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This is the deen family. Andrew is the owner of his own business.  He is a home owner. His wife. Elizabeth has a colege digree. She helps with the family bussiness. While older she is still attractive  desired.  She was prety and inteligent and highly resourceful. 

They had four kids. The oldest was a 23 year old son naimed tim. Tim was a colege student. He was handsome and well liked. The next oldest was a 21 year twin daughters olivia and olyimpia. They were in college and 19 year son greg. Greig was in colege as well. They were all attractive and inteligent.  They all seemed to have a bright future ahead of them. 

The twin girls were very beautiful.  Every guy on canpus wanted to date them. Eveyone wanted them. 

The deen family were not ritch but they were economically comfortable. His bussiness made a respectible living. 

Tedy , lee and joe were brothers. They had been in and out of prison. They had commited pety theft. Nothing too serious. 

They decided that they wanted to rape a whole family. They did reserch and chose the deens as there targets.  They had done a lot of reconnaissance.  They knew there shedule,there habits, interests abs hobies. They were verry through. 

They knew almost everything there was to know about the family. They decided to strike the family during thanksgiving holiday. The whole family  would be together.  

The brothers aquired an electro magnatic pulse device. They activated it. 

While siting down to dinner, the power went out. The whole house went dark. “How did this happen? There is no wind!”olivia said. “Stay hear !” andrew told his wife and kids.

He went downstairs. He tried to get the power back on but could not. He had no idea what was going on. He was totaly Comfounded. He went back upstairs.  

While he was down stairs, three people wearing black stormed the complex. They all had weapons brandished.  The girls screamed. 

“Do not make any suden moves!  ” the leader of the thugs demanded.  The women were nervous. They tried to comply with the demands.  The wife and daughters wore dreses and were barefoot. They were all tied up.

Andrew saw the man. “Sir! Do what we tell you or you will be in a lot of trouble. ” the lead thug said. 

Andrew was made to sit on a chair and was tied up. First Olivia was untied. “Take us your cloths!” one of the underlings demanded. “No! Please don’t do this. ” the farther incisted. 

“Do it or i will schoot your farther. ” the thug said. He took his gun and aimed it at the family patriarch.  She took off her yellow flowrry dress. She removed her bra. Then she pulled down her panties.  

Andrew found he was a bit aroused.  He had a bit of a boner. He felt to awfull about it. Olimpia was just as horny.  

The thugs held her down.the leader placed his penis into her. She cried and screamed. He thrusted in into her. 

Them one of the other thugs took a turn at her. Then the third. The farther and mothers and siblings looked in honor as olivia was defiled.

Olivia was put in a chair. She was put back into restraints. .she cried. The chair felt cold . it made her uncomfortable.  

Olympia was next.she had to strip naked. She wore a matching yellow dress.  They routinly wore similar or the same cloths. She was forced to pull it off.  Then she took off her bra and panties. 

The first thug seemed to enjoy getting the first bite of the apple. He held her down and put himself into her. He was not gentile. He kept going. His seed went into her. The two brothers went at her next.

They did not even let her get cleaned up. She was put back in the chair.  She was put into restrants. 

Next was the mom. She wore a moroon sweter and blue denim skirt.she took off the sweter. She pulled off her skirt. Then she unclasped her bra. She then took off her panties.  

The farther was horified. His two little girls had been raped. Now his wife would be violated.  The thug pushed her to the ground. He forced himself inside.she cried and screamed. He did not listen. The others had time with her. 

Then the oldest son was untied. The two younger thugs ripped off his shirt and pants. They then riped his underware. The lead thug took his penis in his mouth. He sucked on it.

He then made him suck his. Tim was not gay.  He had never had so much as a gay fantasy or a thought.  This was revolting. The other guys did the same to him. 

Greg was the next. They pulled off his cloths. The thug took his dick into his mouth. He made him suck his. Then the brothers did the same.

Andrew knew he would be last. He wilingly took off his cloths.  Why prolonge the inevitable. The thug and his brother forced him to lick them. They licked him. 

They took out a knife. Andrew was restrained.  Andrew begged him not to do this. He cut the man’s privy member. He yelped in pain. 

Then they cut tim’s penis.  Then grieg. The thugs fled the complex. They called the police. They arived and the three were rushed to the hospital. The women were taken to the hospital as well. 

The three men were stabilized. They were unable to reattach there penises.  

They were discharged. None of them wanted to go home. They went to relatives house. They decided to sell the house.

All three women were pregnant.  They decided to keep the kids. Elizabeth had a baby boy. Olympia and Olivia had daughters. 

The men had to learn to go on withour there penises.  Doctors cteated a way for them to pee. They were not men or women anatomically.  

They all slept in the same bed. They decided to leave school for a while. The bussines continued. It made a prophet. They tried to make the best of things. 

The end.