Nursing  home


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Keri seemed to have it all. She was smart and prety. She graduated third in het class at colege. She was hired almost inidietly after graduation.  She was hired as an office manager.  Within eight mounths she had been promoted three times.

It appeared that the sky was the limit for her. She had a bright future ahead of her. Coming home from a bussiness trip a tired truck driver ran her off the road. Her car was totled. Rescue workers had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the wrecked vehicle.  

She was unconscious but alive. She was rushed to the hospital.  She was in ceitical condition. When she first arrived at the hospital it was a fithty fithty chance that she would make it or recover if she did. 

She had to be rushed to sugary. They were able to stabolize her.. She was comatose.  The hospital got ger stable but she had not woken up from the coma. After time in the hospital, she was moved to a nursing home. The nursing home was a faculity with a very good reputation.  She was on a floor manned by a skilled and knowledgeable staff. 

She ended up being in a coma for a few mounths. She was in a hospital gowan.she was diapered. Nurses had to change her and bathe her. She was well cared for. It was unclear when or if she would wake up. 

She was the youngest patcient on the floor. Most were senior citizens. It was three mounths sence she was brought to this facility. 

She woke up from her cona after three mounths. She remembered the accident . she had to go though extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation before being able to be discharged. 

She was determined to get back on her feet. This was not going to lick her.she was goung to lick this challenge. 

She was well liked by the orther patcients on the floor. She was the same age of some of there grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She was quite popular. Many of the patcients had adopted her. She was sweet. They all rooted for her and cheered her on. They wanted to see her make a full recovery or something close to it. They were determined to help her though this dificult time.  

While she made many friends with the patcients,  there was one patcient that she was the closest with. His name was ed. Ed was 74 but was reasonably healthy. 

“So why are you hear ed? You seem fairly healthy. You should be out in your yard or out exploring in the woods or something not couped up hear. ” she said.

“You know it. My kids wanted the house and the propery. My oldest is a lawer. He knew how to get power of attorney and knew how to work the syndrome.  I got screwed. I dont think i belong hear. It is not so bad. I keep least i got to meet you. You are so pretty.”ed said. 

“I dont feel do prety. ” keri said. “You are.  Dont let all this get you down will make a huge comeback.  You will be bigger and better and more successfull then you ever were before. “Ed told her.

“You really think so?” keri asked. “Of course i do. Determination is the key. Resolve to get back to where you were. Dont settle for anything less. Refuse to give up. ” he said.

“Ok. I will not give up. .” keri said.”i hope i live long ebough to see you become a ceo or university president or congressperson or president. ” ed said.

“You really think any of that is posible?” she asked.”i know it is.”ef said.  

They spent a lot of time together.  She started to get stronger. She started to walk again. She was slowly regaing the strength she use to have. 

They continued to spend time together.  One day he out of the blue kissed her.  She did not object. He was a sweet man. Though he was im his seventies he was not an unatractive man. They continued to kiss. 

One night ed snunk out of his room. He slowly crept into her room. He got under her covers. He silenced her. She smilled. They kissed.

He pulled off her her hospital gowan.she pulled off hers.  He got on top of her. She begged him to frig her. He was strong and she lived his strength. His cock was fully erect.  He had no problem downstairs.  She tried to keep quet..they did not want to get caught.  

He climaxed.  She held on to him. Then he snuck out. They did that often. 

She had been able to regain most of her mobility. She was able to be discharged.  They spent the ladt night together before she left. He was happy for her but he would miss her.she promised to visit. He suspected she would move on in her life and would eventually forget about her. He was ok with that. It was how it should be.

She felt weird. She had been getting sick. She wondered if she was pregnent. She took a pregnancy test snd indeed she was pregnent.  

She knew that ed had to be the farther. It was unfair that ed was put off to pasture.  There was no reason for it. She decided to break him out of the nursing home.

She went to visit him. She waited until she was sure there were no staff members around. ” Eddie i am getting you out of hear. ” she said.  “How?” he asked.  

She had an idea. He faked stomich pain. He got sent to an a local hospital. She impersonated his granddaughter. She got him cloths. They snuck out.  Thry got in a car and went to another sate. 

“Why did you break me out of the nursing home? I got to admit i did not think you ment it.” he remarked.  “You dont belong there. You are not in need of hospitalization.  You are the victim of your familues greed.  There is another reason.  To me the best reason. ” she said 

“What is that?  ” he asked. ” you are the farther of my child!” she said “your pregnent?  With my child? ” he asked. She smiled snd said yes.

They moved to the east coast. She got a job as an office manager at a big company in the sate.she worked there until she gave birf to twins a boy and girl. She took a leave . she started her own business from home. It was quite successful. 

She snd ed got maried. She got the courts to have ed Jr’s power of attorney nullified.  Jr tried to argue that the marriage was a scam. She proved ortherwise. He tried to say she was taking advantage of him. The evidence contradicted that. 

Ed health was stil good.  He was able to help raise the kids and helped with her business. He showed no signs of slowing down anytine soon.

Recently she gave birth to there third kid another son. Ed jr tried to find a way to get sr declared incompotent to run his own afairs. A judge laughed him off. He had to give up. 

Ed and keri were happy. They enjoyed the life they had. 

The end. 


Fat and skiny


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Evie was a sweet girl.  She was kind. She was very intelligent.  She was overwight. She weighed 220 lbs. She tried to loose weight but never had too much luck with it. 

She was well liked. Her weight isue was not really a big deal with certainly did brother her. It constantly gnawed at her. 

