The box 


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With the rise of crime,voters blamed it on the government.  The center left party that controled the government had reduced spending on fighting crime. They had decriminalized several crimes. They cut police forces all over the country.  

At the same time they had been several key members of the government had been forced to resign due to corruption.  Manny were in jail or facing jail time.

Thus led to voter outrage. The party was kicked out in droves. From the president to parliment on down to local dig catcher the labor party was decimated.  

Voters put in a relatively unknown far right party.  The party had bean virtually unknown. The crises and scandal were enough to propel the party to controling the presidency and parliment.  

The extreme right wing government acted reasonably at first. They did small incremental changes. They made common sense changes. 

They were very popular.  As the party got more popular, they ganed largee mojority of seats in the lower house. They started to consolidate power. They also started to limit the power of opposition parties. They even moved the country closer to a one party sate. 

The part had been in power most of Miranda’s life. She was a 2o year old colege student. She was smart and athletic.she was an honor student and exceled in sports. She was outspoken. She was not a member of the ruling pary. The party tried to recruit her but she was not interested.she was fairly apolitical. 

She made a comment in passing. It could be interpreted as a dig at the government.  Aperently a fellow student and concerned citizen reported her to the ministery of public safty. M.o.p.s decided to apprehend her. 

Miranda had light brown hair. She Usualy put it in a poney tail.she wore a gray blouse and pink skirt and flip floops. She had left her first class and was walking to the second class held in a different classroom.

As she walked,several indudual walked to her. The males wore suits and ties. The female wore pantsuits similar to what gilion anderson wore in her potrail of agent scully in the x files. She guesed that they were federal agent. She had no idea that they were after her. She figured that they were after someobe else.

“Miranda holton ?”the lead agent a man in his late 40s with slightly balding hair asked. ” yes!”she answered. She was confused and slightly woried. You never wanted to have anyone from the federal government talk to you. 

“Miss houlton you are under arest for sedition and rebelion. You are in violwtion of the peace and teanquil society for the good of everyone act.”the lead agent said.

She was in schock.not only was she put in handcufs but in waist abd ance cuffs. She was hardly a dangerous criminal.  This was all fo show.  They wanted to send a message to everyone.  Do not interfear with the agenda of the ruling party.  

She was put in a ministry car.she was taken to a dentention center. She was striped out of her cloths.she was put in a prison issue two peacr bikini that had the words department if corection.

“Oh crap!”she thought.being dresed in a two peace prison bikini ment one thing, the box.  Female inmates being sent to the torture device commonly referred to as the box were rotinly atired in a bikini. 

It was part of the humilation. Being placed in it in glorified underware. It was also practical.  It got very hardly wanted to ware much inside. 

She found it hard to walk as she got closer.  It looked like a taning booth.the box was opened. She was helped inside. She laid down. The door was closed.

There was little light but there was some.  The box had perfectly breathable air. The box was designed as a instrument of torture and punishment not capital punishment.  She took a deep breath and waited.she tried to be brave. She hoped it would be quick and would all be over soon. 

A low level radiation was was very uncomfortable. At first it was tolerable.  It went from bad to worse. She screamed abd screamed.she started to cry. She begged for it to stoo.

She tried to bargan with them.she promised to be a good citizen.they were not done yet.  

It went from being excruciating to tolerable.  It kept going that way.she never knew what was coning next. 

The box did a number on her bladder as well.she pied herself a couple of times. 

She had no idea how long she had been in there. The device was powered down. They brought her out.she had trouble standing. She was put on a strecher. She was given a blanket. 

She was rushed to the prison infirmary.  A female nurse changed hwr soiled cloths bathed her and put her in fresh underware and a hospital gowan.

She was released from prison. She had to undergo goid ctizenship clasd.she promised to be a good citizen.  She had learned her lessin.after this she did not run afoul of the government again.  

The end.  

Strip search 


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Im maggie. I am a senior vice president at everitcorps. Everitcorps is one of the bigest companies in the world. I started off as a mid level manager.  I rose to one of the top posistion within the compony. I am in my early thirties and am a single mom. 

Everitcorps has come under a lot of scrutiny for what many see as extreme polices.  Some groups have boy caught the compony. When i joned the compony i was a bit suprised by some of there policies. 

I had worked for different conpanies before joining e corps. I enjoyed my previous job at another compony.  Several cooperation expressed interest in hiring me. I was not looking for another job. My former boss told me that he did not to lose me but there was not really a place for advancement. They could not compete on pay with thr compinies that were seaking her. Several conpanies asked to intervue me.

 I decided to accept those intervues. I was reluctent at first but decided to accept the intervues. Everitcorps was one of the coperations that sent out entrties. I was to meet with the ceo and orther key officers. I was nervous and excited at the same time. 

I wore a black sports coat. I wore a white blose underneath.  I had a black skirt . i wore panty hose and a black shoes. I made sure i was tbete lightly ahead of schedule. I tried to always being prompt. 

 I was escorted to a bored room. The ceo was there with orther cooperate vice presidents. Besides the ceo was two males and two females. After everyone went inside,the door was closed.  I figured that they wanted privacy.  That was fine.

