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Donald needed a house keeper. He owned his own business.  He was not home nearly as much as he would like to be. He wanted it mantaned.

He was a bit cheap. He preferred not to hire someone but he decided that he needed to. He could definitely oford to hire someone.  He just did not want to. He decided to bite the bullet and hire someone.  

He got an employment agency to send him some carefully screned applicants.  He got an agentcy he had full confidence in. One he trusted. 

He went though a handfull of applicants.  All of them seemed really good. They were all qualified.  They all had good credentials.  None stood out to her. None of them screamed hire me! He had one more applicant to intervue. If she was not uber impresive he would just pick one of the aplicants at random. He wanted to give this last a once just had he had given the others a chance.  He waited to see how this one did. 

She was there sligly before the agreed on time for the intervue. She wore a pink blouse and gray pants. She wore dress shoes but her feet were otherwise bear. She was short at feet feet four. She looked tough and scrappy for someone so short.  

Her hair was in a pony tail. She was cute. “Hello i am Jeannie.  “She said.he had her sit down. He had her come to his den. The den had a desk with a chair on either side. There were a couple of book cases with various book on them. He had a computer and printer and a sterio syistom i the magshift office. 

He motioned for her to sit. She sat down on the other side of the desk.the intervue went well. She was quite eloquent.  She had a very good resume.  She had a lot of impresive references.  

He explained the pay and benefits. He also explaned his expectations.  He did not like to mince words. He tried to make sure people knew precisely  how he thought. He wanted nothing important to go unsaid or misunderstood.  

She appreciated candor. She valued clear inatructions.his bluntness did not brother her in the least. She wanted to know what was expected of her. 

He was interested in hiring her. The more he heard from her, the more he was convinced that he should hire her. He was prety sure that he was going to offer her the job. He was not totaly convinced.

He decided to ask her one more question. This would be a kind of bonis question.  A suden death due or die question that would ultimately decide how he would proceed. 

“Jeannie i have one more questione. “He told her. “Ok. What is it?”she asked. “Well. Would you be wiling to cleen in the nude? Would you be wiling to let me watch you clean? ” he asked. 

She did not apear to be shocked.he figued if she ran out in a huff that   she was a bad choice. He would eliminate her as candidate.  She did not. Instead of going into a frenzy, she seemed to stop and pondred for a bit. 

“Do i need to arive naked or do you want me to strip when i arive?” she asked.  “Its up to you.  ” he told her. “Yes. I have no objection to cleaning in the nude. ” she td him. 

He decided that he would hire her. “Very well. The job is yours if you want it. ” he told her. “Thank you. Yes i do want the job. ” she told him. “Can you start tomorrow? ” he asked her.  “Yes how is 8:00?” she asked. “8:00 would be fine. ” he said. “Then i will see you then. ” she said. 

She was there a few minutes earlier.she wore a one peace blue dress and flip flops.  Her hair was in a ponytail. She came in. She filed her in her card.

“Good morning.  ” she said. “Good morning.  ” he said. She unbuttoned her dress and pulled it off. She took off her bra and panties. 

She had no problem with being an exhibitionist.  She had never had any compunctions being naked in front of others.  She did not mind being naked in front of a man even don. 

He looked her over in aproval. He enjoyed her little strip tease. She got right to work. He wached her wash the dishes.  He loved seing women doing domestic work with little or no clothing on. He was loving this.

She then swept and moped the kitcheb floor. She was a deatailed cleaner. She was skiled at it. She then cleaned every furniture and vacuumed.  She lived up to her hype. She was a good worker. 

He was a bit of a dominent. He loved the idea of female slaves.  To him this was the cloest to that in contempeary america. She filled out her time card.she said goodnight. He was happy with her work. 

On her next scheduled day she again arived a few minutes early.  She braided her hair this time. She wore a bathrobe.  She took it off. She had been naked under the robe.  

She signed in ans got right to work. She did good work just as she did previusly. He feared being disappointed by his employies. That still had not happened.  

He impressed her every time she came. She was the best cleaner he ever employed. 

“I have loved your work over the past two months.  I would love to write a recommendation for you to post on your bussiness website.” he said.

 She smiled. She wraped her arms around her and hugged him. She was still naked.  “Thank you so much. This meens so much. ” she said.

He looked forward to coming by. He loved when it was her sheduled days to cleen.  He wondered how he felt.  

“What do you really think of cleaning in the nude?” he asked. “I am fine with it. I don’t mind. I really dont. ” she said 

“I just wanted to make sure. I gues it is a bit degrading. ” he said. “I honestly dont feel that way. ” she said. “I have a bit of a submisive fetish.  It is wrong of me to force my kink on you. ” he inforned her.

“I am a bit of an over achever. I am not a feminest. I defy tradional feminene roles but only becuase i want to make a living. I am not a femini Nazi.  I have a bit of a submisive fetish. ” she said.

“I want to tie you up and make you my slave. ” he said. “Then do it. ” she incisted. He held her down. He unzipped his pants.  He pulled his penis outbof his underware. He got on top of her and pur his thing inside her.

She begged him to frig him harder. He was tough. That was how she wanted it. They kept going. After there encounter she went back to work.

This was not the only time that happened.  There were other events like that one. Neither one minded that. 

He loved her work.  He purposed marriage and she said yes. She went from enploye to wife. She then worked for him for free. She continued her cleaning bussiness until there first child was born. She could always return to her cleaning buasiness.

Her work for don was the only job she did in the nude. In the bed room she was his slave. She wot have it any other way. She always said ceo on the streets sex slave in the sheets.  He was a gentleman on the streets,  brute in the sheets. Neither one would have it any other way. 

The end.