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I’m Jason.  I have quite a story to tell. I lived near my work place. I commonly walked to work. I could not justify driving to work where it was so close.  My neighborhood was fairly quiet.  There were no real hooligans in the area. 

I had done this for a couple of years now. I did not realy think too much about it. I was not too concerned about it. 

One day i was walking home from work. I had left the office later then i usualy did. It was a bit dark. It did not concern me.

I was tired. I was looking froward to being home. I looked froward to be able to relax.  It had not been a bad day but certainly a long day. 

I was walking when a car seemed to have come out of no where. This was a low trafficked area but it did get some cars that traversed it. I did not put too much stock in it.

The car then drove near my location. I kept walking. The car stoped. Sudenly i felt a large pulse zaping me. As i fell to the ground,  i realize i had just been tazed. 

While i was unconscious, they picked my lumped body up and shoved me into the car. I was bound with duct tape and thrown into the trunk of the vehicle. 

I was taken to a house on the outakirts of town. The property had a garage that led to an underground basement, a dungion really.  The basement was totaly secure. 

The duct tape was renoved. I woke up stil fully clothed. There were a group of men, well at least i assumed they were men, hovering over me. I pleaded with them to let me go. I knew my pleas would be fruitless. Of course i was right. I stil tried any ways even knowing my eforts were fruitless. 

The leader of the group took out a knife.  “Oh crap! ” i thought. I realy thought they werw goung to stab me to death. If your going to off me,make it quick at least. Do a head schot or something.  Make it painless and quick. That was not what these people were about. I suspected that they might be sado masochist.  I hoped that was not the case but i was woried it was. 

Instead of stabing me, the man i preceved to be the leader of the group cut my swet shirt. I realy liked this swet shirt that i used as a jacket. After they got done, it was useless for anything but a rag.

They then cut up my t shirt. They pulled it off. They then cut up my pants. Then my underware. 

I was naked. I had a kind of fear of being naked in front of peoples.  Realy anyone who was not a romantic interest.  Even then i waa a bit skidish. I got those nightmeres where you show up for work or school naked. I have woken up in a cold swet then realized it was all a dream. 

The leader took his hands and started massaging my pennis. It felt weird.  I felt violated.  I was not gay at all. I had no homosexual tendentcy whatsoever.  My body did seem to be responding to his touch. 

My penis started getting erect. It went from tiny to very big. He started sucking it. I felt realy weird. I begged him to stop. He was not compling. He went at me for a while. 

The leader pulled down his pants and underware. He sat on me. My thing went into him. I found i kind of liked it. I was so humiliated.  How could i respond to it this way. This was a violation.  I was being raped. I was not enjoying it but my body seemed to feel differently. I did not get it but that was how it was.  

After he was done, he handed me off to one of his underling.  He put my thing in his but. Then he handed me off to another thugs. All six men got a turn with me.

I had no idea if this was some kind of rape gang. A gay mafia perhaps.  It was odd. After they were done. I was tazed again. 

I woke up in the hospital.  I was told that i was found near the back of the hospital.  I was naked.  They had washed me off. The rape kit proved unhelpful.  

I was released from the hospital. I decided to nove away from this town. I went to another sate on the other coast. I drove to work from them on.

I started to fantasize about the rape. I got horny thinking aboit it. I met a git at work who was gay. I befriended him. We eventualy became a couple. He is the dominent one in the relationship and that is how i like it. I am a supervisor at work.  In the bedroom,  i am definently a sub. A kind of admiral in the streets,slave in the sheets. I would not have it any other way. 

The end.