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Evie was a sweet girl.  She was kind. She was very intelligent.  She was overwight. She weighed 220 lbs. She tried to loose weight but never had too much luck with it. 

She was well liked. Her weight isue was not really a big deal with others.it certainly did brother her. It constantly gnawed at her. 

She had a lot of friends. One of her friends was katie. Katie was thin. She was prety. The friendship was odd. They frequented dufferent circles. Then there was the weight issue.  

Evie was plump and katie was almost anorexic. There friendship made no sense. It worked. Katie loved evie. Evie adoored katie. 

There was more to it then katie even suspected.  Evie had a little bit of a crush on katie.  Evie liked her brown hair. She wanted to play with it. She wanted to kiss her and hugged her. 

She had no idea if katie was a lesbian or even bi. Evie considered herself bi. Katie had a few boyfriend’s hear and there but never had been in a serious relationship in the time she knew her.  

Evie loved to spend time with her. They did hang out quite a bit. Evie suspected that even if Katie was bi or a lex, she would have no interest in a fat girl like her.  She would never consiser acting on it. 

One day they hung out at katie’s house. Evie wore a gray t shirt and brown pants and was barefoot.  Katie wore a white t shirt and black shorts. She was barefoot. 

Evie loved her danty feet. Her toe nails had pink nail polish. She could not help staring at her friends feet. She hoped that either she would not notice or not be bothered by it. 

She did not seem to notice it. If she did, she made no coment. They had engaged in smal talk..they had quite a few comon interest.  There personslities did mesh quite well. 

They sat on the couch. They were chating about insignificant stuff. Sudenly out of the blue, evie reached over and kissed her. Evie felt like she was out of her body watching the whole event from afar. 

Evie was devisated. She could not believe she had done that. She just looked so hot. She started to run off. She did not say anything.  She just got up to leave. 

Katie got up and followed her. “Wait! ” she said. Katie hugged her. “Its ok eves!” she said.  Katie reached over and kissed evie. At first it was a peck. It was followed by a series of pecks. Then it became a full out make out season.

Evie loved the feel of her lips against hers. They kissed back and forth for a few minutes.  Katie invited her to her bedroom. 

They continued to kiss. Evie pulled off Katie’s white t shirt. She pulled it to her head and then yanked it off of her friend.  She unclasped her bra. She licked her friend’s boobs.  She licked them vociferously.  Katie yelped in glee. She begged her to keep going. 

Evie had wanted her to do that as ling as she could remember. She got caried away.  Katie did not mind at all. 

Katie pulled off evie’s shirt and bra.she always admired her friend’s tits. She went wild. 

They puled off eachother’s shorts and panties. Evie licked Katie’s pussey. Kstie moaned and moaned in plesure. Katie then licked her pussey.

They cuddled after. They held eachother close. “Im sory kates. I dont know what got into me!” evie said. “What are you talking aboit? That was amazing. I have wanted to do that for quite a while.” Katie said.

Evie was shocked. ” you have?” Katie asked. Katie had a thibg for fat girls. She was bisexual but kept it qiet. She was attracted to evie. Katie feared that evie might not like her. Sone saw her as a snob. 

Evie explained that she had a thing for her for a while. The two held eachother in there arms. Then they showered together. 

Katie and evie decided to move in together.  They kept there relationship on the down low. That was ok. They both wanted to keep it to themselves. They wanted it private. The neighbors heared them go at it. They knew. They lived hapily ever ever. 

The end.


I saw a video with a fat girl and skiny girl. There was no story line. I like story lines. I created one.