I was invited to sit. I joined the orthers. “We know the compony is seen as strict. We have found that in order to give great privileges, we ask much of our staff.some of our procedures may apear to be unconventional to say the least. “The ceo told me.

I really had no idea where he was going with this. I was wiling to hear him out. 

“As part of our policy,we require all perspective  perspective employees and current ones up to and including the ceo and bored members to submit to strip searches. We conduct sheduled snd surprise strip searches. “The vice president im charge of secuity and safty said. 

I was shocked to say the least. I could not believe i could not believe that any compony would subject there employees to this. They came to me. This was unsolicited on my part. I could walk away.  I was potentially going to make a lot of mony.i decided to go with it.

“If you will please remove your clothing “a female vp asked.i could have withdrawn my request to join the compony. I decided not to withdraw.i agreed.

I got up. I kicked off my shoes. I removed the black suit coat. I pulled it off and placed it on the confrence table. I thwn unbuttoned my blouse.i slowly pulled it off. I put it on the table along side the coat. 

I then pulled down my skirt to my feet. I pulled the skirt under my feet then off. I felt really weird being half naked in front of a mixed group of male and female executives of a very influential compony.  

I seemed to be turning on both the male and female compony officers.when i got up this morning i never expected to titilate cooperate officers.  I then retracted the panty horse. I pullef it down to my feet and then off. I could not believe that i was in my underware in front of orthers. Everyone in the room seamed to be horny around me. 

I asked one of the females in the room to unclasp my bra. She pulled it off of me. I felt weird having my tities in the open.  I was tempted to cover them but i did not see the point. I did not. I pulled my panties down then off. 

The room was very cold. I felt uncomfortable and really humiliated.  Another female put on latax gloves. She went inside my rectal area. She checked for contraband.  Of course she did not find any. I have no idea what they were looking for but they did not find it. 

I was hoping to be able to put my cloths back on. They wanted me to remain naked during the intervue. I was not a big fan of it but i really did not have a say it it. At least if i wanted the job. I did.i probably should have wanted to run away.for whatever reason i did not. 

The intervue went very well. At the end they asked me to join the compony. I decided to accept. I shock everyone’s hand while stil in the nude. They told me that i could get dressed.  I put my underware on.then i put the skirt and blouse back on. I did not put the sports coat or panty hose back on. I was glad to get our of there.  I knew this will not be the laet time.

I went home. I was subjected to strip search at least three times a day. At first i hated it. Overtime i got used to it. I came to expect it. Over time i looked forward to it. Now that i am a vice president i am actually subjected to extra scrutiny.   Not only am i subjected to strip searches,i also get to ovetsee them. I love overseeing strio searches of female employees. I gues i have become a bit of a voyeur.  Oh well.i gues that makes me perfect for the job.

The end

This is a woek of does not condone or encourage activitied mentioned hear.

My inspiration for this comes form another website. I tried not to plagiarize but i did get the idea from a couple sites. 



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Prisoner 1779886 

Subject grace anne marie townsend fuller.

 Mrs fuller was convicted of violating the better family makes a better society act. The acts mandates that a family cannot have more then two children.  Miss fuller and her husband saught to get pregnant and was successful.  


The fundamental party was able to be elected to lead the parliament.  They were reelected and given a seccond mandate.  They increased there power and limited the power of opposition parties.  They changed the name of there party to the loyalist party. They limited the power of opposition. 

They saught to have a controled society.  They wanted a centraly planed society.  They wanted to transform the nation from a constitutional representative government into what they saw as a benevolent oligarchy.  They would see it as a technocratic aristocracy.  

The dream of the curent president was to have every families have two parent with two children. They preferred every family have a son and daughters.  Right now that could not be controled. A branch of the science ministry was looking into a unigenics divison of genetic engineering.  For right now that was not an issue.

It was ilegal to have more then two kids. It was punishable by prison time and or fine. The government offered free contraception.  Hospitals were ligally required to report un lawful pregnancy.  If they did not they could lose there accreditation and be shut down.sometimes indefinitely.  The hospital did not want that.

Gracie was a young women. She had graduated from law school.  She had taken time off to raise her children. Being a lawer was problematic any ways sense the loyaliat took over. She loved practicing law but with the rise of the loyals she no longer enjoyed it. 

She and her husband were really religious and traditional.  Gracie waa not particularly political. She believed in submitting to government authority. Then the government cracked down on anything they did not like. 

Gracie had a son and then a daughter.they had not planned to get pregnant.  When she was late for her period she freaked out but remaned calm.

She did not tell her husband ray at firs.she did not want to worry him for nothing.  Her period continued to be delayed. She did not dare to go to her doctor.  All purchases were monitored by the ministry of commerce.  Cash was ilegal.  Bills were paid by finance ministry crcredets. She had to find out if she was pregnant although she was prety sure she was. She just senced it. She wanted some independent confirmation.  

She went to see a friend of hers from her church. She was a midwife.she knocked on the back door. Her friend jeanie opened the back door.  She welcomed her inside. She went inside.  They went downstairs.  

