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The city of riverside was a major citty. There was plenty to do in the city. The city was the capital of the sate. There was plenty of administrative activities going on.  There was also members of the legislature who came in and out of the capital al the time. 

In addition to being a seat of government,  it was a business hub. There was a lot commerce that was praticed in this city as well. 

The city was also a center of tourism. The city had been home to artisans of mamy stripe. There were structures outside. There were also stuctures inside. Riverside was home to manny musime as well. 

There was plenty to do hear. Riverside thrived on businessman,  tourest abd visitors.  They made sure people knew about the culture,history,  and tourism as well as its natural beauty.  It was a perfect spot. 

Keith, jacki and there kids were visiting riversude. They were enjoying a vacation.  They were walking the streets of the capital. It was a nice day. The weather was really good. The sun was out but there was a light breze but nothing too savere. Nothing that could not be handled. 

Jacky pointed out to various plants found in riverside. She especially pointed out plants native only to this area as well as plants not found in there home town.  

They came across a cage. The cage was a smal cage. It was in the middle of the town square.  The cage had bars that could be seen on the orther side. There was a toilet and a mistress.  That was about it. 

There was a young women inside. She was laying down on the cott. She was wearing an orange jumpsuit. She was barefoot.  

Jacky and kaith’s kids saw the cell. Jacky did not want to discuss the cage with them.  They stered them away from the cage. They knew that thw kids would need to be tild about criminal justice system but vacation was not the proper time.  She wanted vacation to be vacation. 

The criminal justice system in this country houses prisoners in outside cages. The cages are appropriate to the wreather of the area. Manny prisoners are in high traphic area where they could be seen. It was a way of shaming.  It was seen as very effective.  It did have some detractors however. 

The kids were getting tired. Keith decided to head back.  “Hey Keith . i want to go give some food to that inmate. I want to sit with her a minute.  Can you put matty and nicky down?” she asked. ” sure.  ” he said. She kissed him and they dispersed.

The inmates do get fed. Civilians are avowed give them food as well. Jacky took a sandwich with you to offer to the young inmate.  

She went over to the cell. “Hi i am jacky. ” she said. ” hi i am julie” the prisoner answered.  “May i sit?” Jacky asked. She motioned for her to sit. She sat down.  

“I brought you a sandwitch!” jacky asked you. ” thank you. I apreciate that. ” she answered. She placed the sandwitch though the bars. She took it and started to eat it. ” thank you. ” julie said. “Not a problem hunnie.” jacky told him. 

“How long are you for? ” jacky asked. “A mounth. I will be released in two weeks.  I will be on probation for a year. I am not going to be a recivist. I got off prety easy. I dont intend to blow this.  ” julie tried to assure her. 

“I am sure you will. Your young. You have plenty of time to turn this around.  I have a good feeling that you will. ” Jacky said 

“I was convicted of shop lifting.  I was not hungry or poor. I did it on a dare. I knew that this was wrong. I did it anyway. I am going to change my ways. I plan on abandoning my old friends and getting good influences not bad ones. ” she tried to assure jacky. 

“You can do this. ” jacky said.  “Thank you. I am going to work at it reallt hard. ” Julie said. “I know you will” jacky declared. 

“I saw your husband and kids earlier. You have a lovley family. ” she told her.  “Thank you . i think so too. ” jacky said. 

“You want a family someday?” he asked. “I do. I want to be a mommy. ” she said.” i think you will jewls. ” jacky assured him. 

“Your really prety Jacky.  ” jullie said. She smiled.  “Thank you. So are you. ” Jacky said.  “You will have a bright future ahead of you. I realy believe that. Dont give up ok?” jacky said. Julie agreed. 

“I should get back. It was good to talk to you. ” she said.” it was good to meet you ” Julie told her. 

The next day Jacky came back with food. “We are leaving tomorrow.  ” Jacky said. ” i will miss you.  ” julie said. “I will miss you. ” jacky said. “If you ever come back to riverside. Look me up! ” julie told her. ” will do. ” jacky said. 

Jacky kissed her. She kissed her back. “I was hoping you were bi sexual.  You are drop dead sexy jacky. ” julie said. “Your prety hot your self jules. ” Jacky said. “I wish i could lick your pussey. I will settle for a kiss.  IA kiss is good too. ” julie told her. 

She kissed her again.as they travaled back to gordenville, jacky suggested taking Julie in. He was sceptical at first. ” she is a criminal?” he asked.  “It was a pety crime. It is our civic duty” she said.  “Why do you want to help her.  Of so many criminals why her?” Keith asked.  

“I am attracted to her sexualy. ” jacky answered. “You want to boff her?” he asked. “Yes i do. ” she said.  ” arlight. I will what i can do. I will see if i can convince our town to allow her to serve her probation in gordenville. ” keith told her. 

 A few weeks later julie arived. Jacky helped her bring in her things.  She was given her own room but could stay with them.

Julie came in. Jacky was in her underwear. “Come on in jewls. ” she said. The two kissed.  Keith watched as the two removed there cliths. Jacky wore a nightie. She removed it. Julie removed the rest of her cloths.

Jullie licked her pussey. She placed her mouth as far as she could get it. Jacky begged her to keep going. She went at julie’s pussey.  They cuddled.  

Jacky spent a lot of time in there bedroom. Thirsday and thurdsday was for Keith and Jacky only. Julie was fine with that. Most of the time she stayed in there room. 

The end

This is a work of fiction.