She had a lot of friends. One of her friends was katie. Katie was thin. She was prety. The friendship was odd. They frequented dufferent circles. Then there was the weight issue.  

Evie was plump and katie was almost anorexic. There friendship made no sense. It worked. Katie loved evie. Evie adoored katie. 

There was more to it then katie even suspected.  Evie had a little bit of a crush on katie.  Evie liked her brown hair. She wanted to play with it. She wanted to kiss her and hugged her. 

She had no idea if katie was a lesbian or even bi. Evie considered herself bi. Katie had a few boyfriend’s hear and there but never had been in a serious relationship in the time she knew her.  

Evie loved to spend time with her. They did hang out quite a bit. Evie suspected that even if Katie was bi or a lex, she would have no interest in a fat girl like her.  She would never consiser acting on it. 

One day they hung out at katie’s house. Evie wore a gray t shirt and brown pants and was barefoot.  Katie wore a white t shirt and black shorts. She was barefoot. 

Evie loved her danty feet. Her toe nails had pink nail polish. She could not help staring at her friends feet. She hoped that either she would not notice or not be bothered by it. 

She did not seem to notice it. If she did, she made no coment. They had engaged in smal talk..they had quite a few comon interest.  There personslities did mesh quite well. 

They sat on the couch. They were chating about insignificant stuff. Sudenly out of the blue, evie reached over and kissed her. Evie felt like she was out of her body watching the whole event from afar. 

Evie was devisated. She could not believe she had done that. She just looked so hot. She started to run off. She did not say anything.  She just got up to leave. 

Katie got up and followed her. “Wait! ” she said. Katie hugged her. “Its ok eves!” she said.  Katie reached over and kissed evie. At first it was a peck. It was followed by a series of pecks. Then it became a full out make out season.

Evie loved the feel of her lips against hers. They kissed back and forth for a few minutes.  Katie invited her to her bedroom. 

They continued to kiss. Evie pulled off Katie’s white t shirt. She pulled it to her head and then yanked it off of her friend.  She unclasped her bra. She licked her friend’s boobs.  She licked them vociferously.  Katie yelped in glee. She begged her to keep going. 

Evie had wanted her to do that as ling as she could remember. She got caried away.  Katie did not mind at all. 

Katie pulled off evie’s shirt and bra.she always admired her friend’s tits. She went wild. 

They puled off eachother’s shorts and panties. Evie licked Katie’s pussey. Kstie moaned and moaned in plesure. Katie then licked her pussey.

They cuddled after. They held eachother close. “Im sory kates. I dont know what got into me!” evie said. “What are you talking aboit? That was amazing. I have wanted to do that for quite a while.” Katie said.

Evie was shocked. ” you have?” Katie asked. Katie had a thibg for fat girls. She was bisexual but kept it qiet. She was attracted to evie. Katie feared that evie might not like her. Sone saw her as a snob. 

Evie explained that she had a thing for her for a while. The two held eachother in there arms. Then they showered together. 

Katie and evie decided to move in together.  They kept there relationship on the down low. That was ok. They both wanted to keep it to themselves. They wanted it private. The neighbors heared them go at it. They knew. They lived hapily ever ever. 

The end.


I saw a video with a fat girl and skiny girl. There was no story line. I like story lines. I created one. 

The maid 


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Donald needed a house keeper. He owned his own business.  He was not home nearly as much as he would like to be. He wanted it mantaned.

He was a bit cheap. He preferred not to hire someone but he decided that he needed to. He could definitely oford to hire someone.  He just did not want to. He decided to bite the bullet and hire someone.  

He got an employment agency to send him some carefully screned applicants.  He got an agentcy he had full confidence in. One he trusted. 

He went though a handfull of applicants.  All of them seemed really good. They were all qualified.  They all had good credentials.  None stood out to her. None of them screamed hire me! He had one more applicant to intervue. If she was not uber impresive he would just pick one of the aplicants at random. He wanted to give this last a once just had he had given the others a chance.  He waited to see how this one did. 

She was there sligly before the agreed on time for the intervue. She wore a pink blouse and gray pants. She wore dress shoes but her feet were otherwise bear. She was short at feet feet four. She looked tough and scrappy for someone so short.  

Her hair was in a pony tail. She was cute. “Hello i am Jeannie.  “She said.he had her sit down. He had her come to his den. The den had a desk with a chair on either side. There were a couple of book cases with various book on them. He had a computer and printer and a sterio syistom i the magshift office. 

He motioned for her to sit. She sat down on the other side of the desk.the intervue went well. She was quite eloquent.  She had a very good resume.  She had a lot of impresive references.  

He explained the pay and benefits. He also explaned his expectations.  He did not like to mince words. He tried to make sure people knew precisely  how he thought. He wanted nothing important to go unsaid or misunderstood.  

She appreciated candor. She valued clear inatructions.his bluntness did not brother her in the least. She wanted to know what was expected of her. 

He was interested in hiring her. The more he heard from her, the more he was convinced that he should hire her. He was prety sure that he was going to offer her the job. He was not totaly convinced.

He decided to ask her one more question. This would be a kind of bonis question.  A suden death due or die question that would ultimately decide how he would proceed. 

“Jeannie i have one more questione. “He told her. “Ok. What is it?”she asked. “Well. Would you be wiling to cleen in the nude? Would you be wiling to let me watch you clean? ” he asked. 

She did not apear to be shocked.he figued if she ran out in a huff that   she was a bad choice. He would eliminate her as candidate.  She did not. Instead of going into a frenzy, she seemed to stop and pondred for a bit. 

