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Janna was the oldest daughter and seccond oldest child. She had a bright future. She graduated fifth in her class at high school. She had a g.p.a of 4.0 at her college.  She seemed to be on the up swing in life. 

That all changed. She was injured while playing basketball. She was in incredible pain. She was put on pain killers. As what happens to Manny, she became addicted to pain killers. Then she started to get into more potent drugs. 

She started buying more and more potent narcotics. One day she was in the middle of a buy. The police had been tailing the buyer. The police stormed the abandoned warehouse.  Everyone there was immediately taken into custody.  This included janna. 

She was wearing a teal t shirt, jeend and sandles when she was arested. A cop slapped cufs on her. She was led to a police car. 

She had never been to jail before. Her family wanted nothing to do with her. She could not aford bail so she was stuck in thr slammer. She was made to wear an orange jump suits. 

She was brought in to meet with a prosecutor.  She was offered six mouths in a department of correction’s rehab program.  While technically a prison, it was a drug treatment program. In the scheme of things,  it was a drop in the bucket. 

She did not want to accept it but her lawer urged that she do it. She finaly did. She was nervous but she felt that this was the best that could happen given the circumstances.  

It took a few days for everything to go though. A week after sentencing, she was moved from county jail to the treatment center. She wore the orange jumpsuit and was fully shackled during the trip there.  

She arived at the facility. The handcufs, waist and feet shackles were removed. She was alowed to change out of the jumpsuit. She put on a green t shirt and black shorts.

The first part of the program waa was detox. Sense she had been incarcerated,  most of the  drugs were out of her system.  They required all in the program to go though detox. They found the detix process helpfull for all.

She hopped that sense she had not been on the drugs for a little while,detox would be easy. That was simply not the case. It waa very hard.

She went though swets. She had hallucinations.  They were weird ones. She took off her cloths. That still was not sucesfull.she pucked on eveything. It was horible and about as not fun as it could be. 

Finaly it passed. After some time to recover.  She was then moved to a ward for treatment.  She was housed with a young women.  She was a prostitute and a junky. 

She was prety. She was not a lesbien.she felt drawn to her. Janna hugged her. She huged her back. They held each other. 

The program was vigorous.  There was group seasons,  there were private consultations as well. They were kept busy. That was by design.

She and her roomate kiki had become very close. They enjoyed eachothers company.  They slept in the same bed.  

One day they waited a while. Kiki liked jana’s pussey. Jana had to keep qiet. It was hard. If they were caught ,they might be expelled and be sent back to real prison. 

After she licked kiki’s pussey.  They did this on numerous occasions.  They did not get caught. During the final phase she was sent to another wing. 

She was able to conplete the program. She was released .she was on probation. She had strict rules. She had to be in her home by ten..she waa to avoid alchole or any ilegal drugs or drugs not prescribed by a doctor.  If she had perscription drugs,those had to be looked at by someone within the department of corrections.  Mess up and she would be in hot watter.

She moved in wih her sister. Her sister and her has made up. Her sister had kids. She had strict rules herself.  If she messed up out she went. Mostlikly that would meen back yo jail.  

She was determined to not mess up. She stayed cleen. She was eventuality released from probation. She got her own apartment. She reconected with kiki. She moved in. They become lesbien lovers.both were clean and priductive members of society. 

Her sister was jelous of kiki. She made sure that kiki was not a bad influence. Jane was convinced that she was fine. 

Janna kissed her sister. She was shocked. She backed away. Janna kissed her again.  They peeled away each other’s cloths. They went at it.

She and kiki mooved in with Jane.  They shared the same bed. Janna got pregnent by invitro and had a baby girl. Kiki got pregnent later and had a boy. Jane had two kids and had another. They became happy.  

The end.