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Amy is an inmate sentenced to six mouths in a minimum secuity facility. This is her story.  

SO i committed some prety pety stuff. I am in jail.  It is a light sentence. In the grand scheme of things,  it is a drop in the bucket.  A year from now it will be totaly forgotten. In five years it will bearly be a distent memory. I could do this. I kept optomistic about all this. 

So far prison was not so bad. The cell did not have bars.  At night a transparent door was closed and locked. During the day we could go anywhere any less a door was locked. We had acess to tv and the gyim and library. There were a few rules but they were all reasonable.  It was actually almost enjoyable. Kind of like a vacation.  

The food was good. Everyone was nice.  All of the inmates were non violent offenders.  The gourds were cool. 

I kinda enjoyed prison. I should have known that if something was too good to be true, it probably was. I should have known that this was too good to be true. I was stil numb. I was still in shock. I took any smal comfort as comfort. It was ignorence but it felt like bliss so i took it.  I was grasping at staws i gues.

I had been in the game room. I watched old episodes of mary tyler more with felow inmates. I played pool with Mary Anne.  She was sweet. She was convicted of embezzlement.  We hit it off. We wore gray top and blue swet pants and flip flops.  She had a pony tail. 

We were told by the gaurds that it was time to return to our cells. It is time to get ready for bed. I gave Marianne a great big hug. I said goodnight to the inmates i had just met.

I walked to my cell. I saw my cell mate casie. She got off the toilet. “Go to the bathroom trust me!” she said.i pulled down my pants and panty. I peed. 

Casie took off her swet pants and panties.  She took off her gray top and put on a gray t shirt and was botomless. She styled her hair for bed. I found casie to be attractive. She did not mind me staring at her private area. I did not mind her leering at me. 

I pulled off my pants and panties.  I put on a gray t shirt with the name of the prison on it. I styled my hair. “Oh. Nothing below the belt at night. It will become apparent later. ” cassie told me. “Ok cass” i said. 

Two female gaurds came in. They had a moving gaurd. ” its that time” Anna a gaurd said.  “I know ” cassie said. I had no idea what was about to happen.  

The two female gaurds pulled things out. I saw a diaper. ” why are there diapers? ” i asked. “This prison alows a lot of freedom during the day.  It is a minimum secuity prison. It is still a prison. We are being punished.  They want to make sure we dont try to escape.  At night we are tied to the bed. Our hands and feet are put in restraints.  Every night no exception.” cassie said.

“When we first implemented the policy, several women pee the bed. Women tend to have weak bladers anyways. Some inmates have given birth or have had blader isues.we isued diapers to those who had accidents during the night. A review after the year found that it was quite an issue.  After a time the warden decreed that all inmates be diapered at night. ” Anna the lead gaurd said. 

I was shocked and stuned. I was going to have to wear diapers and i was going to have to use it. Casie and i were given our diapers. 

Casie was not phased by it. She later told me that she was horified at first.evenualy she got used to it. It hardly phased her any more. I wondered if i would get use to it. I did not think i would get to use to it let alone like it but one never knew.  

Casie laid down on her cot.   A gaurd named keri took out a diaper. Casie laid down on the diaper. The gaurd put bany powder on her. She closed the diaper. I thought she looked weird.  I would never admit it but at the same time i thought she looked cute. I would not admit it.  

Then anna came over to me. She had me lay on the diaper. It felt weird on my bum.  The baby powder felt cold. It tickled a little.  The diaper was closed. I felt odd. 

I was told to lie down and get comfortable . i would be there all night. I laid down.  My hands and feet were placed in restrants. My mouth was given a pacifier. If i was not degraded before,  i was now. 

I chomped on the paci. I saw casie.she had a paci too. I wished i could move. I could move some but not as much i liked. It fell asleep. 

I woke up. I had a good dream. I woke up back in my cell. My  diaper was wet. I had not been incontinent. To the best of my knowledge i had no isues sense being potty traned. Hear i was waking up in a pool of urine. 

Casie explaned that this hapened to her on her. There are various theories on this. Some believe that it was because we are relaxed.  The diaper alow total relaxation.  Others believe that may be a compound that causes loss of bladder control. No one was sure.

I hated bed time at first. She was right.i did get use to it. I did learn to like it. The prison was very safe.  I kind of liked it. I did not want to leave well almost.

The end.

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. It is in no way based on reality. No reserch was done. All of this was totally made up.