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I’m Ken.  I was having some bad days. I was prety down. My friend ron came to check on me. “You have been down lately.  You ok?” he asked.

“Yea! I’m fine. ” i said. He did not believe me. “You sure?” ron asked. “Yes rony. I am perfectly fine. ” he tried to assure him. 

He did not beleve him. “How about i stay over tonight? ” he asked. “Ok! I gues that would be ok. ” he said. 

We talked for a bit. I was just under a lot of stress. Talking to him helped. He said he could sleep on the couch. I would not hear of it. There was no way i was going to do that to him. 

“No you take the bed room. I can sleep on the couch. I dont mind. I really dont. ” i told him. He was reluctant to accept.  I pushed the issue. He was doing me a huge favor.  It was only right that he get my bed for the night. 

“Realy rony i do incist!” i told him. Why dont we sleep in the same bed. We are friends.  It is not that weird. ” he said.” ok!” i said.

He went in the bathroom to change. I gave him shorts i had. We wore just about the same size pants. He changed out of his shirt and pants. 

I took off my shirtd and pants. I put on shorts. He came out. I hugged him. I am not sure why i did that. That was so not like me.

To my surprise,  he did not recoil.  In fact he drew closer to me. We held on to each other. Then we dispetsed. It was a long and pro longed display of affection.  

It felt realy good. I felt good. I wanted to hug him again. I figured that that would probably not be a good idea. I did not attempt that again. I figured that would not be a good idea. 

We got into bed. We slept far away from away from eachother. We both asleep. I woke up. I had a boner. I tried to hide it. 

He woke up. “Do you want to take a shower?” he asked. ” yes i would.  Want to join me?” he asked. “Really? ” i asked.  “Yea!” he answered.

I said yes. We went to the bathroom. I pulled my shorts down to my feet. So did ron. We then pulled off our underware. 

We got in the shower. We started to wash ourselves. He staeted washing me. I washed him. I hugged him. He kissed me. After we dried eachother off. 

We went into the bed room. He threw me on to the bed. He jumped on top of me. I kissed him. We French kissed eachother. My penis got very big. He kissed my thing. He went up and down my thing. I moaned. I wanted him to keep going.he did so. 

After a while,i switched posistion. I pushed him on to the bed. I started to kiss his penis. I licked it. I had never have gay sex before. I liked the feel of his dick. I really did. I could not get enough of it. 

After he had me get on the bed. He put his thing into the but. It was very uncomfortable.  It also felt really good. Then it was my turn. 

Then we cuddled. “Does this meen we are gay?” i asked. “I know i am just as shocked.  Yes i am prety sure that it does. ” he said.

“Do you want to move in with me?” i asked.” i would love to hunnie. ” he said. We held eachother. He felt so good in my arms. 

We stayed in bed for the day.  We stayed naked most of the day. We held hands. We were so happy. We stayed together.  We would never be apart. 

The end.