She explained the situation to her friend.  She had a stolkpile of pregnancy test. She was a registered midwife so her buying pregnancy test could be explained and justified.  She took one out. They waited for the result. Of course there was two pink lines. She was indeed pregnant!  

She hugged her. They were scared. Under the law they had few options. They could have the chikd aborted. That was not an option.  She was vehemently pro life. She found abortion to be repugnant.  She loved children.  She had a strong motherly instinct.  She was very close to her two year daughter and four year son.  

Were it not for this infernal law,she would be happy.  Ecstatic really? She loved kids. This law made that impossible. 

The other option was to put the child up for adoption.the government alowed thoae who could not have children were permitted to adopt after they were vetted.  It was a langthy process. She would be required to give up all ties to her child. That she could not do. That she would not do. 

Jeanie was suposed to report this.she was not going to do this. The baby seamed to be healthy.  

Her husband was scared but happy. She stayed home most of the time.she had not started to show yet.  She knew that she would eventually.

A concerned neughbor wondered why she was not leaving the house.she suggested to others that perhaps she was dead. She implied that maybe her husband was involved. 

A friend of a friend of a friend made anonymous call to the ministet of justice.  A police officer went inside. “Sir. I am officer Jacobs.  I have reason to believe that bodily harm may have come to your wife. I need to see her at once!”the officer incisted.

He knew that if he did as instructed ,her secret would be exposed. If he did not produce her as the officer instructed he could be arested for murder. The only way to clear his name would be to produce her.  He would be stuck. 

“Hunie!”he said. She wore a pink shirt and a denim skirt and bare foot came in. The officer incisted that she be examined at a hospital. 

At the hospital, a female. Nurse came in. The nurse waa young.her brown hair was in a poney tail.she was prety.”strip to your underware!” she incisted.  “Cant i have privacy? “She asked. “No!strip now!” she said. Gracie pulled off her pink shirt.  She then took off her skirt.she felt weird being in her underware in front of stranger.  She suspected thatvthe nurse might be bi sexual. She seemed turned  on by gracie. She had her get in a hospital gowan . she do. It was determined that she was healthy but pregnant. 

“I have to report this to the authorities. ” nurse hanah said.”i understand.  “Gracie was arested. She was taken to lock up. She spent what felt like a million yearnin the nude in intake with other nude women. 

She was sent to the pregnancy to ward. She was put in a prison issue nigh gowan.  She was put into restraints. While the government alowed abortion they did not force abortion. Shw she would be alowed to cary the baby to term. The baby would be adopted.  She would never be alowed to see the child. 

Her husband was also arested.  Jeanie the midwife was not discovered.


Gracie is being hailed in lockup at pregnancy ward pending trial.  

Prego ward


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Prisoner 1171464

Name Becky Simon

Rebecca Simon was wearing a gray suit coat with matching skirt and white blouse. She was arrested for disloyalty. She voted for an opposition candidate for parliment and not the candidate endorsed by the president. Ballots are secret. She told a friend who told a friend who told a friend who reported her to the loyalist party. 

Upon wrestling,she was placed in a security field controlled by the rival authority. She was taken to a process center. “Please remove your cloths!” The female gaurs demended. She unbottoned the sports coat. She gave it to the gaurd. She pulled down her skirt and gave it to the gaurd. She removed the blouse. She removed the half slip. Then she took of her panty hose.

She then removed her bra. She pulled off her panties. She was placed in a force field itg other naked women. She knew would probably spend a year in a forced labor camp. She pulls probably not survive.

They were taken to a shower room. She went next to a young lady who was in her twenties. Becky out soap on her. They washed each other until they were told to leave the shower room. 

They were all still naked. The device generated a force field attached to there was activated. They were taken. To the infirmary to receive a medical exam. 

The infirmary was a bit chilly.the new arrivals were naked.they shivered. They wanted the inmates to feel uncomfortable. Humiliation was part of the punishment regimen.they had a kind going. Becky felt like she had been waiting for a hundred years of at least twenty. Finally it was her turn.she walked to the examination table. The doctor was in her late twenties. She had long flowering black hair. She was five ten.she appeared to be friendly. As she did the exam she did say please and thank you every step of the way.she seemed to genuine about it. 

She took her breasts and examined them. They checked her blood pressure . They also took other readings.”Humm!”she said.”what’s hum?”she asked.”Becky was a little concerned. She had met this lady prior to this encounter. She had nothing to go on. She suspected that something was up. She just did not know what.

“Oh don’t worry! You are perfectly healthy!”the sexy female doctor informed her. “That’s good but what is going on?”she asked. ” The doctor chuckled. “Your pregnant!”she informed her. ” She was not even sure she had heard her correctly. “What did you say?”she asked. “Your pregnant!”the doctor told her.

It took a few seconds for the news to settle in. It was hard to believe. Had she not been in prison and facing a prison term this would be welcome news. She and her husband Donald had wanted to have a baby. Why did this have to be now she thought.”is everything OK doctor?”Becky asked! ” Yes it seams your having twins!”the doctor said. She and Donald have talked about how it would be fun to have twins. Again this would have been great has she not be under arrest. She was a political prisoner. She was at the whim of the ruling party. That was a horrible place to be for an expectent mom. 

