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Janey was not feeling well. She had had a pain in her stomich. It started off a mild discomfort.  It seemed to get worse and worse.  She did not like going to the hospital. After a time she felt that she should no longer avoid it. 

She decided to go to the emergency room. She put on a gray t shirt and a green skirt. She put on flip flops. She put on a black coat. She got in her car and drove to the hospital.  She was not in so much pain that she could drive herself to the hospital.  She pulled in to the parking lot. 

She excited the car. She walked to the hospital. She went to the emergency room. She fills out the form. She waits in the waiting room. A doctor excited.”jane Lawrence? ” the female doctor asked. 

“Thats me!” she said. She folowed the doctor into a private cubicle inside the e.r.   Janey did not know why but she felt horney. She was not a lesbian.  She had no idea why. Perhaps it was a defense machisism. Perhaps this was how she delt with everything.  

The doctor wore a lab coat over a purple blouse, black skirt and black panty hose. She wore her hair in a pony tail. She was quite attractive. “Will you please get undressed and get into a hospital gowan. ” the doctor said. 

Janey renoved her jacket. She pulled it off. She started to pull off her gray t shirt.  She retracted the shirt. She pulled off her skirt. She asked dr. Mason to help her unclasp her bra. She did so. She pulled it off. She then pulled off her pamties. She put on a gowan.  

Dr. Sarah masson asked some questiones. She asked about the pain she experienced.  She also asked questiones about her general health.  She also asked about her sexual actuvities. 

She did some test on her. It turned out that she had a nasty paraisite. The parasite had to be renoved. While it required surgery it was not consider a super risky surgery. She was still stuned and woried. 

Dr. Masson gave her a great big hug. Janey held on to her. They got her ready for sugery. She was given a catheter.  She was brought into the operating room. The doctor heading up by a skilled surgiical team and a very skiled surgon. 

The parasite was removed. The. Parasite was embedded in food. She went to a sea food resturant a week earlier.the funy thing was thatthate did not really like sea food. Her friends had talked her into it. Now she wished she had not taken that fatefull decision. 

The parasite did not let go of janey. Finaly the tendrils were removed. The parasite was removed. She was closed up. She was sent to recovery. 

She woke up grogy at first. She becane more and more coherent.  She started to remember who she was and why she was hear. She saw that she had a roomate. Her roomate was atteactive. She was about the same age as she was. She was in a hospital gowan.  

“Wake up sleaping beauty! ” her fellow patient said. “How long have i been asleep? ” she asked. “About three hours.  Sense you were whealed in hear!” her felow patient said. “I hope the surgery was successful.  I had a parasite inside me. ” she said. 

“I overheard them talking. They got it all. ” she said. “I feel prety good but it could be the pain meds. ” she said.she chuckled. 

“Oh i am ashly by the way. ” she said. “I am Janey. ” she said. “I had an infection but i am on the mend. ” ashly said. “I am glad to hear that. ” janey said. 

The dr came in. “I am dr. Carson.  ” she said. She had long hair in a poney tail.sge wore a red shirt and black skirt and a lab coat. She was very sexy.  She never had same sex atteaction but sense she arived at the hospital she had plenty of homosexual urges. 

She checked her over. “We were able to sucesfuly remove the parasite. We want to keep you for a few more days for a observation. We should have you home in a few days. ” she said. 

Janey loved ghe way she talked. She was saucy. Janey wanted her. She was getting wet. She hoped that neither ashly or the doctor noticed. 

After a while the doctor left. She felt realy horney. “Ash can i get in bed with you?” janey asked. “Of course! ” ashly reaplied. 

She got up and tip toed into ash’s bed. She rested her heads on her head. Ash put her arm around her. They cudled for a while. 

Janey kissed her. Ash kissed her back. They kissed on and off for a while. Ash threw her on to the bed. She pushed up her gowan. She pulled her panties down. She licked her pussey. She was so happy. She begged her to keep going. 

After a while she got on top of ash. She pulled her up her gowan. She licked her pussey. They were both wet. 

Dr. Carson came in. They were both embarrassed.  Dr. Carson came over to Janey.  She kissed the doctor. She kissed her back.  Janey pulled down her skirt and slip. She pulled her panties down. She licked the doctors pussey. 

She did not want to leave the hospital. In a few days she was discharged.  A home health nurse would visit her. She realy hoped that she was gay. 

She huged and kissed ashly who left the same day. She hugged and kised dr. Carson. She changed into her cloths. Her sister was there to pick her up. They whealed her to the car. While not a vacation but it was a week away she would never forget. 

The end. 

This is a work of fiction. No reserch was done. I made no atenpt to get medical or sciteific information acurate.