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Dylen stone was hardly a hardened criminal.  He had been a lawyer. He had been on both sides of the courtroom.  As a prosicutor he was unrelenting. He got his man. As a defense attoney he pulled no punches to defend his client.  

When he defended a young man who joined isis and was caprured on the battlefiele, he made an enemy of the justice department.  Especially the attoney general.  The ag had been a senator from north Dakota and was considered a future presidential candidate. J. Ross Flanigan was determined to take stone down. 

Flanigan had marijuana planted in his car. As a senator he enacted mandatory minimums for drug posesion. 

Alrough dylen was inocent there was no way for him to prove that the drugs were not his. The evidence had him dead to rights.  He had little chance of getting off.  Flanigan made sure that the deck was stacked against him. Sure enough he was found gulty. Under the Flanigan finegold act, the judge had to sentence him to five years in a federal prison. The judge had no discretion. 

He got a few weeks before he had to surender himself to the authorities.  He got hos afairs in order. He got a trusted friend who was power of attoney over his finances and orher matters. His x had custody of there children. That was set. He was ready.  Well as ready as he would ever be. 

He arived with plenty of time to spare. He was sure that Flanigan would love nothing more then to have him declared a fugitive from justice. He would not give him rhat sarisfaction. If inspector ghavere wanted to hang him, he would not give him the rope in which to do it.

He arived at the prison. He went though the check point and was given admisson.  He went to the Main administration building in order to self surender.  

He signed the paper work. A gourd arived to process him. He has to go though the strip search. He removed his gray t shirt. He then unzipped his jeans.  He then removed his unserware.  

He hated being naked. He feared being nude in front of others.  He was surprised that Flanigan waa not hear to witness his humiliation. Maybe he was. He chided himself for getting so paranoid. It was not Like him. Now that he was a convicted felon he did not know what acting like him was like now. 

He was given a cavity search. He was given a shower. He dried off with a towel. He was given a blue prison uniform and was barefoot. 

He was escorted to his cell. He saw his two cell mates. To his astonishment they were females. “Hi there!” a brown haired girl said. 

One was five eight. She had long brown hair in a scrunchy.  She wore a blue nurses scrub like uniform and was barefoot.  Her finger and toe hails were painted.  

The other was a kind of dirty blond.  She had hair placed in a bun of sorts. It was neet but a bit disheveled. It still looked elegant.  She had the same blue uniform.  She was barefoot and her nails were painted.  

The gaurd left. “Hi. I am Aubrey.  This is Audrey.  “She said. “I am dylen. “He said. “This prison is really not so been. You stay out of the gaurds way and they will do the same. ” audry said.

“Good to know. “Dylen said. Dylen laid down on his cott. ” we are campuses to the dorm after eight pm.lights out at ten. Head count some where between that time.  There is to be no talking during that time.  Before eight you can roam about. Any area with no door or an open door you can go in. A locked or closed door is off limits. ” aubry said. He indicated that he understood. 

Audry had to pee.  She took off her pants and panties. He waned to look but looked away. “We don’t stand on mannors hear. Go ahead and watch away” Aubrey said. Audrey agreed with that sentiment so he went with it. 

He watched her pee. She flushed.  She put her cloths back on. They hung out in the cell. Then they gave him a tour. Then they had lunch. Prison food was what you expect from prison food.  It was kind of eatable.  

They watch television in the tv room. Only cartons and romance shows were alowed. Ge learned that audry did not want to bw disturbed when my little poney was on. The last time someone did, they ended up in the infirmary and she was put in solitary. That was not done again. 

They returned to the cell well before curfew.  Audry took off her uniform scrubs. She asked Dylen to unclasp her bra. He was only happy to do that.  

She wore a white t shirt and panty to bed. Aubry took off her scrubs.  She asked him to unclasp her bra. She just wore a panty to bed. They asked him to style there hair.

He decided to just wear shorts to bed.  After the count they got into bed. He got into his cott. “We sleep together.  Want to join us?'” Aubrey asked.  He quuckly agreed. 

He snuggled up to the girls. His boner grew. He slept like a baby. The next day they got up. They went to the shower. They all got naked.  He got to wash both girls. He got to got wash there boobs and vagional area.  He made sure that he was thorough.  

They washed him. They washed his peepee as well. They dried eachother off.

That night he asked the girls to kiss eachother.  Audry leened over and gave aubry a huge smooch. It was extended. His things got really hard.

He got to lick audrys tits.aubry wanted her tits licked. That night they slept together.  He really hoped that Flanigan never found out about this.  He did not want his sentence to be up. He did not want to leave. 

The end

This is fantasy and fiction.  None of this would or should happen in real life. 

No research was done.