After the exam she was escorted to the transfer area. She was allowed to sit. She was still in the nude. She was hoping that they would at least give her a bathrobe but no of course not. She had no idea what would happen to her. Would she still be sent to the mines? Would the government and the party that back it send a pregnant women to perform forced labor? She had no idea. She was worked. Before this she disliked the ruling party. It was for policy and philosophical reasons. Now it was personal. The party scared the living daylights out of her.  Now she had evidence validating her fears. 

Doctor Valerie teague informed the warden of her condition. The warden informed the party representative assigned to lock up.the party official agreed to have her locked up in the pregnancy ward until the courts decided what to do with her. A gaurd entered the waiting area.”Mrs Simon’s I am officer Wilson head of intake devision. I am hear to inform you that will be assigned to pregnancy ward until your case is ajudicated. “The guard said. 

She thought that this was a relief but she had no idea.she heard that it was until her case could b heard by a controlling legal authority. She knew that she was still not out of the woods.not even close. She was taken to the transfer area.”hi I’m nurse Julie!”she said.becky introduced herself.she was put in a wheel chair. Jersey Julie wheeled her to the pregnancy ward.she escorted her to the intake room. She was given a diaper.she as also given a prison issue nightie that said department of corrections.on it. 

She as wheeled into the Maine section. She saw 14 inmates.they were all pregnant of course. They were in the prison issue nightgowns and were barefoot. There hands and feet were put in restraints. Becky assumed that the inmates were all diapered. She was wheeled to an empty bed.

” Get will be hear for a few houses.your restrained for 22 hours a day. “Jenny a valued informed her.she laid down on the bed.the bed was pretty seemed to be a hospital bed. The guess we’re fairly gentle as they put her hands and feet were placed in restraints. At least she was not working in the mines. It was not bad she supposed.

Her babies had saved her life. She figured that they would get along fine. She hoped by the time that they were born she would be released. She decided that she would quietly server her sentence. She would be well behaved. She would wait. She hoped that she soon would be back home.until then she would make the best of this. 

Pregnant prisoners were for the most part well treated. They were well fed.she like the nursss,gaurds and fellow inmates.the ward was one of the better ran parts of the prison. System. It was still prison. 

The end. 

” condemned “


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Anna Lee shed 24 was convicted of murder. She was sentenced to death by hanging. Anna who is 300 lbs murdered her boyfriend by sitting on him,suffocating him.
The defence attorney argued that this case did not weren’t the death penalty. The lawyer argued for life in prison instead. The prosecutor argued the crime was brutal. The jury sentenced her to death.
The defence with the help of cival liberty groups tried to get the governor to commute her sentence to life in prison. The governor refused to get involved.
The defense also tried to have her put to death by lethal injection instead of hanging. The county did not have lethal injection. There was no legal mecism to conduct an execution other then hanging. Unless something changed she would be put to death by the end of the day.
She had been moved from death row to a death watch cell. She was in a room near the place of execution.the death warent was oficily ordered.
Anna was woken up by a female guard. She wore an Orange prison issue nightie. It had the words death row inmate on the back.
The guard liked her.she hugged her. The two kept hugging for a few seconds.Anna was confined to a wheel chair.
She was sent to a shower room. Becky the guard picked her up. She and two female nurses tool out a spunge. They washed her hair. Them they washed her boobs. Then her belly. Becky washed her vaginal area.
Anna tried to hide the fact that she was turned in by it. She made noises.then her legs and feet were washed.
After she was dried off.she was wheeled back into the holding cell. She was nude.she was alowed to go back to bed.
She was given her last meal. It was cup cakes. She eat them all.usually condemned did not eat all of the last meal..she did. Why not it is coming to me.
She was then told it was Time to prepare. She was given a diaper.”why do I need to ware a diaper?” she asked.”prison rules. All condemned must be diapered while being executed. I’m sorr Ann!” Becky said.
“Very well. It is ok. ” she replied.Becky put the diaper on her. She closed the straps. She felt weird. She would get use to it.
“Where are my cloths?”she asked.”I’m sorry. You will be nude except for the diaper.” Becky said.”let me gues prison rules. “Anna said. ” yes that is correct.” Becky said.
The time arrived. Becky requested she not be shackled. The warden insisted.her hands,belly and feet were placed in shackles. She was wheeled to the gallows.
Her family was there. This included her sisters and mom. Her boyfriends family including his sisters were there.
The gallows was put on her neck. The warden read the sentence. She apolised for the pain she had caused. She asked the forgiveness of his family. She apolized to her family.
She mentally prepared.she was asked if She was ready.she said she was. The lever was pulled.She was dragged to her feet. She started to struggle. Her body skirmed. This went on for a few seconds.then the pee went to her diaper.then she took a dump.
She was pronounced dead. Her body was cut down. She was brought to the morgue.
Her diaper was removed.she was cleaned.her body was buried in the prison graveyard.
The end.



