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Keri seemed to have it all. She was smart and prety. She graduated third in het class at colege. She was hired almost inidietly after graduation.  She was hired as an office manager.  Within eight mounths she had been promoted three times.

It appeared that the sky was the limit for her. She had a bright future ahead of her. Coming home from a bussiness trip a tired truck driver ran her off the road. Her car was totled. Rescue workers had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the wrecked vehicle.  

She was unconscious but alive. She was rushed to the hospital.  She was in ceitical condition. When she first arrived at the hospital it was a fithty fithty chance that she would make it or recover if she did. 

She had to be rushed to sugary. They were able to stabolize her.. She was comatose.  The hospital got ger stable but she had not woken up from the coma. After time in the hospital, she was moved to a nursing home. The nursing home was a faculity with a very good reputation.  She was on a floor manned by a skilled and knowledgeable staff. 

She ended up being in a coma for a few mounths. She was in a hospital gowan.she was diapered. Nurses had to change her and bathe her. She was well cared for. It was unclear when or if she would wake up. 

She was the youngest patcient on the floor. Most were senior citizens. It was three mounths sence she was brought to this facility. 

She woke up from her cona after three mounths. She remembered the accident . she had to go though extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation before being able to be discharged. 

She was determined to get back on her feet. This was not going to lick her.she was goung to lick this challenge. 

She was well liked by the orther patcients on the floor. She was the same age of some of there grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She was quite popular. Many of the patcients had adopted her. She was sweet. They all rooted for her and cheered her on. They wanted to see her make a full recovery or something close to it. They were determined to help her though this dificult time.  

While she made many friends with the patcients,  there was one patcient that she was the closest with. His name was ed. Ed was 74 but was reasonably healthy. 

“So why are you hear ed? You seem fairly healthy. You should be out in your yard or out exploring in the woods or something not couped up hear. ” she said.

“You know it. My kids wanted the house and the propery. My oldest is a lawer. He knew how to get power of attorney and knew how to work the syndrome.  I got screwed. I dont think i belong hear. It is not so bad. I keep buisy..at least i got to meet you. You are so pretty.”ed said. 

“I dont feel do prety. ” keri said. “You are.  Dont let all this get you down ker.you will make a huge comeback.  You will be bigger and better and more successfull then you ever were before. “Ed told her.

“You really think so?” keri asked. “Of course i do. Determination is the key. Resolve to get back to where you were. Dont settle for anything less. Refuse to give up. ” he said.

“Ok. I will not give up. .” keri said.”i hope i live long ebough to see you become a ceo or university president or congressperson or president. ” ed said.

“You really think any of that is posible?” she asked.”i know it is.”ef said.  

They spent a lot of time together.  She started to get stronger. She started to walk again. She was slowly regaing the strength she use to have. 

They continued to spend time together.  One day he out of the blue kissed her.  She did not object. He was a sweet man. Though he was im his seventies he was not an unatractive man. They continued to kiss. 

One night ed snunk out of his room. He slowly crept into her room. He got under her covers. He silenced her. She smilled. They kissed.

He pulled off her her hospital gowan.she pulled off hers.  He got on top of her. She begged him to frig her. He was strong and she lived his strength. His cock was fully erect.  He had no problem downstairs.  She tried to keep quet..they did not want to get caught.  

He climaxed.  She held on to him. Then he snuck out. They did that often. 

She had been able to regain most of her mobility. She was able to be discharged.  They spent the ladt night together before she left. He was happy for her but he would miss her.she promised to visit. He suspected she would move on in her life and would eventually forget about her. He was ok with that. It was how it should be.

She felt weird. She had been getting sick. She wondered if she was pregnent. She took a pregnancy test snd indeed she was pregnent.  

She knew that ed had to be the farther. It was unfair that ed was put off to pasture.  There was no reason for it. She decided to break him out of the nursing home.

She went to visit him. She waited until she was sure there were no staff members around. ” Eddie i am getting you out of hear. ” she said.  “How?” he asked.  

She had an idea. He faked stomich pain. He got sent to an e.r.at a local hospital. She impersonated his granddaughter. She got him cloths. They snuck out.  Thry got in a car and went to another sate. 

“Why did you break me out of the nursing home? I got to admit i did not think you ment it.” he remarked.  “You dont belong there. You are not in need of hospitalization.  You are the victim of your familues greed.  There is another reason.  To me the best reason. ” she said 

“What is that?  ” he asked. ” you are the farther of my child!” she said “your pregnent?  With my child? ” he asked. She smiled snd said yes.

They moved to the east coast. She got a job as an office manager at a big company in the sate.she worked there until she gave birf to twins a boy and girl. She took a leave . she started her own business from home. It was quite successful. 

She snd ed got maried. She got the courts to have ed Jr’s power of attorney nullified.  Jr tried to argue that the marriage was a scam. She proved ortherwise. He tried to say she was taking advantage of him. The evidence contradicted that. 

Ed health was stil good.  He was able to help raise the kids and helped with her business. He showed no signs of slowing down anytine soon.

Recently she gave birth to there third kid another son. Ed jr tried to find a way to get sr declared incompotent to run his own afairs. A judge laughed him off. He had to give up. 

Ed and keri were happy. They enjoyed the life they had. 

The end.