“Do i need to arive naked or do you want me to strip when i arive?” she asked.  “Its up to you.  ” he told her. “Yes. I have no objection to cleaning in the nude. ” she td him. 

He decided that he would hire her. “Very well. The job is yours if you want it. ” he told her. “Thank you. Yes i do want the job. ” she told him. “Can you start tomorrow? ” he asked her.  “Yes how is 8:00?” she asked. “8:00 would be fine. ” he said. “Then i will see you then. ” she said. 

She was there a few minutes earlier.she wore a one peace blue dress and flip flops.  Her hair was in a ponytail. She came in. She filed her in her card.

“Good morning.  ” she said. “Good morning.  ” he said. She unbuttoned her dress and pulled it off. She took off her bra and panties. 

She had no problem with being an exhibitionist.  She had never had any compunctions being naked in front of others.  She did not mind being naked in front of a man even don. 

He looked her over in aproval. He enjoyed her little strip tease. She got right to work. He wached her wash the dishes.  He loved seing women doing domestic work with little or no clothing on. He was loving this.

She then swept and moped the kitcheb floor. She was a deatailed cleaner. She was skiled at it. She then cleaned every furniture and vacuumed.  She lived up to her hype. She was a good worker. 

He was a bit of a dominent. He loved the idea of female slaves.  To him this was the cloest to that in contempeary america. She filled out her time card.she said goodnight. He was happy with her work. 

On her next scheduled day she again arived a few minutes early.  She braided her hair this time. She wore a bathrobe.  She took it off. She had been naked under the robe.  

She signed in ans got right to work. She did good work just as she did previusly. He feared being disappointed by his employies. That still had not happened.  

He impressed her every time she came. She was the best cleaner he ever employed. 

“I have loved your work over the past two months.  I would love to write a recommendation for you to post on your bussiness website.” he said.

 She smiled. She wraped her arms around her and hugged him. She was still naked.  “Thank you so much. This meens so much. ” she said.

He looked forward to coming by. He loved when it was her sheduled days to cleen.  He wondered how he felt.  

“What do you really think of cleaning in the nude?” he asked. “I am fine with it. I don’t mind. I really dont. ” she said 

“I just wanted to make sure. I gues it is a bit degrading. ” he said. “I honestly dont feel that way. ” she said. “I have a bit of a submisive fetish.  It is wrong of me to force my kink on you. ” he inforned her.

“I am a bit of an over achever. I am not a feminest. I defy tradional feminene roles but only becuase i want to make a living. I am not a femini Nazi.  I have a bit of a submisive fetish. ” she said.

“I want to tie you up and make you my slave. ” he said. “Then do it. ” she incisted. He held her down. He unzipped his pants.  He pulled his penis outbof his underware. He got on top of her and pur his thing inside her.

She begged him to frig him harder. He was tough. That was how she wanted it. They kept going. After there encounter she went back to work.

This was not the only time that happened.  There were other events like that one. Neither one minded that. 

He loved her work.  He purposed marriage and she said yes. She went from enploye to wife. She then worked for him for free. She continued her cleaning bussiness until there first child was born. She could always return to her cleaning buasiness.

Her work for don was the only job she did in the nude. In the bed room she was his slave. She wot have it any other way. She always said ceo on the streets sex slave in the sheets.  He was a gentleman on the streets,  brute in the sheets. Neither one would have it any other way. 

The end. 

Visiting my sister 


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Jenna and elana were sisters. They could not be any more different. Jena was a wife and mother of a son and two daughters. She has a college digree . she could work or stay at home.  She got good grades at college and high scool. She had always been responsible. 

Elena was the pollar oposite. She was a few years younger.  She had always been carefew. Jenna would argue that she was borderline rackless. She was not a very good student. She was smart but did not really aply herself. She had trouble holding a job. She was prone to making bad decisions. That was not even mentioning her taste in men.

She definently bad decisions there.  She had new boyfriend almost every other mounths.she always believed that they were the “one”.  even though they were often times no good. They were a bad influence on her. They caused her to make bad decisions. 

He last boyfriend was the worst. From the very begining, jenna had a bad feeling about him. She did not like any of her boyfriends. This one was different. He was far worse. She tried to warn her but or course she did not listen. 

One day they were driving. He told her that he had to get some money out of the bank. He told to wait in the car.she should have known that something was off. Perhaps she did and just dismissed it. Like a dutifull girlfriend she waited. She should not have but she did. 

He went in and attempted to rob the bank. He got a lot of mony. He ran into the car. She drove off.  When the cops identified her car as being the getataway t away car. He fled before the cops could arive. 

He fled to another country with the money he stole from the bank. She was arested. The prosecutors ofered her a deal that would have kept her put of prison.  She had to testify against her boyfriend. She refused. Jenna urged her to take the deal. She refused. 

She was found guilty and sentenced to six mounths in prison. Jenna was unhappy with her sister.  Despite her displesure she still loved her. She promised to visit her in prison. She would not abandon her sister not matter what. 

She arived at the first time she was permitted to visit. She went though the screning. She was escorted to the visitors room.  She was nervous but she really wanted to see her sister. She missed her.

Her sister came in. She was shocked. She wore prison issue orange underware. She wore an orange bra and panty set. She was barefoot. 

Jenna noticed that the orther inmates were in there underware. “Do you always just wear underware? ” she asked. “Yes. That is all we are alowed to wear. It is not so bad. We have quite a bit of freedom considering. ” she said. 