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“Hi I’m ally. I graduated first if my class at high school. At college I had a 4.0 g..a. I had served as freshman and sophomore class treasurer. I had been very active at the university and In the community. I was a rising star. Then it all changed.”
“I left community center where I was voluntering. I got into my car. A man who had his drivers License suspended so many times that he was banned from ever being able to have a licence. He was driving while intoxicated again. ”
“He drove eraticaly. He slammed into my car. The jaws of life had to be used to extricate me from the car. I was rushed to the hospital. ”
“I woke up in a hospital bed. I was Waring a hospital gown. I found it difficult to move . I had a cathitor hooked up. ”
“Your awake!” nurse Jill exclaimed. “What happened?”I asked. “What do you remember?” Jill asked. ” I was driving home from the community center, I saw a blue car. The car was erratic. It hit my car. I tried to evade it but I could not. The last thing I remember was being hit. ” I said.
“I started to cry. I began to hyperventilate. Nurse Jill hugged me. I like the feel of her brushing up against me.she was just a little but older then me. She was very attractive and felt soft.”
“Both your legs were broken. You are going to need a lot of may or may not walk again.we just don’t know yet. You have a long journey ahead of you. ” Jill said.
” I was told I would convolese at a rehabilitation center. It was near my parents home. My family could visit me. It was something I gues. ”
“After a couple of days at the hospital it was time for me to be moved to the rehab clinick. Jill changed me into my street cloths. It was a green sweater and jeans and flip flops. I was put in a wheel chair. I was transported to the Matheson hospital . ”
” when I arrived at the hospital I was taken to my floor. I was introduced to Julie my nurse.she was my age.she had ling hair she put in to a pony tail. She like Jill was very prety.”
“She hugged me and welcomed me to the facility. She wheeled me into my room. ”
” so after we have the get to know you and welcome to Matheson chat I need to bath you. While hear you have to be diapered. You will be changed as needed . ” Julie said.
“Wow ! Wait a minute! I have to ware a diaper?I am not incontinent.   ” I protested.
” you are paralyzed at least for the time being. This floor is very buisy.the staf does not have the Time to take you to the bathroom all the time. It Is easier this way. I am very sorry. ” Julie said.
“Ok . I understand . ” I said.  “She hugged me. She went over other procedures.  ”
“Then She wheeled me to the bathroom. She removed my flip flops. She then unzipped my jeens.she pulled them off. She pulled off my green sweeter. I felt kinda turned on. She then pulled off my bra .then my panties. ”
“She picked me up and put me in the tub. She washed my hair.she washed my tits. She spent quite some time cleaning my boobs. She cleaned my pussey feet and legs.She then dried me off.”
“I hated when she pulled out the diaper. I did not want to be diapered. I was so humiliated even before it was put on me. ”
“It felt really weird. It felt squishy. I was then put in a Gray scrubs.I was put in bed. She hugged me again. ”
“I cried when she left. Rehabilitation was quite arduous. I had to try to move my legs. I had to try to move on my own . I had to try to walk. They tried to have me build my strwngh. ”
” at first I spent most of my time not in rehab in my room. After a while I took meals in the cafeteria. I met other patients.there I met Tim and Katie.”
“Tim was injured in a ski accident. Katie was recovering from a car accident as well. I asked them if they were in diapers.they showed them there diapers.”
“My recovery was in baby steps. I started trying to move. I walked on a bar. I was determined to walk again. ”
“My mom and sisters were very supportive.they visited a lot. They were very caring . ”
“At first I tried to hold in my pee. I felt so awful. Julie told me it would be easier if I just let the pee go. I felt horrible the first time I emptied my bladder. The per never Least it felt that way. ”
“After I pied that first time it became earlier. Eventually I stoped fighting Tim after a while I was nor in control of the bladder.I just peed. ”
“Do you need a diaper change? Julie asked. “I nodded yes. She pulled off my diaper had a lakes.she cleaned me off then gave me a fresh diaper. All all the nurses Julie was my favorite. After a while I looked forward to when she changed my diaper. ”
“I did finely start to walk. I regained my mobility. I was able to be discharged and got home health for a time.then I was free. ”
“The driver ended up going to jail. He was banned from ever getting a license or drinking. I wish him no I’ll. ”
“I tried to potty train myself. I got sick of it I enjoyed Waring a diaper. Now I am diapered 24_7 and could not be happier. In fact I just peed myself . ”
The end.

