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Anisa graduated seccond at her class at a prominent university. She got a job in the accounting department at the home office of Edson industries. She found herself promoted to a manager and later to vice president of finance. Stil in her twenties she was seen an up and commer in edson and in the cooperate world in general. It was believed that for her the sky was truely the limit. 

She was very intelignt. Not only that,she was bery innovative and resourceful.  She proved herself to be an indispensable part of the company.  Mr. Edson himself thought very highly of her. 

She was an up and coming. She was considered part of the future of women in leadership in the cooperate world and beyound.  

The world was changing.  Women were rising to more posistions of power in coperate world ,in academia, the judiciary and in politics.  She was seen as a key player in this transformation. 

She did not see herself as a feminist. She was doing what she loved.  She saw herself as somome who did what she wanted to do. She was hardly a womens right activist. She was not particuly political.  This was not about activism.  She was simply who she was. This was how she chose to live.

One night she came home..she changed from her pant suit to tank top and pjs. She got chinese takeout. She fed the cat then had her lunch.she watched some net flix then turned in. 

She went to bed. She fell asleep.  She slept until morning. What she did not know was that an unsual event occured that night. An unusual metor shower and a series of volcanic eruption caused a disturbance in the space time continuum.  This created a disruption in the structural intregrety of the universe. 

Some how she ended up in another universe. A universe parallel to ours. One that was very similer to ours. Simuler but with some distinct differences as well. One that are subtle at first but after a while imposible to ignore.  

She woke up. She made cofee. She showered. She fed her cat and played with a bit. She got dressed. She put on a black  suit jacket.  She wore a white buttoned down shirt undwrneth her. She wore a blaxk skirt.  The skirt went below the knee. She wore heels.

She went over to the office.  “Wow!  Your dresing realy conservitive today. ” a guy in accounting said. “I always dress like this!” she said. “You joun a fundy cult nissy?”another guy asked.  “What do you meen? This is hardly fundy.  ” she said.

“Compared to a birqa or a hijab i supose.” another said.  ” your kiling is nice” the first man said.  She saw a co worker naimed Kathy.  Kathy wore a disruption puple blouse and a blue skirt. Her blouse was opened up.  It showed a lot of clevege. 

“Kath what up with you?” she asked.  “What are you talking about? ” kathy asked. “If your blouse was any more opened up,  i could see all of your boobs. ” anisa said “come on nissy. I always show clevege. Please tell me your not buying into that women liberation crap ? I am plenty liberated. I am vp of transportation. ” she said.

“Ok. Its fine.  Its just not like you. ” Anisa said.  “What are you talking about?” kathy asked. All of the ladies were wearing short skirts or doung things that were a bit risky or bendinh over in front of man or wearing low cut shirts. 

Anisa went over to her friend paulete later in the day.  “Paulie what is going on? Has everyone lost there minds?” she asked. “What are you talking about? ” paulete asked. ” well the girls are praricaly running around half naked.  ” Anisa said. “Are you becoming a prude?  Look women are guarantied equal pay. Its the law.  The eqaul pay commission takes a hard stance against discrimination’s on pay. For the first time in American history the chief justice of yhe supreme court is a women. They juar conformed thr first female chairman of the jont chiefs. I am fighting real batles. I will show a little clevege as long as when our stock go up or down i am the go to person. ” she said.

She did not quite feel that way. She walked around and mr. Edson grabed her boobs.  “What are you doing? ” she asked.”woa calm down nece. I did not meen anything by it?” she asked. 

Anisa wanted to go home and take a long cold shower.what was going on? She was in some kind if twilight zone. History had changed.  It changed dranarically.

She woke up the next day and things were the same. After a few weeks she decided to play the part. She started to wear more revealing clothing.  She let male and female enployies grope her. 

She overcane her prudish ways. She was happy.  Just as she got use to it she woke up back in her universe.  She did not realize it at first.

She came to work in a low cut skirt. Her clevege showed though her sports coat and shirt. “Nece put some cloths on. Have some respect! ” paulete said. 

 She had no idea that she had crosed back into her reality.  She adapted. She kinda  missed being ogled and man handled.  Thats ok. 

She did not tell anyone thatm some times she fantasized about it. She wandered did it really happen? Did she just imagine it? She had no idea. She held it to those menories real or imagined.  

The end


I beaely paased high school science courses. science is hardly my strong suit. The science stuf was totaly made up. I did not even try to be acurate or possible.  

I dont supory misonergy or sexual harassment . This is nearly a work of fiction and fantasy.