Jenna felt so bad for her. She did not deserve this. Jenna wished that she had taken the deal. Jenna also realized that she was wet. She felt that she was horny. Seing her in her underware made her horny. Her siater and her perdicterment made her turned on. She felt really weird. She hated that she responded this way.

She dismissed this as just a bodily reaction it did not meen anyreaction. She stil felt bad about it. She fugured her arousal would go away. 

Unfortunately it did not. Everytime she went to see her,she got aroused. “You ok sis?” Elena asked. “Well your condition seems to be turning me on. Im sorry.” she said. Elena laighed. Its ok.

She visited her every week. They became very close. Did she visit to visit or was it to see her sister in her undies. Elena did not care either way.Elena felt like she got her sister back.  Jenna felt the same way.

Her release date was getting closer. “Lana banana, i want you to move in with me when you get released. “Jenna sugested. “I cant ask that of you.  You have been so amazing.  I could not have gotten though this without you.  You have done way more then you had to. I cant accept. ” Elena responded.  

“Lan please.  It would make me feel better. I never should have abadoned you. Your my sister. No matter what i am for you. Never again will i turn my back on you. Please let me help you. Lets get though together.  It will be fun.  It will be like the old days when we were growing up. ” she said.

“Are you sure?” Elena asked.  “Yes. I do have some rules.  I would like you to stay at home when not at work.  No men for a while ok? ” she said. She agreed.  

The time for her release arived.she put on a purple t shirt,jeens and flip flops.  She huged her sister. They walked our hand in hand.

They went right home.she loved spending time with her neices. They loved there aunt lana or they called aunt banna.  She helped out around the house.  She did chores. She got a job and had a steady income. She started to get on her feet.

She and her sister started to bound. They became very close. She started to make something of herself. She could not be more thriled. 

One day when her husbend was at work ,she went to see her sister. “Hey jenna, can i see you in your underware? ” she asked.”it is only fair!” she said.

She pulled her sweter and denim skirt off. She striped to her underware it became a tradition for them. When hubby left, cloths came off. Most of them that is. They loved it. They looked forward to underware time.


Family that is raped together. .. 


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This is the deen family. Andrew is the owner of his own business.  He is a home owner. His wife. Elizabeth has a colege digree. She helps with the family bussiness. While older she is still attractive  desired.  She was prety and inteligent and highly resourceful. 

They had four kids. The oldest was a 23 year old son naimed tim. Tim was a colege student. He was handsome and well liked. The next oldest was a 21 year twin daughters olivia and olyimpia. They were in college and 19 year son greg. Greig was in colege as well. They were all attractive and inteligent.  They all seemed to have a bright future ahead of them. 

The twin girls were very beautiful.  Every guy on canpus wanted to date them. Eveyone wanted them. 

The deen family were not ritch but they were economically comfortable. His bussiness made a respectible living. 

Tedy , lee and joe were brothers. They had been in and out of prison. They had commited pety theft. Nothing too serious. 

They decided that they wanted to rape a whole family. They did reserch and chose the deens as there targets.  They had done a lot of reconnaissance.  They knew there shedule,there habits, interests abs hobies. They were verry through. 

They knew almost everything there was to know about the family. They decided to strike the family during thanksgiving holiday. The whole family  would be together.  

The brothers aquired an electro magnatic pulse device. They activated it. 

While siting down to dinner, the power went out. The whole house went dark. “How did this happen? There is no wind!”olivia said. “Stay hear !” andrew told his wife and kids.

He went downstairs. He tried to get the power back on but could not. He had no idea what was going on. He was totaly Comfounded. He went back upstairs.  

While he was down stairs, three people wearing black stormed the complex. They all had weapons brandished.  The girls screamed. 

“Do not make any suden moves!  ” the leader of the thugs demanded.  The women were nervous. They tried to comply with the demands.  The wife and daughters wore dreses and were barefoot. They were all tied up.

Andrew saw the man. “Sir! Do what we tell you or you will be in a lot of trouble. ” the lead thug said. 

Andrew was made to sit on a chair and was tied up. First Olivia was untied. “Take us your cloths!” one of the underlings demanded. “No! Please don’t do this. ” the farther incisted. 

“Do it or i will schoot your farther. ” the thug said. He took his gun and aimed it at the family patriarch.  She took off her yellow flowrry dress. She removed her bra. Then she pulled down her panties.  

Andrew found he was a bit aroused.  He had a bit of a boner. He felt to awfull about it. Olimpia was just as horny.  

The thugs held her down.the leader placed his penis into her. She cried and screamed. He thrusted in into her. 

Them one of the other thugs took a turn at her. Then the third. The farther and mothers and siblings looked in honor as olivia was defiled.

Olivia was put in a chair. She was put back into restraints. .she cried. The chair felt cold . it made her uncomfortable.  

Olympia was next.she had to strip naked. She wore a matching yellow dress.  They routinly wore similar or the same cloths. She was forced to pull it off.  Then she took off her bra and panties. 

The first thug seemed to enjoy getting the first bite of the apple. He held her down and put himself into her. He was not gentile. He kept going. His seed went into her. The two brothers went at her next.

They did not even let her get cleaned up. She was put back in the chair.  She was put into restrants. 

Next was the mom. She wore a moroon sweter and blue denim skirt.she took off the sweter. She pulled off her skirt. Then she unclasped her bra. She then took off her panties.  

The farther was horified. His two little girls had been raped. Now his wife would be violated.  The thug pushed her to the ground. He forced himself inside.she cried and screamed. He did not listen. The others had time with her. 

Then the oldest son was untied. The two younger thugs ripped off his shirt and pants. They then riped his underware. The lead thug took his penis in his mouth. He sucked on it.