The sister slaves


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Annie and Amy were the closest of sisters. They were two years apart they had always been close ever sense they were young.
Now that they were adults,they moved in to an apartment together. What they did not know was that they were being watched.
They had both caught the fancy of a rich man who had power and influence.  He could win there affection.he was ritch and did not feel that he had to go though all of that. He wanted them both
He decided to have them captured and brought to a ranch he owned under a shel company. There was nothing that could be tied to him.
He hired a group of people to tail and then capture the two sisters. That day Anna and Amy were doing some shopping. Annie wore a pink blouse and black skirt and flip flops .Amy wore a black shirt and Gray skirt and wore sandles.
They had been buisy.neither one had any idea what was about to happen. There car was followed. In a less traveled road the car was taken out by a device designed to short out power. The car failed.
The murcineries stormed the car. They tried to fight back. They we’re knocked out. The mercenaries picked up the two sisters. They we’re put a car. A hood was put over there head. There hands were handcuffed.they neck was put in a was there belly and feet. The car sped off.
They woke up. They were in manicals  They were stil dressed but the sandles were removed.they had peed themselves.there were urine stains.
“Good your awake!” the man said. “Please let us go. “Amy said. “I am afraid I can’t do that. I have utilized a lot of resources to procure it. I have little interest in parting with you. ” the man said
“What do you want?” Annie asked “I am a  man of much means I get what I want when I want it. I want the two of you. ” he said. “What do you want with us?” Amy asked.
“You will be my slaves. You will cook clean and provide northern services. ” the man said.
“You can’t do this! Slavery is illegal.” Amy asked. “Legalities have never really been an impediment for me . I am not too concerned!” the man responded.
“Please! Let us go! We won’t tell any one. “Annie said. “Not a chance ! I am your master. From now on any interaction between Me and you will include the words yes master. Is that clear?” he asked.
“Yes master!” they said. He got the attention of a guard. “Remove there manicles!” the master ordered.the guards opened there chains .they were brought to the center of the basement.
“I want you to strip each other naked. ” the master said. “Please no!”Annie said. “You must do it.” he said. They finality responded with yes master.
Annie felt several different and conflicting opinions. A part of her was humiliated. To be forced to do this to her sister. Another part of her found this so hot. She had a submissive side. She had been attracted to her sister for a while now. She had fantasized about doing what She was about to do.
Amy wishes that this was under better circumstances but she found herself a bit excited. She had wanted to do this for a while. Now she got to.
Annie apologized to Amy. Then she pulled off her sister’s t shirt.She pulled it up and then over her head.Amy pulled off Annie’s head.
Annie pulled off her sisters skirt. She pulled it down her legs and down to her feet.then she pulled it off.
Amy then went for Annie’s skirt. She pulled it off . then Annie unclapsed Amy’s bra.She pulled it off.then She pulled off Annie bra. Annie got wet as she pulled down her panty.Amy took off Annie’s.
“Now hug each other!” he insisted.they said yes master.there naked skin met each other. Both enjoyed being wrapped around each other. They held each other for a few minutes. The master was quite pleased.
“I want you two to kiss!”he ordered. They did want not to be used for voyerustic pleasure.they did not seam to have any choice. Amy took her lips and brought then to Annie. Annie extended her lips to her.there lips lock. They kissed and kissed. It was like they forgot where they were.
He took them to a shower room. e personally bathed them. He washed them head to toe personally . he played special attention to there tits. He was definently enjoying his new slaves.
They sleep tied up downstairs.during the day they cleaned and cook.they did it in the nude.
He was not a harsh master. He was not mean.he just did not a low you any freedom. Other the. That he was not too bad.
At night ,they held each other. “You have a great body !  Amy told her.”so do you.”Annie said. ” I have wanted to tell you that for quite some time! ” Amy said. ” I felt the same way. “Annie said.
They never try to escape. They were well fed. After a few months they both got pregnant.they both had twins daughters.
After a couple years a private investigator for Annie and Amy investigated and got evidence of there location. The f.b.I went in. The master was arrested.
Annie and Amy were fried.they got another apartment together.they slept in the same bed.they cuddled.
The end.

