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Annie was a dedicated doctor. She had been busy today. She helped a young lady give birth. She saved a gun schoot victom..she was buisy.she had a successful day. 

She had a good day.  She was loved by doctors, staff and patients.  She had had a long day. She reported to her supervisor. She informed her that she was done for the day. The doctor said good night to her. 

She was never alone. She was constently serounded by gaurds. Police officers assigned to make sure that she did not esape. You see she is a prisioner. 

As soon as her shift is over her habds feet and waste are placed in restraints.  She is taken to the prison buss. She is escorted back to prison. 

When the transport arived, she was taken to intake.  Her shackles were removed.  She was told to remove her blouse. She pulled it to her head.  She pulled it off. She handed it to the gaurd. The gaurd looked it over. He pulled it inside and out. 

She pulled down her skirt and pulled it off. She then puled off her half slip. Her panty hose were then removed. She then had to pull off her bra. It was checked. Then she removed her panty.  

Her anal area was checked. A fenale gaurd with gloves on fisted her. She checked her anal cavity. They gave her an enima. She was able to take a shower and dried off afterwards. 

She was given her orange uniform and was barefoot.  She was shackled and taken to her cell. inside she was unshackled. She went to her bunk.

Before she was arrested, she was a beloved physision and surgon. Why was she attested?  She was texting while driving. She hit a pedestrian.  He died from his injuries. Worse then that she panicked and fled the scene. She had tried to help him but he was killed instently. She fled. A witness near by saw her. When she was arrested,  she decided that she should not try to fight the charges. She confessed.  She was given a life sentence. She would not be eligible for perole for twenty five years.  

Not only was her fredom gone but so was her medical carer. Well that was what she thought. She was sadened. Then things changed.

Interest in preofesional carers like doctor, lawers and scientists and the like had diminished greatly.  College attendence was at an all time low. Welfare and social programs led to a work crises. People started to work less and less. There was a masive shortage of doctors. 

To combat this crises, profesional who are incarcerated,  could get permission to work in those profesionals. They had to be model prisoners.  They would be closely gaurded. They would be taken to the job. Then When there shift was over. they would be reterned to prison. 

The privilege could be revoked at any time. The program had proven to be a sucsees. Annie herself was a suporter of it..she got to be assigned to her old hospital. She wondered if she would still be accepted by her old colleagues. 

She was. They were so happy to see her. She got to do good. She had saved numerous lives. She wanted to have a purpose.now she did. Being behind bars did not brother her..she just wanted to matter. Now she did.

She regreted what she bad done.  She did not do this for redemption.she did not believe that she did beleve she could atone for this. She did so many bad things thst day. All of the good she had done had been undone by her action that day. She did this bacause that what she did. This was what she wanted to do. She could make a difference.  That was what she wanted. 

The end. 

This is a work of fiction and fantasy.  This is not based on real circumstances. This does not happen in real life.