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So i was doing reserch on nutrition. I had read a lot of informitive sites. I got a lot of good insights and information.  During the course of my reserch, i came upon something i had never come upon. Something i knew nothing aboit. 

I saw a site on federism. It was something i had never heard off before. What the heck is federism? It got me curius so i checked it out. That may have not been a good idea.  

Federism is when a person engages in eating fot sexual gratification. There is a kind of domination fetish where a feeder dominates a feddee. Some girls are aroused by getting fat. There are men who gets aroused by making a girl get fat a s seing a girl get fat.

At the time i was a thin. I feared gaining weight. I could not beleve any girl who try to gain weight on purpose.  I could bot believe any guy would get off on a girl stufing her face and getting fat. 

I did not beleve that such a fetish excisted. I searched the web and learned that it did indeed exist.  There were men that loved this kind of stuff. I assumed that it was a very smal smal minority. I believed that it was a fringe of a fringe that had this fetish. 

At first i was a bit revolted by the very notion of it. It seemed preposterous.  One night i was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I started to imagine myself eating and eating.  I inagined myself fat and getting fatter. My panties were getting wet.

I was horified. The thought of getting fat was making me horney. Oh no! How can that be? I hate this stuff. I have fought toon and nail to mantain my weight or lose pounds.  Now i was getting excited by the thought of ganing weight.   I Could not beleve this! This was not like me at all. 

I started fingering myself. I imagibed myself twenty ponds fatter. I imagined eating tons of food.  I was so turned on..i fell asleep fantasizing about ganing tons of weight. 

I kept it structly a fantasyat first. I was still horified by it. I apparently of two minds.  Two very conflicting minds.  Two independent gestalt.  Gestalts that made up me. They were Lori anne it seemed.

I separated the two parts of me. I continued my exercise regimine. Nothing had changed in real life. For months i kept up my same old routine.

After a while i found i was getting sick of my rigid regime.  One day i threw up my hands and decided to surrender.  I was done.  No more of this weight loss. No more walking. I had it. I decided to take a break from it all.

At first i had given up on my program.i stil eat healthy.  I was stil active. I did exercising.  I stil went for walks. It was no longer a law. If i felt like it, i did it. If i did not feel like it, i did not do it. Most days i did. I did what i wanted to do. If i wanted to ve done i stoped.

Not much had changed really.  After a time i did slip into lazyness. I started relaxing too much. I was less and leas actuve. I started desending into sliftullness. 

I still eat right. One day i eat 12 pancakes all at once. I loved it. I eat till i was stuffed. I had to take off my jean shorts. 

I started eating more and more. I started to gain weight. I got a little bit of a belly. At first friends and famuly were happy. They thought i was too thin. They feared i was borderline anorexic.  They liked that i looked healthy. Over time i went overbored the over way. 

They became concerned that i was leting myself go. They woried that i had given up on life.  They feared that i might becoming suicidal. That was not the case. I hardly wanted to tell them that i was developing a fetish for over eating. They might commit me or something.  I tried to assure them that none of that was the case. I am not sure if i was successful though. I did try. 

One day i was at a dinner. I saw a guy checking me out. He was not unatractive but he was no brad pitt. He was not unpleasing in appearance. He kept looking at my belly. I wondered if he had some kind of fat fetish.

I went over to him. “Do you like watching me eat?” i asked.  He got really nervous. I think he thought that he was creaping me up. He was probably afraid that i was going to call the police or something.  That was not the case.

He was realy nervous. His whole body shoock. “Um kind of. I’m sorry. I dont want any trouble. ” he said in a very nervous tone. 

“Oh no i did not meen it like that. Some guys are into that. Watching fat girls eat. There are some girls who like to eat in front of men. “She said.

He studered and said,”they’re. They’re are? ” he asked.  I had a feeling he thought i was playing with him. He suspected i was setting him up. I was playing with him. That was some kind of a plot to humiliate him. I could understand that. The whole thing was a bit awkward.  It was only narural for him to be a little skidish. I did not blame him. 

“Yes they’re are. I am one of them. “I assured him.  I convinced him to join me He calmed down and but still was verry nervous. he watched me devorer plate after plate. He got realy turned on. His booner was huge.

I wore lose fitting clothes.  I had a brown t shirt that bearly covered my belly. Then i wore bycicle shorts and flip flops. I should dress more appropriate to my weight. At this point i did not care.  

I was stuffed.  He paid for my food. I protested but he incisted. We went for a walk after. I learned he had a huge fat fetish.  That was fine with me.

I gave him my number. A few days later, he called me and invited me for lunch at his place. He was a really good cook.  I eat and eat. 

While i was eating a huge hambuger he pulled off my shorts.  Then he took ofg my pantry.  He put his thing into me.  

If i wanted to have wex with him all i had to do was eat a big meal on front of him. We cobtinued ti see eachother. 

My family did not aprove of Neil.  They saw him as an enabler. They urged me to dump him. I told them i would consider what they said. That in reality was a total brush off. 

Eventually he perposed and i said yes.  Manny of my family urged me not to go though it. Manny boycoted the wedding. I had to have a special dress made. I looked like a house at this point. 

We got maried, eat at the reception went home eat some more then had sex. I soon got pregnient and gave birth to twin boy and girl. 

I gained pregnancy weight. The doctor keotea close eye on me. The pregnancy went fine. Though some in our family and iner circle of friends did not aprove of our relationship we liked it. We were happy.  

The end. 


The title came from a caption on a feede tumblr post. I liked it and decided to build a fiction post around it.