He then made him suck his. Tim was not gay.  He had never had so much as a gay fantasy or a thought.  This was revolting. The other guys did the same to him. 

Greg was the next. They pulled off his cloths. The thug took his dick into his mouth. He made him suck his. Then the brothers did the same.

Andrew knew he would be last. He wilingly took off his cloths.  Why prolonge the inevitable. The thug and his brother forced him to lick them. They licked him. 

They took out a knife. Andrew was restrained.  Andrew begged him not to do this. He cut the man’s privy member. He yelped in pain. 

Then they cut tim’s penis.  Then grieg. The thugs fled the complex. They called the police. They arived and the three were rushed to the hospital. The women were taken to the hospital as well. 

The three men were stabilized. They were unable to reattach there penises.  

They were discharged. None of them wanted to go home. They went to relatives house. They decided to sell the house.

All three women were pregnant.  They decided to keep the kids. Elizabeth had a baby boy. Olympia and Olivia had daughters. 

The men had to learn to go on withour there penises.  Doctors cteated a way for them to pee. They were not men or women anatomically.  

They all slept in the same bed. They decided to leave school for a while. The bussines continued. It made a prophet. They tried to make the best of things. 

The end. 

Hello feed me 


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So i was doing reserch on nutrition. I had read a lot of informitive sites. I got a lot of good insights and information.  During the course of my reserch, i came upon something i had never come upon. Something i knew nothing aboit. 

I saw a site on federism. It was something i had never heard off before. What the heck is federism? It got me curius so i checked it out. That may have not been a good idea.  

Federism is when a person engages in eating fot sexual gratification. There is a kind of domination fetish where a feeder dominates a feddee. Some girls are aroused by getting fat. There are men who gets aroused by making a girl get fat a s seing a girl get fat.

At the time i was a thin. I feared gaining weight. I could not beleve any girl who try to gain weight on purpose.  I could bot believe any guy would get off on a girl stufing her face and getting fat. 

I did not beleve that such a fetish excisted. I searched the web and learned that it did indeed exist.  There were men that loved this kind of stuff. I assumed that it was a very smal smal minority. I believed that it was a fringe of a fringe that had this fetish. 

At first i was a bit revolted by the very notion of it. It seemed preposterous.  One night i was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I started to imagine myself eating and eating.  I inagined myself fat and getting fatter. My panties were getting wet.

I was horified. The thought of getting fat was making me horney. Oh no! How can that be? I hate this stuff. I have fought toon and nail to mantain my weight or lose pounds.  Now i was getting excited by the thought of ganing weight.   I Could not beleve this! This was not like me at all. 

I started fingering myself. I imagibed myself twenty ponds fatter. I imagined eating tons of food.  I was so turned on..i fell asleep fantasizing about ganing tons of weight. 

I kept it structly a fantasyat first. I was still horified by it. I apparently of two minds.  Two very conflicting minds.  Two independent gestalt.  Gestalts that made up me. They were Lori anne it seemed.

I separated the two parts of me. I continued my exercise regimine. Nothing had changed in real life. For months i kept up my same old routine.

After a while i found i was getting sick of my rigid regime.  One day i threw up my hands and decided to surrender.  I was done.  No more of this weight loss. No more walking. I had it. I decided to take a break from it all.

At first i had given up on my program.i stil eat healthy.  I was stil active. I did exercising.  I stil went for walks. It was no longer a law. If i felt like it, i did it. If i did not feel like it, i did not do it. Most days i did. I did what i wanted to do. If i wanted to ve done i stoped.

Not much had changed really.  After a time i did slip into lazyness. I started relaxing too much. I was less and leas actuve. I started desending into sliftullness. 

I still eat right. One day i eat 12 pancakes all at once. I loved it. I eat till i was stuffed. I had to take off my jean shorts. 

I started eating more and more. I started to gain weight. I got a little bit of a belly. At first friends and famuly were happy. They thought i was too thin. They feared i was borderline anorexic.  They liked that i looked healthy. Over time i went overbored the over way. 

They became concerned that i was leting myself go. They woried that i had given up on life.  They feared that i might becoming suicidal. That was not the case. I hardly wanted to tell them that i was developing a fetish for over eating. They might commit me or something.  I tried to assure them that none of that was the case. I am not sure if i was successful though. I did try. 

One day i was at a dinner. I saw a guy checking me out. He was not unatractive but he was no brad pitt. He was not unpleasing in appearance. He kept looking at my belly. I wondered if he had some kind of fat fetish.

I went over to him. “Do you like watching me eat?” i asked.  He got really nervous. I think he thought that he was creaping me up. He was probably afraid that i was going to call the police or something.  That was not the case.

He was realy nervous. His whole body shoock. “Um kind of. I’m sorry. I dont want any trouble. ” he said in a very nervous tone. 

“Oh no i did not meen it like that. Some guys are into that. Watching fat girls eat. There are some girls who like to eat in front of men. “She said.

He studered and said,”they’re. They’re are? ” he asked.  I had a feeling he thought i was playing with him. He suspected i was setting him up. I was playing with him. That was some kind of a plot to humiliate him. I could understand that. The whole thing was a bit awkward.  It was only narural for him to be a little skidish. I did not blame him. 

“Yes they’re are. I am one of them. “I assured him.  I convinced him to join me He calmed down and but still was verry nervous. he watched me devorer plate after plate. He got realy turned on. His booner was huge.

I wore lose fitting clothes.  I had a brown t shirt that bearly covered my belly. Then i wore bycicle shorts and flip flops. I should dress more appropriate to my weight. At this point i did not care.  

