganed the use of my legs. I was able to live a productive life. 

The end. 

Target nurses 


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Lucy was a nurse . She headed for her shift. She wore a blue coat over blue nerse scrubs. She went to her car. She had no idea she was being being targarted. She was being watched from a far. 

She headed for the hospital.  A road closure forced her to take a less travaled. She headed for it. She knew that there was a car behind her. It was folowing from a far.while she was concerned,she figured that it was all in her head.she was stil concerned. 

She had to go further into an lightly travaled road. Soon she would be back on a main road. The soner the better she thought. The other car sped up. The car headed for her car.

She had dismised her fears as just paranoia.  Now she was certain that she was in danger. She was fairly certain now. 

Her car just died. She had no idea why. The car fell victom to a poorman’s electro magnetic pulse. Lucy’s fight or flight kicked into full gear. She bolted from her dead car.she did not brother shut the door.  She just ran. 

The orther car persued her. She kept runing. She refused to stop. He opened the window of the drivers side . he tazed her. She fell to the ground. She was unconscious. 

She had pee and craped into the scrubs. There were clear stains. He picked her up and threw her into the car. He threw her into the trunk.the car sped away. 

The car went into a garage.  He locked every door he had.she woke up. She was so scared. She pounded on the trunk. The door was opened. He picked her up. She kicked and screamed.  

He was undeterred.  He was hardened. He seemed to be able to withstand alot. He took her to his basement. He had turned the basement in a large dungon. 

He took off her shoes and sox. He then ripped off her scrub top. She screamed and begged him to stop. He did not comply. He riped her pants. Her panty was full of pee and poop. He pulled it off. He then pulled off her bra.

He took a hose and sprayed her. She screamed and yelled. It unphased him. He did not dry her off. He put her hands and feet into straps. He got on top of her and forced his thing into her. 

She cried abd cried. He kept going.he put his thing inside her. He was rough. He kept going.  

Finaly he went out. He tazed her again. She was found in a blanket naked near the hospital that she worked. 

A patcient’s husband found her and called for help.  She was rushed in. There was evidence of aggressive penetration but seaman was removed. The medical staf was almost certain that she was raped. There was no evidence that could be linked to the attacker. 

She was cleaned up and put in a gowan. She woke up. She was scared. ” luce luce its me its kathy! Your safe.”she said. She hugged her.

Lucy was the victom of a serial rapiat. A rapist that targarted nurses. The rapist was carefull to cover his tracks. He never raped more then one women in a county. He worked from coast to coast. He continued to move.  He never stoped. 

Lucy moved to her perents house in another sate. She discovered she waa pregnant.  She did not tell her perents that the baby wad a product of rape.she told them that the baby was from a one night stand. They knew better but went with it.

She gave birth to a baby girl. She loved her daughter. They were close. She did go back to nursing at a hospital near her perents. She is working on pre med. 

The end. 

Topless prison


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Mia was a sweet young lady. She was attractive and smart.while in college she started an internship at a huge company that was a big employer in the sate. She was put in charge of the finance department upon graduauon. 

She was offered a posustion in another company out of sate. She was apointed vice president of finance. She was on her way up in the bussiness world. She was a force to be reckoned with. 

The president of the company had made a series of bad decisions. He lost mony. He covered his tracts. With his secrets about to exposed he framed mia for the embezzlement and fraud . he was able to cover his tracks and make it look like she was gulty.

While the fellow cooperate officers ,who had no idea if his misdeeds, did not want to aid his cover up. They felt conpelled to do so. They agreed. 

Mia was shocked when she was arested. The conpony threw her under the buss. They used there influence to burry her. She did not have the mony or resources to fight this. She was convicted and sentenced to fincluding  in a minimum security facility.  

She was alowed to have two months to get her affairs in order. Her young daughter would stay with her sister.

Another sister drove her to the prison.she dressed sinply.she wore a gray t shirt,green skirt and flip flops.  She hugged her sister. She went inside. 

She turned herself in. She filled out the paper work and was btought inside. She was escorted to intake. As she walked she saw other female inmates.  They wore red swet pants or shorts.  They wore flip flops or barefoot.  They were all topless. Not even a bra. 

She had no idea why they were topless. It made little sense to her. She did not give it a lot of thought. Inside intake she was told by a female gaurd to strip naked. She complied.

She pulled her t shirt up to her head.she pulled it off. She pulled off her skirt. She then took off her bra. Then she pulled her off her panties. She was given a full cavity search and enima. She was hosed off in the shower. 

She was returned to intake. She was given her uniform.  There was swet pants and panties and sandles. there was no top or bra. 

“Female inmates in this sate dont ware shirts or bra. You go topless. Everyone sees your tits.even visators. “The gourd said.

Mia was horified. Not only was she incarcerated for a crime she did not commit.  A crime that orginated when she was a child. She would have to be half naked for the next five years. This was really bad she thought. 

She put on her red prison issue panty. She then put on the red swet pants. Both had the logo of the prison and the department of corections. She started to put her arms over her boobs. The gaurd told her it was useless. She stoped.

The prison was a bit chilly. This was done on perpouse. The prison staf wanted the inmates kept a little uncomfortable.  She saw other inmates.  They looked her over.she felt so exposed.

