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The jepson family had there own family business.  They had a successful business.  Ron and tracy were a hapily maried couple.  Ron was an army vet.  He had been decorated for his service.  He even was awarded by the president.  Ron had a criminal justice degree.  He minored in business.  

Tracy had a business digree. She was smart and atractive. She ran the administrative end of the business.  She was very girlie but knew how to do car repair and loved tools. She came from a law enforcement family. Her uncle owned his own construction compony. 

They had four kids. The oldest was 22 years old. Rylie was a college student.  She loved the family business and was activly involved in it. She would not have it any other way. 

Then there was amy. She was 20. Amy was in college.  Julie was 18 and was about to start college.  Her brother ben was five and tracy was pregnant with a daughter. Tracy refused to slow down.  

Ben would stay with a baby siter while they were out on rounds.  What was the fanily business?  You see they were bounty hunters. 

Ron wanted to join a police officer after he was honorably discharged from the army. After serving over seas he hated being a police man. He did not like the limits placed on him. He left the police. 

Tracy wanted to be a stay at home mom but she wanted to work from hime. She hated being idle. She had a bussinesd degree.  They decided to start a business together. He did not want to sell pez dispenser or antiques or amway. They say a writer should write what they know. Mayby a business man should do what he knew. He decided to be a bail bondsman. He liked the idea of going after bail jumpers and briging them to justice. 

His favorite tv show of all time was gun smoke. Matt Dillon was his hero. Now in a way he could be marshal Dillon.  Tracy loved the idea. They jump though the hoops and became bail bondsman. 

They quickly developed a reputation for always geting there man. They had a high sucess rates. They knew how to find a suspect. They developed a good reputation.  If you had a fugitive you wanted to catch.  Your best option was the jepsons, the husband and wife bounty hunter duo. They were a  celebrated team. They were highly saught after. 

At first there targets were male. Most fugitives were male. One time they got a female target. Annie may palaster looked inocent. She was five foot four. She liked to keep her hair in a poney tail.she liked to wear skirts.  She worked at a library and loved books. 

She was a kleptomaniac. She took things from people.  First she borrowed things from friends. She turned to lick pocketing.  She just took things.  If there was an item in an unlocked car she took it. She stole fuzxy dice, car freshener.  If it was accessible,  she took it. 

Then she started steling from convenient stores, retail, mals you name it. She got a huge fine abd probation. She had to go to counseling and attend a suport group for kleptomaniacs.  She struck with the strict regime at first.  She decided to skip out of town. 

While they never had gone after female suspects, there was no rule against it. They were fine briging in female fugitives. They just had not. They agreed to the case. They were able to tract her down. 

They kept an eye on her for a couple of days. They luled her into a false sense of security. Then they struck. She was in a hotel room. They broke in. They overpoweeed her. She cried rape but no one listened.  She wore a black t shirt and gray skirt and shoes. Her feet were otherwise bare. 

She resisted. Her hands were cuffed. She was put in the car. She cursed then out. They put on opera to naje them uncomfortable.  Her mom made her listen to and watch opera as a kid. To her opera was like fingers on a chalkboard. 

She insisted she had to pee. They stopped at s rest stop. She tried to esape.after that she was put in handcuffs, feet chains and wast shakels. They took off her shoes. They made her pee her skirt after that. She was turned over to a county jail. 

She was striped and put in an orange jump suit. They got paid. It made both ron and  Tracy horney. They went to a hotel room and made love. 

They went back to male figitives.they did not like it.ron found women in prison hot. He liked female bobdege. Tracy was bisexual and she also had a thing for female convicts. They found male subjects boring. 

They continued to have male targets.  Then there was another female fugitive.  Katie greer had a series of unpaid parking tickets. She owned a lit if mony. She had a dui. She skiped bail.

Again they found her. Tracy caught her. This time they were careful. They they took off her shoes.  Tracy took her in the back.  She removed her gray pants and underware and put her in a diaper. She put her pants back on. She was given hand cufs waist and feet shackles. 

She was turned over to lse enforcement in a very wet diaper. She was striped outof her cloths and put in an orange jump suit. Again justice was served.  

They had more male suspects.  They decided to only go after female subjects. They brought orange uniforns from a surplus store. They went after any female subject. 

The kids wanted to be involved. There parents would not have it.when Rylie turned 18, she was alowed to join the team. She loved it. She became a full enploye.

One time she befrended a figitive. She met up with her at a gay bar. She and her gad a report. Brandi the target wanted to take Rylie home she agreed. She slapped the cuffs on her 

Ry and Tracy processed her.they striped her. She was diapered and put in ab orange jump suit. The jump suit said prisoner of the jepsons.  Brandi and her talked on the way to jail. They kissed before she was turned over.brandi was not mad at ry. She knew the long arm of the law would catch up with her eventually.  

Amy joined as soon as she was 18. So did Julie.  It became a family business.  The three girls were made eaqil partners. Not even pregnantcy stoped Tracy.  She was pregnant with ben and now the new one and stil stayed on the job.

Her favorite was going to a doctors office.  She found becca a pregnant fugitive wanted for embezzlement abd fraud. She nabbed her. The two talked about pregnancy and there was no hard feelings. 

Tracy gave birth to a halthy baby girl named gracie. She took time off. Soon she was chasing fugitives with tge family. They loved this job.they never dreaded going to the office.

The girls comforted the prisoners. Thry held them.some cried on thete shoulders. They told them it would be ok. Many times they came to visit them in prison. They did have problem fugitives. They knew what to do m they always got there women no mater what.

The end