I was stuffed.  He paid for my food. I protested but he incisted. We went for a walk after. I learned he had a huge fat fetish.  That was fine with me.

I gave him my number. A few days later, he called me and invited me for lunch at his place. He was a really good cook.  I eat and eat. 

While i was eating a huge hambuger he pulled off my shorts.  Then he took ofg my pantry.  He put his thing into me.  

If i wanted to have wex with him all i had to do was eat a big meal on front of him. We cobtinued ti see eachother. 

My family did not aprove of Neil.  They saw him as an enabler. They urged me to dump him. I told them i would consider what they said. That in reality was a total brush off. 

Eventually he perposed and i said yes.  Manny of my family urged me not to go though it. Manny boycoted the wedding. I had to have a special dress made. I looked like a house at this point. 

We got maried, eat at the reception went home eat some more then had sex. I soon got pregnient and gave birth to twin boy and girl. 

I gained pregnancy weight. The doctor keotea close eye on me. The pregnancy went fine. Though some in our family and iner circle of friends did not aprove of our relationship we liked it. We were happy.  

The end. 


The title came from a caption on a feede tumblr post. I liked it and decided to build a fiction post around it. 

Gay rape


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I’m Jason.  I have quite a story to tell. I lived near my work place. I commonly walked to work. I could not justify driving to work where it was so close.  My neighborhood was fairly quiet.  There were no real hooligans in the area. 

I had done this for a couple of years now. I did not realy think too much about it. I was not too concerned about it. 

One day i was walking home from work. I had left the office later then i usualy did. It was a bit dark. It did not concern me.

I was tired. I was looking froward to being home. I looked froward to be able to relax.  It had not been a bad day but certainly a long day. 

I was walking when a car seemed to have come out of no where. This was a low trafficked area but it did get some cars that traversed it. I did not put too much stock in it.

The car then drove near my location. I kept walking. The car stoped. Sudenly i felt a large pulse zaping me. As i fell to the ground,  i realize i had just been tazed. 

While i was unconscious, they picked my lumped body up and shoved me into the car. I was bound with duct tape and thrown into the trunk of the vehicle. 

I was taken to a house on the outakirts of town. The property had a garage that led to an underground basement, a dungion really.  The basement was totaly secure. 

The duct tape was renoved. I woke up stil fully clothed. There were a group of men, well at least i assumed they were men, hovering over me. I pleaded with them to let me go. I knew my pleas would be fruitless. Of course i was right. I stil tried any ways even knowing my eforts were fruitless. 

The leader of the group took out a knife.  “Oh crap! ” i thought. I realy thought they werw goung to stab me to death. If your going to off me,make it quick at least. Do a head schot or something.  Make it painless and quick. That was not what these people were about. I suspected that they might be sado masochist.  I hoped that was not the case but i was woried it was. 

Instead of stabing me, the man i preceved to be the leader of the group cut my swet shirt. I realy liked this swet shirt that i used as a jacket. After they got done, it was useless for anything but a rag.

They then cut up my t shirt. They pulled it off. They then cut up my pants. Then my underware. 

I was naked. I had a kind of fear of being naked in front of peoples.  Realy anyone who was not a romantic interest.  Even then i waa a bit skidish. I got those nightmeres where you show up for work or school naked. I have woken up in a cold swet then realized it was all a dream. 

The leader took his hands and started massaging my pennis. It felt weird.  I felt violated.  I was not gay at all. I had no homosexual tendentcy whatsoever.  My body did seem to be responding to his touch. 

My penis started getting erect. It went from tiny to very big. He started sucking it. I felt realy weird. I begged him to stop. He was not compling. He went at me for a while. 

The leader pulled down his pants and underware. He sat on me. My thing went into him. I found i kind of liked it. I was so humiliated.  How could i respond to it this way. This was a violation.  I was being raped. I was not enjoying it but my body seemed to feel differently. I did not get it but that was how it was.  

After he was done, he handed me off to one of his underling.  He put my thing in his but. Then he handed me off to another thugs. All six men got a turn with me.

I had no idea if this was some kind of rape gang. A gay mafia perhaps.  It was odd. After they were done. I was tazed again. 

I woke up in the hospital.  I was told that i was found near the back of the hospital.  I was naked.  They had washed me off. The rape kit proved unhelpful.  

I was released from the hospital. I decided to nove away from this town. I went to another sate on the other coast. I drove to work from them on.

I started to fantasize about the rape. I got horny thinking aboit it. I met a git at work who was gay. I befriended him. We eventualy became a couple. He is the dominent one in the relationship and that is how i like it. I am a supervisor at work.  In the bedroom,  i am definently a sub. A kind of admiral in the streets,slave in the sheets. I would not have it any other way. 

The end. 

Shari anne


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Dave was a shy unassuming man. He worked at a home improvement store part time.  He took clases at a community college.  He also did some volunter work in the community.  He liked to do behind the scenes stuff. If he was opinionated no one would know it. 

He kept to himself. At hisjob he stuck to business.  At school he kept to his studies. He focused in on the task at hand. He was all work and no play. At least that was how it apeared to others.

He was insicure in many ways. That in many ways held him back. It kept him in the side lines. It kept him in the shadows. Msyby he perfered it that way. Mayby fear kept him from anything else. 

He volunteered to help set set up for a community event. He was the muscle.he did not do the thinking at least not out loud.he did make it happen.  He implemented the ideas of others. If he had his own ideas he did not share them. 