doctor Erin Cranston


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Dr. Erin Cranston was a staff therapist at Edison gentle hospital. She was young,bright and beautiful. She was considered a rising star in the mental health world.
Both staff and patcient alike liked her. She was well liked. She was able to be a great help to her many  people.
She went to work in the morning. She went to the front desk.the desk clerk welcomes her as he usually did. The guard buzzed her in. She walked inside.
She was greated by orderlies and other members of the staff.she then wore A lab coat with a purple dress underth. She wore dress shoes and panty hose.
She went to see Annie.Annie was a young patcient . she was a 21 year college student who snapped.She was diagnosed with dipreson.
She wore a hospital issue Gray dress. She was barefoot.Erin entered.Erin always thought that she was very attractive.
“Hello Dr. Cranston “Annie asked.”how are you today?” the doctor asked. “I’m ok !” Annie said.
“What is wrong ! Something is clearly bothering you?” she remarked.”will I ever be back to whare I was?” she asked.
“Give it time! It won’t be easy. It will take time. I can’t promise you will back to the old you.some people just break down. There is nothing shame full in it. Some times after a time thing we have tried to ignore rush to the surface rather we want them to or not. ” she said.
“I was doing so good. I had a scholarship good grades.I was so close to fulfilling my goals!” Annie said. “It is a miner setback.” Erin assured the patcient.
She hugged her.she cried on her shoulder. Erin felt energy from Annie come into her. She felt pain. She ignored it.she tried to hide it. “I think we would stop hear. ” Erin said.
“I feel better. Thank you!”annis said.”you will be ok.”Erin said.then Erin left.
Erin went to the infirmary. She told the doctor on duty what happened.”ok strip to your underware and put on a gown!”Dr. Kathy ordered.”you just want to see me strip!”Erin said.
“Your one of the prettiest doctors hear. I just wish you were an inmate. ” Kathy said.”I am sure you do” Erin said.
She removed the purple dress.she put on the hospital gown. She checked her heart pulse . “everything is good but you test positive for electrical activity. I am a bit concerned. You might want to take the rest of the day off and recover. ” Kathy said.
She went home. She rested.the next day she came back. She saw checked on Becky.she was in the secured area.she was naked except for a diaper.she was in a straight jacket.
“Becky you. Going to behave” Erin asked. “I will. I don’t belong hear.I want to go home!” Becky said. She took her out of the straight jacket. She had her wet diaper removed.she was allowed to shower and get cleaned up. She was dressed and returned to her room.
  she hugged her. “It will get better” she assured the patcient. Energy left her. She  not tell anyone thus time.
She felt sad. She was down. She tried to put her best face forward. She acted weird.she was a chronic work a holic. She never missed work . later she called out a lot.
“Erin your one of my best therapist. You have been acting eraric .are you alright?” administrator Dr. Even Terence Clark asked.
“Yes I am fine !”She said. “If something is wrong you can tell me. I won’t judge I promise ” dr. Clark said.
“The job takes a lot out of me that all. ” she said. “Well ok. I am going to have to keep an eye in you. “He said.
She did ok for a while. The staf forget her previous problems. She was. Back to her old self. A year went by. The mishap was a distant memory.
She was carefull not to touch a patcient. No one noticed. She was back on tract.
One day she slipped. She hugged a patcient. Later that day she ran out of the hospital. She cried and screamed. She had to be tazed. It caused her bowels to go out of wack.
She woke up naked and dipered.she was in a straight jacket in a padded cell.
“What’s wrong with her?” Erin sister Mandy asked. “Some how she developed enthethuc ability. She was able to cure patcient of there abnormalities.unfortunately She tranafered them to herself!”Dr. Clark said.
“She has there sickness?”her sister Julie asked. “I am afraid so. We are going to gave her stat hear.he are hoping that with proper treatment she will be able to leave. Unforunently her carer will have to be over. I  see how She will be able to ever resume his carer. ” the Dr said.
She was in the mental hospital for six mounth. She was discharged. She moved in with her sisters. She decided to not engage in any physical contact.
She decided to make earnings and sold them. She was mostly a recluse.
Luckily Dr. Clark invented a pill that slowed her to live a normal life she had to be carefull.
What caused her ability is not known.was it due to some mutations caused by a caricylism or did she have it for a while and just not know it until now.
Perhaps it was latent until a certain time. She had no idea nor did Dr. Clark. He published a paper on It.he offered to share the accolades and prize mony but she declined. She wanted to leave this all behind.
The end.

The judge


, , , ,

” I’m Jessica I was once a judge. I was considered a rising star In my county. It was believed that the sky was the limit for me. My pears Said that I was tough but fair. ”
“I tried to be a good judge. I tried to Be resonible. I tried to fairly apply the law. I had no idea that my life would change. ”
“One day there was a savere earth quake.I tried to help evalucuate everyone to the basement shelters . the roof caved in. ”
“The next thing I knew I woke up. I was stim Waring a black pant suit and white blouse. I was the back of some kind of truck. My hands feet and neck were in chains. I was barefoot. My shoes had been removed.”
“There were other women with me.I had no idea what was going on.  I tried to engage the other inmates . no one dared to speak. So I did not dare to speak.”
“We seam to drive for hours . we we’re taken to an underground basements . it was difficult to walk with the chains. That was probably want they wanted.they wanted us humiliated. They want us controlled.”
“We were escorted to what could only be described as a prison intake room. Our shackles were removed . we were told to strip. ”
“It dawned on me that we were being Sold as slaves. I suppose I could have told them that I was a judge.I had a feeling that they did not care .”
“I hated being naked in front of people. I had no choice. I took off the black suit coat. I then took off the white top.then I took off my pants. Then a female helped me remove my bra.then I took off my panties. ”
“I was very cold.they put a collar on me. They put me in a cage.I was there with four other girls. They were also naked. The cage was small. ”
“The cage smelled like forces and urine. I was there was a couple of days. I was washed off. I was led off to the auction bloc”
“I was sold for a million dollars.I was sold to a reclusive bilionare.he kept me naked and In a collar. I had to clean everything. ”
“One day he took me to his bed.he got on top of me.he forced himself on me and had his way with me. He put his thing in me. I could tell that he intended to get me pregnant. ”
“I was pregnant.he cut me some slack.he wanted my babies healthy.he steamed to have pregnancy fetish.he watched me clean .
“The babies were adopted not long after I gave birth.I went back to work full time.he was not a bad master. I was whoever stil a slave.”
“Although my body was never found it was assumed that I was killed in the earth qauke. No one knew the truth. ”
“I never tried to escape. I assumed he would tract me down. After being in charge for a long time.I kinda enjoyed being deminated.I have never tried to escape. Will I some day you never know. Not planing on it. ”
The end.

