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Jenna and elana were sisters. They could not be any more different. Jena was a wife and mother of a son and two daughters. She has a college digree . she could work or stay at home.  She got good grades at college and high scool. She had always been responsible. 

Elena was the pollar oposite. She was a few years younger.  She had always been carefew. Jenna would argue that she was borderline rackless. She was not a very good student. She was smart but did not really aply herself. She had trouble holding a job. She was prone to making bad decisions. That was not even mentioning her taste in men.

She definently bad decisions there.  She had new boyfriend almost every other mounths.she always believed that they were the “one”.  even though they were often times no good. They were a bad influence on her. They caused her to make bad decisions. 

He last boyfriend was the worst. From the very begining, jenna had a bad feeling about him. She did not like any of her boyfriends. This one was different. He was far worse. She tried to warn her but or course she did not listen. 

One day they were driving. He told her that he had to get some money out of the bank. He told to wait in the car.she should have known that something was off. Perhaps she did and just dismissed it. Like a dutifull girlfriend she waited. She should not have but she did. 

He went in and attempted to rob the bank. He got a lot of mony. He ran into the car. She drove off.  When the cops identified her car as being the getataway t away car. He fled before the cops could arive. 

He fled to another country with the money he stole from the bank. She was arested. The prosecutors ofered her a deal that would have kept her put of prison.  She had to testify against her boyfriend. She refused. Jenna urged her to take the deal. She refused. 

She was found guilty and sentenced to six mounths in prison. Jenna was unhappy with her sister.  Despite her displesure she still loved her. She promised to visit her in prison. She would not abandon her sister not matter what. 

She arived at the first time she was permitted to visit. She went though the screning. She was escorted to the visitors room.  She was nervous but she really wanted to see her sister. She missed her.

Her sister came in. She was shocked. She wore prison issue orange underware. She wore an orange bra and panty set. She was barefoot. 

Jenna noticed that the orther inmates were in there underware. “Do you always just wear underware? ” she asked. “Yes. That is all we are alowed to wear. It is not so bad. We have quite a bit of freedom considering. ” she said. 

Jenna felt so bad for her. She did not deserve this. Jenna wished that she had taken the deal. Jenna also realized that she was wet. She felt that she was horny. Seing her in her underware made her horny. Her siater and her perdicterment made her turned on. She felt really weird. She hated that she responded this way.

She dismissed this as just a bodily reaction it did not meen anyreaction. She stil felt bad about it. She fugured her arousal would go away. 

Unfortunately it did not. Everytime she went to see her,she got aroused. “You ok sis?” Elena asked. “Well your condition seems to be turning me on. Im sorry.” she said. Elena laighed. Its ok.

She visited her every week. They became very close. Did she visit to visit or was it to see her sister in her undies. Elena did not care either way.Elena felt like she got her sister back.  Jenna felt the same way.

Her release date was getting closer. “Lana banana, i want you to move in with me when you get released. “Jenna sugested. “I cant ask that of you.  You have been so amazing.  I could not have gotten though this without you.  You have done way more then you had to. I cant accept. ” Elena responded.  

“Lan please.  It would make me feel better. I never should have abadoned you. Your my sister. No matter what i am for you. Never again will i turn my back on you. Please let me help you. Lets get though together.  It will be fun.  It will be like the old days when we were growing up. ” she said.

“Are you sure?” Elena asked.  “Yes. I do have some rules.  I would like you to stay at home when not at work.  No men for a while ok? ” she said. She agreed.  

The time for her release arived.she put on a purple t shirt,jeens and flip flops.  She huged her sister. They walked our hand in hand.

They went right home.she loved spending time with her neices. They loved there aunt lana or they called aunt banna.  She helped out around the house.  She did chores. She got a job and had a steady income. She started to get on her feet.

She and her sister started to bound. They became very close. She started to make something of herself. She could not be more thriled. 

One day when her husbend was at work ,she went to see her sister. “Hey jenna, can i see you in your underware? ” she asked.”it is only fair!” she said.

She pulled her sweter and denim skirt off. She striped to her underware it became a tradition for them. When hubby left, cloths came off. Most of them that is. They loved it. They looked forward to underware time.