While planing for the community fun week, he met a young women.  He was enamored with her practically from the get go. He did not tell her right away. He figured there was no way he had a chance with her. 

He did all he could to help her. Her name was shari anne. She was tall at 5.9. He was five seven. She usualy wore t shirts ,shorts and sandles. She usualy painted her nails.

He liked her. He had no idea how she felt about him. The family fun week was a huge sucsess. It turned out to be realy good for the town and the greater community at large. 

“Look dave! Thank you for all your help and hard work. Your work has not gone unoiticed or unappreciated. ” she told him.

“Thank you. ” he told her. He liked her all the more after that. He was not ready to tell her that. 

He tried to get closer to her. It was working.  She were hanging out together more and more. While it involved clases or community activism , it was increased. Mayby it was nothing.  Dave got hopefull. Dave  clung to it even if it turned out to be all in his head. He knew it might turn out that way. 

They became closer. He seemed to be heading somewhere. Mayby just a friendship but that was ok he suposed. He was glad just to breath the same oxygen as her. 

They had planed to meet upfor cofee to discus an event she wanted to plan. She came up with an idea that would and promote farming and yoga. While dave was not quite as hepped up on this idea as he was, he was wiling to help her make it happen.

While on the way he was stopped by a man around the same age as he was.”look pal. Word of advice.  Tread lightly around shari Anne.  She is not who you think she is. ” he said.then he walked away.

He was qiet the whole time at the cofee shop. “You ok? You seem distent? Aloof!?” she asked.  ” i want to play a game. Reveal a secret time. I will reveal a secret about me then you reveal one about you. ” he suggested. 

“Ok!” she said. “I will go first. ” he said.  ” ok! ” she said. “I vote republican most of thr time.  ” he said.  She laughed. ” i gues it my turn. I have been to jail. ” she said.

“Oh!” he said. “For assault.  More then once. I have been known to beat up men. ” she said. “I had no idea. ” he said. “I have a violent streak!” she said.

“Did you wear an orange jump suit?” he asked.  “Yes. I did. I was shakled from head to foot.  Hand cugs waist and feet.  ” she said.

His things started to get big. “How many tines have you been to jail? ” he asked.  “Three different times!” she answered. She could tell the whole conversation was making him aroused.

“Do you have a thing for women in prison?” she asked.  He nervously said yes. She laughed.  ” so do i! I loved every minute of being in prison! ” she admited.

“Did you make out with other inmates?’ he asked. “Oh yea. My roomate was a real hotie. We did more then that. ” she admited. 

He was very horny. They decided to table the discussion for the event. They went to the car. They went to his apartment.  

He kissed her. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it off.  She took off his shirt. He went for her shorts. She unzipped his pants and then took them off. 

He unclasped her bra and pulled it off.she took off his underware. He pulled off her panty. He pinned her down.  He held her down. He put his thing into her.

She never thought that he would be this forcefull. She loved it. She begged him to frig her harder. He did so. 

They cuddled on the kitchen floor. “I knew you were far more dominant then you let on.” she said.”i suspected you had a submisive side. “He said.”i am far moew submisive then i let on. “She told him. 

“Why do you asult man?” heasked.”i an dynamic.  I give a man a chance to conquer me. If he fails i rise up. I am a bad girl. I am like a break away republic.  If you want me to be part of your fledgling hegemony,  you will put down my rebel army. ” she said.

He got up on top of her and pinned her down.  “Well chechnya. Consider me valdimir puttin. I plan on putting  down this rebellion. ” he said.

“Come on gaurd. It is time to frig ypur prisoner. ” she said. He quickly complied. 

She stayed the night. She went home and got ready to go to clases. He hoped that this might be the beginning of something between them.

While at work at “the tool shed”, he waa called to the store managers office. He had no idea what this was about. He went inside. Two man in suits identified themselves as police officers.  He was arrested for sexual assult.

She clamed he seduced her. He lured her to his place under false intents. Then he rapped her.he was taken to jail. 

He was striped out of his cloths. He was put into an orange jump suit. He was given bail. 

His lawer argured that even with her criminal record,  it was her word against his. The jury would stil be inclined to beleve her.

He plead guilty and have 20 years to life in prison.  He liked jail. He got a nice roomate. They did engage in gay sex. He was gentile.  

Suddenly she got his intention. “Earth to david. ” shari anne said.” oh sory. Look um i better go. ” he said.

He ended up leaving town. He droped out of colege. He joined a commune of men who took a vowbof celibacy near tibet. He was never seen again.  

The end.  

Male friend with banefits


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I’m Ken.  I was having some bad days. I was prety down. My friend ron came to check on me. “You have been down lately.  You ok?” he asked.

“Yea! I’m fine. ” i said. He did not believe me. “You sure?” ron asked. “Yes rony. I am perfectly fine. ” he tried to assure him. 

He did not beleve him. “How about i stay over tonight? ” he asked. “Ok! I gues that would be ok. ” he said. 

We talked for a bit. I was just under a lot of stress. Talking to him helped. He said he could sleep on the couch. I would not hear of it. There was no way i was going to do that to him. 

“No you take the bed room. I can sleep on the couch. I dont mind. I really dont. ” i told him. He was reluctant to accept.  I pushed the issue. He was doing me a huge favor.  It was only right that he get my bed for the night. 

“Realy rony i do incist!” i told him. Why dont we sleep in the same bed. We are friends.  It is not that weird. ” he said.” ok!” i said.

He went in the bathroom to change. I gave him shorts i had. We wore just about the same size pants. He changed out of his shirt and pants. 

