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Dave was a shy unassuming man. He worked at a home improvement store part time.  He took clases at a community college.  He also did some volunter work in the community.  He liked to do behind the scenes stuff. If he was opinionated no one would know it. 

He kept to himself. At hisjob he stuck to business.  At school he kept to his studies. He focused in on the task at hand. He was all work and no play. At least that was how it apeared to others.

He was insicure in many ways. That in many ways held him back. It kept him in the side lines. It kept him in the shadows. Msyby he perfered it that way. Mayby fear kept him from anything else. 

He volunteered to help set set up for a community event. He was the muscle.he did not do the thinking at least not out loud.he did make it happen.  He implemented the ideas of others. If he had his own ideas he did not share them. 

While planing for the community fun week, he met a young women.  He was enamored with her practically from the get go. He did not tell her right away. He figured there was no way he had a chance with her. 

He did all he could to help her. Her name was shari anne. She was tall at 5.9. He was five seven. She usualy wore t shirts ,shorts and sandles. She usualy painted her nails.

He liked her. He had no idea how she felt about him. The family fun week was a huge sucsess. It turned out to be realy good for the town and the greater community at large. 

“Look dave! Thank you for all your help and hard work. Your work has not gone unoiticed or unappreciated. ” she told him.

“Thank you. ” he told her. He liked her all the more after that. He was not ready to tell her that. 

He tried to get closer to her. It was working.  She were hanging out together more and more. While it involved clases or community activism , it was increased. Mayby it was nothing.  Dave got hopefull. Dave  clung to it even if it turned out to be all in his head. He knew it might turn out that way. 

They became closer. He seemed to be heading somewhere. Mayby just a friendship but that was ok he suposed. He was glad just to breath the same oxygen as her. 

They had planed to meet upfor cofee to discus an event she wanted to plan. She came up with an idea that would and promote farming and yoga. While dave was not quite as hepped up on this idea as he was, he was wiling to help her make it happen.

While on the way he was stopped by a man around the same age as he was.”look pal. Word of advice.  Tread lightly around shari Anne.  She is not who you think she is. ” he said.then he walked away.

He was qiet the whole time at the cofee shop. “You ok? You seem distent? Aloof!?” she asked.  ” i want to play a game. Reveal a secret time. I will reveal a secret about me then you reveal one about you. ” he suggested. 

“Ok!” she said. “I will go first. ” he said.  ” ok! ” she said. “I vote republican most of thr time.  ” he said.  She laughed. ” i gues it my turn. I have been to jail. ” she said.

“Oh!” he said. “For assault.  More then once. I have been known to beat up men. ” she said. “I had no idea. ” he said. “I have a violent streak!” she said.

“Did you wear an orange jump suit?” he asked.  “Yes. I did. I was shakled from head to foot.  Hand cugs waist and feet.  ” she said.

His things started to get big. “How many tines have you been to jail? ” he asked.  “Three different times!” she answered. She could tell the whole conversation was making him aroused.

“Do you have a thing for women in prison?” she asked.  He nervously said yes. She laughed.  ” so do i! I loved every minute of being in prison! ” she admited.

“Did you make out with other inmates?’ he asked. “Oh yea. My roomate was a real hotie. We did more then that. ” she admited. 

He was very horny. They decided to table the discussion for the event. They went to the car. They went to his apartment.  

He kissed her. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it off.  She took off his shirt. He went for her shorts. She unzipped his pants and then took them off. 

He unclasped her bra and pulled it off.she took off his underware. He pulled off her panty. He pinned her down.  He held her down. He put his thing into her.

She never thought that he would be this forcefull. She loved it. She begged him to frig her harder. He did so. 

They cuddled on the kitchen floor. “I knew you were far more dominant then you let on.” she said.”i suspected you had a submisive side. “He said.”i am far moew submisive then i let on. “She told him. 

“Why do you asult man?” heasked.”i an dynamic.  I give a man a chance to conquer me. If he fails i rise up. I am a bad girl. I am like a break away republic.  If you want me to be part of your fledgling hegemony,  you will put down my rebel army. ” she said.

He got up on top of her and pinned her down.  “Well chechnya. Consider me valdimir puttin. I plan on putting  down this rebellion. ” he said.

“Come on gaurd. It is time to frig ypur prisoner. ” she said. He quickly complied. 

She stayed the night. She went home and got ready to go to clases. He hoped that this might be the beginning of something between them.

While at work at “the tool shed”, he waa called to the store managers office. He had no idea what this was about. He went inside. Two man in suits identified themselves as police officers.  He was arrested for sexual assult.

She clamed he seduced her. He lured her to his place under false intents. Then he rapped her.he was taken to jail. 

He was striped out of his cloths. He was put into an orange jump suit. He was given bail. 

His lawer argured that even with her criminal record,  it was her word against his. The jury would stil be inclined to beleve her.

He plead guilty and have 20 years to life in prison.  He liked jail. He got a nice roomate. They did engage in gay sex. He was gentile.  

Suddenly she got his intention. “Earth to david. ” shari anne said.” oh sory. Look um i better go. ” he said.

He ended up leaving town. He droped out of colege. He joined a commune of men who took a vowbof celibacy near tibet. He was never seen again.  

The end.