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Jessica was thin but hardly anorexic. She had always been petite. She liked to eat and she liked food.  She had always been thin.  She was active. She liked to play sports. She had been on the tract team in high school and college. She liked to go on runs. 

She was not drop dead gorgigious but she was attractive.  She had brownish hair.  She was five six. 

She was qiet and shy. She had a reputation for being a sweet lady. She was smart.  

It was assumed that she was obsessed with maintaining her figure.  Friends, family and acquaintances believed that she did all she could to stay in the shape she was in.

That was not quite true. She would not tell anyone that.  The truth was very different.  Her family were all slender. No one in her family realy strugled with weight gaine. They seem to all be thin. They all seem to have good metobolism. 

As a kid she thought everyone was thin.she knew no difference.  She did not know what obesity or what being overweight was. She had no idea that fat people existed or what they looked like. It had been totaly foregn to her. 

She was shocked that she first met a fat lady. She stared a bit. The lady at the time had been deeply offended at Jessica who was young at the time. Jessica was not repulsed by her obesity she was curios about it. 

Her parents stressed the importence of living healthy.  They stressed eating healthy. They also stressed being active. They tried to stress the downsides of sedintary living. They stressed the importence of being active.  

She had been active in her whole life.she seemed to enjoy being active. She was curios about fat people. It was a kind of oddity. It did not make sense to her.  Fat people did not fit in to her equations of life. It did not fit in to her life philosophy.  

One day while on one of her runs she saw a women who was slughtly overweight. She was not terribly so. She was five six and 229 lbs. She wore a jean jacket and skirt and sandles. She stared a bit. 

“What is your problem? ” the lady asked. Jessica did not really answer. “Im fat ok? Get over it. ” she said. The conversation abruptly ended. The two diversed. 

The lady was convinced that jessica was repulsed by her.  She  were cinvinced that she found her offensive even ugly. That could not be further from the truth. She was not repulsed, not at all she was erosed.

She got sexually eroused by fat women. She did not see it that way at first. She did not know what it was. She was curious. It was something she knew little about. She wanted to know more. She wanted to understand it. 

She googled fat women.  She saw mutiple puctures of women.  Sone were moderatly obese. Some were morbidly obese. She was a bit nieve.she had been a bit sheltered growing up. She did not know what being eroused was.  She was 19 and was still a masturbation virgin. 

She found fat girls intreged her.  She was nieve and did not know what a sexual fetish was.  She did not know that some people were sexualy triggered by certain things. For some fat girls were. She knew it did something to her. She did not fully understand it. 

One night in bed, she was thinking about the images of fat girls she saw. It made her feel weird but also good. She  started touching her pussey. She was out of control.

Then she discovered federism. She was intreged by it. The thought of having one person who was a feder. Someone who controled a person and there eating habits. A dominant.  The thought of a feddee. A submisive girl. A girl who was controled . a girl who was fattened.  

She wanted to enter into a feder feede relationship.  She did a google search. She saw a sight called faten me up. (I made this up.not a real site. ) it was essentially a social media site for feeders and feedes. She signed up for it. 

She put an add with her pic.  She wrote that she was new to the life style and to the site. She said that she was thin but was eager to meet someone who would fattened her up. She took a deep breath then hit send. 

She got some responses.  None interested her.  She did not know why.  The adds did not interest her in the least. Then he showed up.  She saw his add. 

His name was even.  On the site he went by the handle brother even. He had studied to be a francisican brother but left the order. He seemed to be obsesed with the jedi and sith orders of star wars. He created his own costume.  He wore it  on the profile page on the site. She was interested in him. He was strong forceful .she believed he could be the one for her. 

They started to chat for a bit. They felt like thay had a lot in common. After a series of back and forths, she invited him to move in with her.   He agreed. 

He incisted that when he arived, she would have to follow him to the letter. She had agreed to do that. 

When he arived, he went right in. he was a really good cook.he cooked her a five course meal. he made her eat every bite. she felt so bloated. she felt awfull. she went along with her request.

Within a few days, she had already gained a lot of weight. Her parents were a bit concerned. Within six mouths she was at 220 lbs. 

Six mounths later,she had gained even more. She was at three hundred lbs at her wedding. She was at four hundred when she gave birth to triplets two boys and a girl. She stoped at four hundred. She trued to not gain more then that. .

She was fat but happy.  He loved fat girls.  He was verry happy with her weight gain. She was happy with it as well. 

The end

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. The author of this article does not condone or recommend rapid weight gain.