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Briana was usualy an upstanding citizen.  She worked as an office adadministrators at a top company in the sate. She paid her Taxas.  She was quiet.  She did not get into fights or anything like that. She was well liked. 

She usually was at home when not at work. She had never gotten in trouble with the law. She had some speeding tickets but it was no big deal. She had put that behind her. She was a productive member of society.  

She almost never partied or drank. That was almost never not never. The only time she did drink was the ocasional office parties. Usualy once a quarter or so her company held a party.  This was the one time she did indulge in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. She sometimes did go too far. Most of her co workers excused it because this was the only time she was like that. She was hardly a drunk. It was excused and ignored. It was a once and a while thing.  It was fairly infrequent.  It could be justified.  

This last time was no different. She took to the alcohol.  She went way overbored. She said and did things that were way over the top. She tried to kiss the ceo in front of his wife. She tried to beat up a guy from accounting.  She almost got escorted out bt security.  Her co workers talked the secuity people down.  The bartender did incist that she leave.

A co worker drove her home. Another co worker drove her car. She crashed in her bed. They took her key. They left. While some in the company wanted her fired,the ceo wanted everyone to calm down and reflect on all this before making any major decision.  

She apparently got up and in a delusional sate and got an extra set of key from a pot. She got in her car and drove.  She hit another car. She drove off. The car was seen waving. A cop tried to pull her over. The cop car had to barricade himself between her car.she rammed into him. She tried to get away.  

Several cop cars set up a blockade . she stoped. She tried to run out of the car. She had to be tazed. She fell to the ground. She was stil wearing a gray t shirt and denim skirt but was barefoot when she was arrested.  

She was put in a cell. She fell asleep.  She woke up startled.  She demanded to know where she was. A gaurd came by. “Why am i under arrest? ” she demanded to know. 

“Dui. Hit and run. ” the officer said.  “Thats not possible!  ” he said. “I assure you you happened.  You are dead to rights. ” she said.”i take it that i am facing a long jail sentence?” she said.  “That is a good assumption. ” the female officer said. 

She was shocked.  She tried to relax.  She was arranged later that day. She was released on bail.

At trial she was convicted on all counts.  She was sentenced to five years in prison. She could have gotten a lot more.  It could be worse she supposed.  

She was taken from the courtroom to a transfer area. She was striped out of her pink dress to an orange jump suit.she was shackled and put on a transport buss. She was taken to a prison. 

She had to strip naked. She was given a very cold shower.  She froze. She then was given an enima. She was told to pee. She was given a chastity device.  

“What is this?” she asked. “It is a chastity belt. You are required to wear it. You will be allowed to go without it out for one hour every day. ” a gaurd said.

“How i pee and poop?” she asked. “We give you enimas during your free time. We are careful with what we feed you. If you do it will go into the device.  ” the gaurd said 

The device was placed into her vaginal area.  It felt weird. It chafe . she was given a blue scrub uniform. She was shackled and escorted to her cell.

In her cell she took off her pants. Shr saw that the other female inmates did the same. 

She longed for her houer of freedom.  Her pussey liked the feel of her exposed skin. She came to even enjoy enimas. They were not gentile. She hated when the belt went back on.it always did. It would for the next five years.  

The end.

This is a work of fantasy and fiction. No research was done.