Amy was a sectratary to a c.e.o of a major cooperation.  She started in the mailroom and found herself as the personal assistant to one of the most powrfull tycoons in the country. She had become the ceo’s right hand persons. 

She was usually maticulous but one day she got slopy. She brought home a file that she not supposed to. She forgot to sign in out. The file pertained to a government contract. Not only as she violated compony policy but she had also broken federal law.  The file delt with national security.  

Because of that, amy faced five years in prison. In her mind,this was not a big deal. She thought it was much ado about nothing. In her mind it was an honest mistake. Her bosses and the justice and defence department did not feel that way. 

She was usually focused.  She got distracted.  Her aunt was fighting cancer. Usually she was very carefull.on this particuler occasion she got doing things. She took the file and did not sign in out. She did not realize it. 

She tried to get the file back before anyone knew it. The company security had already figured out her secret. The head of secuity informed the c.e.o of the infraction.  The company then informed the justice department.  

She wore a black sports coat with a blue shirt and black skirt. She came in to work. She was asked to go immediately to her boss’s office. 

She went to the office. She expected joe Douglas the ceo to be there but did not expect vice president of cooperate secuity carl weber to be there. There were numorous other officials there as well.  She did not know who they were or why they were there.  

“I am very disappointed in you amy i trusted you and you betrayed that trust. ” Douglas said.

She tried to defend herself but the ceo would not have it. “Miss weaver,  i am jerod trask with the f.b.i. you are under arest for mishandling confudential information. ” the agent said.

She was handcuffed. She was taken to a lock up. She had never even seen a jail. Now she was in jail. If convicted,she could face five years i. Jail. The feds had a prety solid case against her.  

She was in an orange prison jump suit. Her hair was in a pony tail. She was brought to see her lawer. She sat down in the visitor room. She sat down. 

“The prosecution does not want the time and expense of a trial.  They want to settle this. They want it out of the news. ” lawer simon brit said. “What are they offering?” she asked.”two years house arest.  This includes probation and menditory routine and suprise check ups and drug test. No alchole or ilicit drug. You will have an ankle bracelet. There will be gaurds stationed at all times. This will be confinement. It will be better then five years in a prison.  It wont be a cake walk.” the lawer said. 

“You advising aganst it si?” she asked.”no this is the best deal your going to get. Its basically a vacation.  Except you wont get paid but will still have to spend mony on food and stuff. ” the lawer said. 

“Cant i fight it? Force a trial. Cant we go for jury nullification.  It was a mistake. This is malicious prosecution. A waste of tax payer mony. The file involved national security  but barely. It delt with non munition suplies to our tropps mostly uniform and utility items.  This is silly.  I could get off. I could get a straght aquital. ” she remarked.

“Yes you could .you are guilty. Regardless of the lagitimacy of the law or the prosecution yoy get enough law and order grandmotherly types on the jury your toast. Five years orange is the new black. I am not allowed to argue for nulufication. It requires a nuanced dance, a texas two step. Take the deal. “Simon brit said.

“I don’t want to si. I could get off Scot free.two years house arest.  That does not sound like fun. ” she said . “ames,you should have thought of that before you got carelous. This was a kindergarten mistake. You did not get where you are by being wreakless. This is a good deal. Catch up on reading, start watching soap operas or take up knitting.  Dont take this to trial.  Look i worked in the us attorney’s office, you are not going to win this one. ” Simon assured her. 

She decided to take the deal. After the formal senrencing she was moved to the transfer area. She still wore the orange jump suit and was shackled.  She was brought to her house. 

She had an armed escort to the house. She was brought in. She was brought to a recliner . Her pant leg was rolled up. The monitor device was installed.

The waist chain and hand cuffs were removed. The ancle chained renaned. “Aren’t you going to remove the ancle cuffs?” she asked. “No mam. The ancle cuffs stay on.  As does the orange uniform!” the male gaurd said. “Come on ! You got to be kidding. I cant wear ny own cloths?” she asked. 

“All of your clothing was confiscated and donated to a thift store. The proceeds are used for your supervison. Your knives and anything else deemed inappropriate were also seized.  ” he explaned.

“What did i get to keep? ” she asked. “Your books and musuc colection.  You don’t have cable anynore but we did instal an antinena with basic chanels. ” he said. 

“Great.  Can you take my sandles off?” she asked.  The officer took off her flip flops. She decided to lay down in her bed riom upstairs. He folowed her. “Cant i have some space? ” she asked. ” i am sory mam but i am order strict orders to keep constant surveillance on you. ” the corrections officer informed her. ” of course you are. ” she said. 

She got into the bed.  He asked her to put the blanket on you. He did so.  He stayed near her. She did manage to get sleep.  She was glad to sleep in her own bed. 

Later on she got up. She had some food.” i would like to take a shower. ” she said.  ” of course mam. I will get it arranged. ” greig the gaurd said. 

She was escorted by an armed detachment to the bathroom. The gaurd took out there guns. Two guarded the closed door.  “Is this realy necessary?  This really seems like over kill to me. ” she said.

“You plead guilty to violating an espionage act. We take no chances. ” greig said. A gaurd took off her ancle chains. 

“You may now disrobe!” grig told her.she was so thriled. She unzipped her orange jump suit. She pulled it to her feet. She pulled them off.  A female gaurd helped her take off her bra. She pulled off her panty. She felt weird being naked in front ofa mixed company of male and female gaurds. They watched her bathe.

A female gaurd dried her off with a towel. She was given a fresh uniform. She was put in ancle cuffs. 

This was her life now. She supposed she would adjust some how. She would try to make the best of it. 

The end.


This story was inspired by a caption on a pucture posted in cuffedin uniform. 

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. It is not based on fact. No real research was done. This story is toraly fictitious and would not happen in real life.