Intergalatic slave trade


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Dave and Don were brothers. They served in the military. After completing there service they baught an old run down freighter and rebuilt the ship.
The ship had a lucrative business.they shipped good from the inner words to the outer colonies. They were not rich by any means but they were doing good. They we’re making a living .
They had just transported supplies to a new human colony on the outer rim of human territory. They now returned to a command post.
“Dave. Oscer Bradshaw wants to meets with you.”cali said. “Who the Gemini is Oscar Bradshaw?”Don asked. “He is vice president of outer rim trade for inter sell incorporated.”Jena said.
“You think that they are trying to hire us as a contractor”Don asked.”that would be awesome ” Jack said. “Lets not get s head of ourselves.”Dave said.
Inter sell cooperation headquarters on station.
Office of Oscar Bradshaw
“Dave it is good to meat you.”Bradshaw said. “You too sir “Dave said. “As you know our company is at the fire front of expansion into the frontier. We are not the only one.we are hoping to win the cooperate space race. “Oscar said.
“From what I heard,your doing what you need to do to win that race ” Dave said.
“Well I never count on things.I never take anything for granted. Look we are looking for people to partner with. Your freighter is very productive . we want you to do some transporting. ” he said.
“What kind of transporting?” Dave asked . “well that is the tricky part. “Bradshaw said. “It is not contraband is it?” save asked.
“Nothing illegal . it is considered uncouth . ” the cooperit official said.”what is it?” Dave asked
“We want to ship sex slaves. ” Bradshaw said. “Sex slaves?” he asked. “Yes . colonies enjoy autonomy as they are non member worlds and they are far away from the central government on earth. Men feel like they are warlords. Many have formed there own armies and control territory. They don’t want to have wives.there is stil animosity left behind from the gender war of 3535. Female slavery is a very lucrative business.while it is considered immoral unethical and in realy bad taste ,it is not illegal.” Bradshaw said.
“Let me gues,you want to capitalize on the dlave trade but with plausible deniability. ” he said “you’ll be paid by a separate company owned by a subsidiarity of intersell. A company that cannot be directly traced to us ” Bradshaw said.
“We will be shipping slaves to be auctioned off in the outer rim. “Dave said . “I am preparing to pay you a million Sherbrookes for every trip. Half when you leave the space port, half when the cargo is off loaded. If something goes wrong you will stil get half of the earning. That’s three million Sherbrookes. ” Oscar said.
” well some of my crew may object.I cannot pass on this kind of money. I am the CEO of Benson brothers firm. You have a deal. ” he said.
“We are shipping sex slaves?”cali said. “Yes. Look cal it is a job. We have shipped weapons before to militia. We shipped narcotics. This is no different. ” Dave said.
“We are shipping women from the iner worlds to the frontier. They will be used and degraded. All for the enjoyment of men.”cali said.
“Slavery is the law of the alience of human worlds. Why can’t we engage in a legal activity?”Dave said.
“Legal does not meen moral.  “Cali said. “We are not politician or clergy. If we do not do that someone else with.the Money is out there why not grab it. ” Don asked.
“I love the idea. ” Jen said. “Yea you would. You are a bisexual bondage fetish and you love dominating other women. ” cali said.
“Look this is a private company . this is not a democracy. I am CEO of this small business. I am captain of this ship. If you don’t like the direction of the compony you are free to leave . ” Dave said.
The freighter went to a private docking bay used by the compony . compony security checked the ship .the ship was dreamed secure before the cargo could be brought on bored.
15 female were brought a bored.they all had neck collers.there hands and feet and belly were chained.they were all naked.
They were taken to a cargo area.they were restrained to a wall.they had to stand.the room was equped with a device that sterilized a room every twenty minutes. Not only did it remove the urine but it also disinfected and got rid of the smell.
“Hear are the rules. If they have a v on there tag,they are off limits. If they were n.v you are free to enjoy them.” the security chief said.
The freighter was off. It headed for the colony of 0ollex seven . “get me the pregnant one bring her to my quarters. “Daveordered.
Dave went to her quarters. The lady was brought in. Her name was janey. She was a former judge. She was now a slave.
Dave had a pregnentcy fetish. The gourd chaned her to the bed. Her legs were spread. He got on top of her. He put his thing into her.
She did not say anything.she did not fight him. She did not react. Dave was quite happy.
Jena had two female brought to her. They we’re twin sisters.there names were Annie and Amy. One took one tit and the other took the other.they sucked it.then they took turns licking her pusey.she liked there’s.
Cali decided to entertain herself despite her opposition. To it.she had a 2o year old former college student plesue her
The ship arrived at the colony. The slaves were turned over to the auction house on the planet. The ship headed away .
Sudenly the ship was followed by unknown ship.the crew was captured. They were striped naked chaned and shipped to an out or rim human colony. The whole deal was a trap. It was s comon ploy by Oscar Bradshaw.
The end .