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The door to the maine entrence. A young women entered. She came waring a black sweter,white blouse,black skirt and flip flops entered. She went up to the front desk.
“Jesica weld!”she said. The clerk took his information. “Your hear for a lethal injection. Have a seat!”
She went and sat down in the waiting area. Shw saw orther women. Some wore pazamas. Some wore swet paints some night goans,some shorts,tank tops. Some even wore just t shirts and panties. There were no dress code for this.
She went and sat down. The reading material was preperation for.executions and other information . She decided she would pass.
She was falsy convicted of fraid. She was inocent but could not prove it. Today her life would end. There was nothing she could do about it. All verdicts were final. She had no way out. She decided to calmly acept her fate.
They were all told to line up. They were divided into group. Her group went into one pod.
  There was a doctor and a nurse. She was told to strip naked. She removed her sweter first. Then she unbotoned her blouse. Then she her skirt came off. Then the female nerse removed her bra and she pulled of her painty.
She was given a full examination.she was found to be in good health and sutible to be excecuted.
She was given a hospital goan on her way out. She was taken to the next pod. A young women pulled off her goan.she pinned her to the ground. she licked her pusey. She wanted her to stop but she did not fight back. She kinda enjoyed in.
She was dripping wet when she left. Her fellow inmates were as well. The next pod there hair was placed in a pony tail.
In the next pod they were given diapers. They were told that women bladers were weak and usually the comdemed release there bladera just before death.a female nurse put her in a diaper.
Then the waiting room. The last area before the procedue. Everyone was holding eachother. This morning they has been strangers now they were sisters in arms. A name was anounced.they were hug before the condemed was taken.
Ten had left. A gaurd told jen it was time. The remaning inmates huged her. She walked to the maine area. People staired at her.
She got on the table. His hands were put into restaints. Then her feet were restrained. The iv drip was set up.
There was no satements,nothing . It ran like an asambly line. As soon as everything was ready,the master of cerimonies gave the go ahead to begin.
She had no time to mentily prepare. No time to acheve closue. Just off you go. The device was turned on. The first drug put her to sleep.
She dreamed of home. Growing up on a farm. Playing outside. It was happy memories.
The second injection relaxed her muscles. The witnes heared her body retract. She seamed to take a huge breath. Then the final drug,the deadly one was given.
The toxin spread quickly. Urine and fesus filled her diaper. She was pronounced dead. Her body was brought to the outpatient area. Yes it really is called that.
The bodies are transported to the mougue. A female inmate has the job of cleaning the bodies and then the bodies are autopsied then cremated and the ashes scatered in the courtyard.
The day after the event the ceo of her compony confesed to framing her to clear his own skin. It was learned that he picked her at random. She had a good reputation but was in a posistion where her guilt was plusible. He felt bad about what he had done after the fact.
One of the priest who served in the oficial church said she must have done something wrong in her life time that brought this about. The priest formerly obsolved the sate of any wrongdoing.