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Jennifer was 34. She had three kids. She was still very attattracive. She was smart.  She was known to be serious but had a silly side as well. She had a seven year old son, a five year old daughter and a three year old daughter she seemed to have it all. She had a broken heart.  Not long after her youngest daughter was born, her husbend died of a brain aneurysm.  He was only 32 when he died. 

It was a total shock. He had apeared to be in perfect health.  It had been a ticking time bomb for a while. She was left a widow and a single mom. She was not left up a creak without a paddle.  

The house had been paid for. Her husbend avoided debt. If he did go into debt, he tried to pay it off as quickly as possible.  He was not a big spender.  He had been frugal and lived within his meens. 

She was well off financially.  She was a certified public accountant.  She worked from home. She was doing fine.  

She was a bit sad. She tried not to let it show.  Of course everyone knew.it was a worse kept secreet. She tried to make the best of it. She loved her kids. She mostly kept to herself.she tried to be strong willed. 

She would not show weekness. She would be venerable in front of anyone.  Even though everyone knew that she was. She toughed it out and suffer in silence.  That is not to say that she did not have good times. She did.  She had happy times mostly involving her kids.  

Even was a qiet guy. He was taking clases at a community college. He got good grades. He was an introvert.  He kept to himself.  He focused on school work and a job. 

He worked as a camping supply store.he was a good employe. He got employee of the month.  He did not realy socialize with co workers outsude of work or in the break room. When he did socialize, it was talking shop only. That was just how he was. 

He wanted to marry. He went on a few dates.  They went no where. Many the date just did not see any chemistry. Others they liked him but he had no interest in them.  

He tried blind dates, he tried on libe dating.  You name it. Hr tried it but nothing happened.  He developed a reputation for being too fussy.  Women stoped asking him for a date or accepting one. 

He still believed that the women of his dreams was out there. He had no idea how to find her. He was not sure how to go aboit looking for her. 

He decided to look for a suitable canidate to be his wife.  He looked on social media.he came across Jennifer. She was prety. She had a look of confidence. He learned everything there was to learn about her. If anything was on line concerning her he knew about it. He was quite an expert on her. 

He decided that trying to woo her would not work.  She seamed to beleve she should never remary. He decided that trying to change that view would be unsucessfull. He did not try. He decided to try something else. Something a bit more unorthodox. 

He decided to kidnap her. He servalled her house for a week. He knew her habits. Everything. .he felt he was ready to procede.

He waited until night. He snunk into the house. The kids were asleep. He tip toed into the maine bedroom. Jenafer wore a t shirt and a panty to bed. He got into her bed. He put a gag on her.

She tried to talk though the gag. He told her he would release thw gag if she refused to scream. She promised. He opned the gag. “Please. I am a mom. I have kids. Just let me go. Just leave.  No one has to ever know about this. ” she said. 

“I dont intend to leave!” he said. “You going to rape me?” she asked. “No. You and i are going to get maried. You are going to add me to the house title. ” he said. 

“You got to be kidding! Title fraud. This is ridiculous.  I am a target of tittle fraud!”she said. “I dont want to take a mortgage out on it or sell it. I want it. Its a nice home” he said. “Its creative.  I will give you that. ” she said. “I will sleep in the chair. Only to insure you dont esape. ” he said.

“Do not harm my family. If you do i will haunt you down even if it takes my last breath to do it. They are off limits. ” she said.”of course. I dont want to hurt anyone.  ” he said. “How long will you keep this sherade up? ?”she asked. “I dont know.  ” he answered. “This is doomed to failure. ” she said. 

He watched her sleep until the morning.he knew shewaa right. It was a risk..he did not want the house. He wanted her. He was prety sure he could in time win her over. 

To be continued.


This is a work of fiction and fantasy. 

The author does not condone the activities depicted hear.