I took off my shirtd and pants. I put on shorts. He came out. I hugged him. I am not sure why i did that. That was so not like me.

To my surprise,  he did not recoil.  In fact he drew closer to me. We held on to each other. Then we dispetsed. It was a long and pro longed display of affection.  

It felt realy good. I felt good. I wanted to hug him again. I figured that that would probably not be a good idea. I did not attempt that again. I figured that would not be a good idea. 

We got into bed. We slept far away from away from eachother. We both asleep. I woke up. I had a boner. I tried to hide it. 

He woke up. “Do you want to take a shower?” he asked. ” yes i would.  Want to join me?” he asked. “Really? ” i asked.  “Yea!” he answered.

I said yes. We went to the bathroom. I pulled my shorts down to my feet. So did ron. We then pulled off our underware. 

We got in the shower. We started to wash ourselves. He staeted washing me. I washed him. I hugged him. He kissed me. After we dried eachother off. 

We went into the bed room. He threw me on to the bed. He jumped on top of me. I kissed him. We French kissed eachother. My penis got very big. He kissed my thing. He went up and down my thing. I moaned. I wanted him to keep going.he did so. 

After a while,i switched posistion. I pushed him on to the bed. I started to kiss his penis. I licked it. I had never have gay sex before. I liked the feel of his dick. I really did. I could not get enough of it. 

After he had me get on the bed. He put his thing into the but. It was very uncomfortable.  It also felt really good. Then it was my turn. 

Then we cuddled. “Does this meen we are gay?” i asked. “I know i am just as shocked.  Yes i am prety sure that it does. ” he said.

“Do you want to move in with me?” i asked.” i would love to hunnie. ” he said. We held eachother. He felt so good in my arms. 

We stayed in bed for the day.  We stayed naked most of the day. We held hands. We were so happy. We stayed together.  We would never be apart. 

The end. 



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Janna was the oldest daughter and seccond oldest child. She had a bright future. She graduated fifth in her class at high school. She had a g.p.a of 4.0 at her college.  She seemed to be on the up swing in life. 

That all changed. She was injured while playing basketball. She was in incredible pain. She was put on pain killers. As what happens to Manny, she became addicted to pain killers. Then she started to get into more potent drugs. 

She started buying more and more potent narcotics. One day she was in the middle of a buy. The police had been tailing the buyer. The police stormed the abandoned warehouse.  Everyone there was immediately taken into custody.  This included janna. 

She was wearing a teal t shirt, jeend and sandles when she was arested. A cop slapped cufs on her. She was led to a police car. 

She had never been to jail before. Her family wanted nothing to do with her. She could not aford bail so she was stuck in thr slammer. She was made to wear an orange jump suits. 

She was brought in to meet with a prosecutor.  She was offered six mouths in a department of correction’s rehab program.  While technically a prison, it was a drug treatment program. In the scheme of things,  it was a drop in the bucket. 

She did not want to accept it but her lawer urged that she do it. She finaly did. She was nervous but she felt that this was the best that could happen given the circumstances.  

It took a few days for everything to go though. A week after sentencing, she was moved from county jail to the treatment center. She wore the orange jumpsuit and was fully shackled during the trip there.  

She arived at the facility. The handcufs, waist and feet shackles were removed. She was alowed to change out of the jumpsuit. She put on a green t shirt and black shorts.

The first part of the program waa was detox. Sense she had been incarcerated,  most of the  drugs were out of her system.  They required all in the program to go though detox. They found the detix process helpfull for all.

She hopped that sense she had not been on the drugs for a little while,detox would be easy. That was simply not the case. It waa very hard.

She went though swets. She had hallucinations.  They were weird ones. She took off her cloths. That still was not sucesfull.she pucked on eveything. It was horible and about as not fun as it could be. 

Finaly it passed. After some time to recover.  She was then moved to a ward for treatment.  She was housed with a young women.  She was a prostitute and a junky. 

She was prety. She was not a lesbien.she felt drawn to her. Janna hugged her. She huged her back. They held each other. 

The program was vigorous.  There was group seasons,  there were private consultations as well. They were kept busy. That was by design.

She and her roomate kiki had become very close. They enjoyed eachothers company.  They slept in the same bed.  

One day they waited a while. Kiki liked jana’s pussey. Jana had to keep qiet. It was hard. If they were caught ,they might be expelled and be sent back to real prison. 

After she licked kiki’s pussey.  They did this on numerous occasions.  They did not get caught. During the final phase she was sent to another wing. 

She was able to conplete the program. She was released .she was on probation. She had strict rules. She had to be in her home by ten..she waa to avoid alchole or any ilegal drugs or drugs not prescribed by a doctor.  If she had perscription drugs,those had to be looked at by someone within the department of corrections.  Mess up and she would be in hot watter.

She moved in wih her sister. Her sister and her has made up. Her sister had kids. She had strict rules herself.  If she messed up out she went. Mostlikly that would meen back yo jail.  

She was determined to not mess up. She stayed cleen. She was eventuality released from probation. She got her own apartment. She reconected with kiki. She moved in. They become lesbien lovers.both were clean and priductive members of society. 

Her sister was jelous of kiki. She made sure that kiki was not a bad influence. Jane was convinced that she was fine. 

Janna kissed her sister. She was shocked. She backed away. Janna kissed her again.  They peeled away each other’s cloths. They went at it.

She and kiki mooved in with Jane.  They shared the same bed. Janna got pregnent by invitro and had a baby girl. Kiki got pregnent later and had a boy. Jane had two kids and had another. They became happy.  

The end.