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I was sentenced to prison for five years. I was inocent but that did not matter. I was convicted. According to the law,i was guilty.  There opinion was all that mattered. 

I was given time to get my affairs in order. I had a mounth to get ready. I had everything ready. I got up the day that i had to leave.  

I tried to get plenty of sleep. I got prety good sleep.  It was nice to sleep in my bed one last time.  I tried to enjoy it to the fulest one last time. For the next five years, i would be sleeping on a cold uncomfortable cot. I tried to not think about that yet. Not until i absolutely had to. 

I drank cofee. I loved cofee. I was glad to be able to enjoy cofee. I knew i probably would not be able to drink cofee for a long while. I drank it while i could.  

I eat a hearty breakfast.  I showered. I was not looking to showering with other men. I hated showering with other guys. I had this fear of being naked with other guys. I had no chioce. 

I did not want to dread over things i could not change. I tried to focus on making the best of things. 

I got dressed. I put on blue jeens. I put on a gray t shirt and flip flops. I wore a blue swet shirt. I got in my car and headed to the prison. 

I had the radio on. I listened to the music i like.i was so nervous. I tried to stay calm. I could do this.  At least i hoped i could. 

It was an hour drive for my home to the prison.  I went to the check point. “What is the perpose of you entering? ” the gaurd asked. “I am hear to surender. I was ordered to report within thirty days. ” i said. 

I gave the paper work to the gaurd. He looked it over. He waved me in. I drove in. I was told to park in an inmste inpound area. I complied with the order. I left the area. I excited the parking garage. 

I saw inmates.  They walked around without shackles. They seem to be engaged in various activities. Some played chess. Sone played volleyball. Some were swimming.  There seemed to be plenty to do.  

There was something realy weird.  No one was wearing pants. Some had nothing on there botims. Others wore underware. No one wore pants. What was going on. Why was no one wearing much below there waist. 

I stopped an inmate. ” i just arived. What do i do? I asked. ” well first of all take your pants off. Men are not alowed to wear pants while incarcerated.  Get your pants off now before a haird see you. ” he said 

I felt really weird. I unzipped my pants.  I pulled my jeens off. I kept my underware on. 

He led me inside. ” we have a new recruit” adam said. “You must be brad. ” the receptionest said. ” that would be me!” i said 

“Adam must have told you about our no pants policy” the receptionist said.  “He did.” i said. She took my pants. “No pants msy be worn. You can wear underware but breefs only. No boxers.  ” she said. 

I did nor wear boxers so that was not a problem. I wore breefs. The rules were fairly simple. Doors with orange label were off limits. The rest were fine. Lights out at 11:00. You will only be locked in a cell at night.   The rest of the time i could prety much go where i want to go. 

It did not seem too bad. I got a health inspection then i was alowed to see my room. I was taken to my room.

I met my romate ken. Ken was around the same age that i was. He was attractive.  I was not gay. I could see that he was good looking. 

Ken was wearing a blue t shirt and nothing else.  ” hi im brad!” i said. “I am ken. Welcome. ” he said. I laid down on my cot. 

” how long you hear?” ken asked. “Five years?  You?” i asked. ” i have three years to go. I have been a year.  Is is not so bad. I don’t like going botomless but is not so bad. You get use to not being alowed to wear pants.” ken assured him. 

“I gues after a while you would.  I can’t imagine it but i supose you would. ” i said. “I could not imagine it myself but i did get used to it.i kinda like it. ” ken said.  

“Really ? You kinda like it?” i asked. “I do. You will too. Just give it a chance.  ” he adnonished him. I d