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Amy was a wife and mom. She was maried to a pastor. She had attended a fundamentalist Christian college. There she met her future husbend. She has four kids. Two of each.  

She was very tradiotinal. She was conservitive and modest. She was qiet. She only wore dreses or skirts.  She never wore pants.  She beleved in tradiotional womens role. She was the perfect husbend for a fundamental pastor. 

She had never been in trouble with the law.  She was carefull to obey the letter and the sprit of the law. From her time as a little girl,she was told the importence of obeying the powers that be. 

She had a good reputation in the church and in the surrounding community.  She was well liked by people in general.  

So how did a virtuous women with an incredible reputation end up in the slammer?  It is an interesting story. 

She had just givin birth to her fouth child. This baby was a little girl.  She was a stay at home mom. The oldest child was age eight, his brother was six and had a four year old sister.  She was a great house keeper. She was very knowledgible in multuple subjects including math and grammer. 

No one would have even envisioned a syinerio where she ran afowel of the law.how did it happen?  It was a swries of unfortunate circumstances. 

She was usualy super orginized. One day while getting ready for a ladies grup meeting at the home of a Christian lady friend from the church. While getting the kids ready, she forgot her drivers lisence. 

She was driving to het friends house a police cruser stopped her. She stopped. Aperently she had a lisence plate light out. The officer came to the window.  Amy pulled down the window.  

“Lisence and registration please?” the officer requested. She opened the glove compartment and pulled out her registration . she realized that she had not brought her lisence.

“I don’t have my lisence with me. I must have left it at home. ” she said. “Hold on.” the officer said. 

She was realy woried. Was she in serious trouble.  The one day she was disorganized.  She tried to remain calm. 

The officer came back to the window. “Mam please pop the trunk. I need to search the vehicle.” the officer said. 

She did not think anything of it. She popped open thr trunk. He looked it over. There was a shot gun inside. Her husband was a gun owner and a hunter. He rountinly stored it in the trunk of one of there vehicles. 

“Mam please step out of the vehicle.” the officer said. She slowly got out. He arrested her for not having her lisence and having a gun without authorization and other charges. Her hands was placed behind her back. 

They waited until a social worker from the department of health and human services arived. Her kids were taken into the custody of dhhs. 

She was taken to a lock up. She was fingerprinted and had her mug schot taken. She hoped that this would all be taken careof soon. She hoped to be home soon. 

An officer came over to her. “Mam. You have an outstanding warent for your arrest in Missouri.  The Missouri attorney generals office wants you extradited. “The officer said.

“Missouri.  I have never been to Missouri ” she said. What she did not know was that she was the victim of identity fraud. A women pretending to be her commited a series of crimes. 

She was moved from polixe station to a county jail. She was handcuffed and in wast and uncle cuffs. What a difference a dsy made. She woke up in her own bed and is now a prisoner .

She was taken to intake. There was a male and female officer.  Her shackles were removed.  “Please remove your clothing! ” the female officer ordered.

She reluctebtly pulled off her black sweater.  She did not like to remove her cloths in front of anyone except her husband.  She had not even been naked in front of a family member. 

She unbuttoned her white shirt that had been underneth her sweater.  She pulled it off and handed to the guard.  She took it.

She pulled down her skirt and pulled it to her feet. She puled it off. She removed her half slip.  She took off her panty hose. She then took off her bra and then her panties.  

She felt weird. She hated being nude in front of complete strangers. It did not help that it was cold. She shivered a bit.

She was given a cavity search.  She was given her prison uniform. It was a two piece orange jumpsuit. It was pants.  She had never worn pants in her life. They did not have a dress version of the uniform. She put it on. 

She was humiliated. She was arrested. She was strip searched. She was given a cavity search.she had to wear pants. She was taken to her cell.

She feared that she might be in prison for a really long time.  She tried to stay calm. She got a bit clusyrophobic.

She laid on her bunk. She got comfortable.  She rested for a bit. She woke up the next day.

She was taken to court to be arranged.  She was denied bail because of the warrant im Missouri.  She was moved to the jail.

She had a cell to herself.  It had been a few days. “Amy the district attoney wants to see you ” a female guard told her. They had developed a report.

“Ok mrs rolins.  You have several credible alibies. The Missouri a.g is persuaded that you are the one wanted for crimes committed by that Amy rolins. They are not persuing extradition. Not having a license can be excused this time. It is your first offense.  The gun is the only real issue. It was registered in your husband name. You will need to pay a fine. You need to have your plate light replaced ” he said.

She paid the fine. She was released. She hugged her husband and kids.  They got the car out of impound. He quickly fixed the plate light.

She kinda thought of the brief incarceration as a vacation.  It was quickly a distant memory. It was a cool story. She promised her husbend that her life of crime was over. He teased her as his outlaw wife. 

She found that her arrest made her horny. That night she begged her hubby to frig her. He did so. She sometimes fantasized about her incarceration.  It was something she never wanted to repeat. Now that it was in the reer view miror, she looked back on it fondly.  Only her husbend knew that.  

The end

This is a work of fiction and fantasy . no real reserch was done. I may have got some of the laws and procedures wrong.  This is just fir fun not for information purposes.