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Becca wanted to be a house keeper. She decided to try to get a job as a house keeper.  She looked at various adds. She had some interviews but she lost out to other candidates.  She did have a lot of experiences.  She had some but not enough for those who interviewed her. 

She had got an interview.she really hoped she would get this job. She wanted to work for this man.she did not Know  why but she knew that she did. 

She had got an interview.  She was invited to his house. She wore a pink blouse and gray skirt and flip flops. She spent time styling her hair. She looked her very best. She arived promptly.  She knocked on the door. 

After a few seconds a tall man opened the door.  “Becca?” he asked. “Yes. Are you Donald Eastman? ” she asked “yes i am.  Please come in. ” he said.

He was about six feet. She was 5 foot 7. He invited her to a parlor area. He invited her to sit. She did so. He followed suit and sat down. 

“Well you have an inpresive work history. You got good reviews. I wish you had more experience in house keeping.  ” he said.

“I do understand that.  I am very organized.  I have a reputation of having attention to detail.  I know how to menage my time. I know how to be efficient and acurate. I can clean promptly and effectively.  Though i dont have the work history or work experiences i can do the job. I realy think you would be quite pleased with my work. ” she told him.

He was impresed with her answer. She seemed to know how to sell herself. He trusted her. Her work experiences seemed to back up her aswer. He liked how he was she was able to stand up for herself. .in his mind she has scored quite a few points. She was starting to really win him over. 

“Ok. ” he said. He tried to preserve his poker face thoughout the interview process.  He asked her job specific questions.  He asked her about certain aspects of the job. He liked her answers. They seem to be on the same page in regard to what she was wiling to do and what the job entailed.  

He was liking her answers. He liked her personaly.she was nice and sweet. She seemed like she would work hard..it seemed like they would mesh well. 

She fell prety confident about all this.she was prety sure that she had a real schot at getting this job..that really excited her. She started to really want this job. 

“Ok. I like you so far. This interview is going well. I do have othet candidates.  Ones who are more qualified then you.  Some who worked for sate senators even a future governor. Why should pick you over them?” he asked.  

“If you wanted them, i would not be hear.  The fact that i am hear proves that your not sold on them. If you wanted them, i would  not be hear. ” she said.

He chuckled. “True. You have a point. You wil be through. You will pay attention to detail. You will be acuarate and complete.  You will be clean and orderly?” he asked.

” i will!” she promised him. She thought that she was going to get the job. She was excited.  She liked the attention.  She realy wanted to be challenged.  She wanted to prove herself.  

“Ok. Would you be wiling to work in the nude?” he asked.  She was schocked. She was not expecting that. She thought it over.  ” well i gues i could ” she answered.

“Excellent.  How soon can you start?” he asked. “How is monday?” he asked. “Very good i will see you then. ” he said. 

That Monday she came in to his house. She wore an over coat. She waa greated by her new boss. She set up her stuff. She renoved her coat. She was naked under the coat. 

She started with dusting.  He watched her dust. He watched her vacume. Ge watched her do laundry.  He enjoyed watching her.she did not mind. 

He was impresed with her work.  She did not tell anyone about this part of her work.  Her family especially her mom would probably not understand.it was weird for her to be working under these conditions in the eror of me too. She was paid well. She got breaks.  

She liked the job. She stuck to her. She was glad of her work. She decided to start her own ckeaning compony. She was clothed when she worked for them but not him. 

He eventualy asked her out on a date. She agreed.  They eventualy married. They had kids. When she cleaned at home she was nude. 

The end.the author does not endorse this kind of behavior nor recommend it.