She saw various inmates.  Some were just in there underware.some weny naked. She was not gay but had some bi fantasis she never told anyone. She arived at her cell. She was put inside.

Her cel mate was around her same age. She wore red shorts. She was very prety and seemed her she had been convicted of a white collar crime.  She hugged her. 

They had become very close. At this prison there was none of the gangs or fears of being shanked. Thr girls hear were not hardened criminal.  Most were convicted of provess crimes. 

Mia did not mind prison. She had a lot of friends including her cell. Mate bre. They were very close. She had orther friends as well. She got along with the gourds. 

Many of the inmates liked to suck on the tits of fellow inmates. It was soothing.  Mia fell asleep many night on the brest of bre and vice versa. They slept in the same was cramped but they cudled. 

Mia enjoyed prison. After six mouth’s her sentence was comuted by the governor.  While the boss wanted her to take the fall.he hayed seng her behind bars. She was released .she was sad to leave. 

She was not used to waring a shirt.her boobs itched. She felt weird. She had gotten used to being naked from the waist up. She felt weird.  

When she got home she pulled off her shirt and bra. Her sister was not impressed.  Her sister got used to it.her sister eventually went toess frequently. 

Many prison reform advocates wanted her to sign on to prison refotm. They wanted several reforns including alowing women to ware top in prison.  Mia was not interested.  She fully suported topless prison.  She did not want that policy to change.  She loved it.she would not tell anyone that.she mearly said that she was too buisy. Her close friends knew the truth.

Bre also got released. She moved in with them. She also liked going topless at home. 

The end. 

Love triangle 


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Jim had been dating leah for a few years now. It started off as a casual acquaintance but led to a friendship then full fledge datting. Now both were contemplating marriage.  

Leah was short.  She was 5.1.she was fairly thin.she was not anorexic but she was on the edgecof being at an unhealthy weight.

She was very self conscious about her weight even though she was thin.she did nit see it that way. She was anal about watching calories. She was meticulous at knowing precisely what she weighed. She set a limit and freked if she exced it even if  was a pont ahead. 

Jim tried to assure her that she was fine. She did not need to worry. She would not listen. She drove herself and everyone ekse crazy.  He tried to get her to losen up but it did not work. 

On special ocasions he tried to get her to indulge.  She would get really mad at him. “Do you want me to get fat?”she would ask. He droped it. The truth is he kinda did. He had a thing for fat girls.  His inicial perpose in befrending her was to get hwr fattened up a bit. His eforts failed.  He was woried that she was unhealthy in her thiness.all atenpts to get her her at a healthy weight or slightly unheathy failed.

He had a fat fetish since he was young. No one knew about it. His first girlfriend was so obese that she was in a wheal chair.  He was smart good looking athletic and popular. His family did not aprove .she lost weight . she got too least for him. He broke up with her. No one understood why he did that.

After that be dated thin girls.everyobe assumed he prefered thin girls.  That could not be further from the truth. Sense he played quarterback on th high school football teams, attractive girls flocked to him. 

He went on to college getting a business degree . He bought a convenient stote and started  his own gyim. 

He knew it was time to setle was time to start a family. Leah was the perfect choice to be a wife. He would be a fool to let her go. She was getting bored with her. He had got her engagment ring and planed to perpose. He even planed to go though with the wedding.  

He went to his store. He saw Annabel.  She weighed 300 lbs.she wore a purple and white shirt that resembled a shirt worn by a soccer player. The shirt did not fit. Tbere was a buch of skin exposed. He coukd see flab. She wore black jeend and sandles. She had big feet. They were stil sexy.  She waddle a bit but not bad. 

Jim was entranced by her. He was absolutely mesmerized by her. She caught him staring at her. He figured he was repulsed by her. 

“You know it is not polite to stare! ” she said.not a promising first line if you hope to start a romance. “Im sorry.” he said.

“Look i know i am a fat slob.” she said.  “No i dont see you that way.”he said she did not believe him. She did not want to be rude.she hated when people engaged in platitudes.  She believed in getting to the point. Say what you meen or dont say anything at all. 

“That’s sweet of you to say. Why cant you just say i am fat ans disgusting! ” she said.

“Well there is no denying that you are fat but you certainty are not disgusting! ” he said. “You meen that? ” she asked. “I do.” he said.

He was really horny right now. He would not say that out loud. He really was. The conversation ended. 

He hoped to see her again. He broke up with leah that day. Shs she was devisated. She tried to talk him out of it. ” so why are you leaving me?”she asked. “Do you really want to know the truth?” he asked. She indicated that she did. He told her rather she wanted to hear it or not.he was prety sure that she did not. 

“Your way too thin!” he said. “What?” she asked.  “Your have nothing to you.” he said 

He kept seing Annabel around town and in the store. He finally asked her out. They started dating.he perposed. 

One day in a resturant Leah saw them together. She noticed that Annabel was waring a weading ring and an engagement ring.she could not believe he left her for a chubby girl. 

Leah saw her around at a store.she introduced herself. Annabel looked diferently. Her fat in her stomich wad concentrated. It was a baby bump. He had sex with her?

She saw her later on.she had twins. Leah thouhht that he would break up with her but she did not. Leah was devisated. They lived hapilu ever after.

The end