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Amy was a political prisoner. She was sent to an undetermined sentence at the clark correctional facility for women.  

Amy had brownish hair. She comonly placed in a braided ponytail. She was five six. She had been a colege student. She got goid grades and was probably a contender for the valorvictorian or salutatorian.  Now she was in prison. She had no idea how long she would be there. 

She was smart attractive and funy. She was well liked. She did not come from  weath or privledge. Every accomplishment was earned. She worked hard and never took no for an answer. She pushed herself and it commonly paid off. 

She focused on her studies.  She knew how to have fun too. At colege she had a group of friends.she was involved in sports as well. 

She had stayed outbof politics. She was not interested in politics. She kept to herself. The nation had gone though several changes over the years. 

The nation had once been a free country. The country had fredom spelled out in the constitution.  There had been a strong multi party system. There were clear limits on the power of the government.  

After a series of events, the country moved towards one party rule. The ruling party created an entranced cival service that consisted of members of that party. Laws were changed so that it was harder to get those bureaucratic posistions. Even trash collectors and janators at federal facilities had to be approved by the party.

Most people had gotten use to the satus quo. Few opposed it. Those who did ended up in prison or worse. Any public demonstration or protest were atrickly forbidon. Any uprising was quickly  put down with extreme prejudice.  Most learned to stay out of the way. Avoid conflict at all coast. Most tried to do just that. 

That was amy’s syrategy. She did not care about that.  She wanted to libe her life.  She wanted to be successful. She vowed to be a productive contributor to society. Other then that she would live a qiet life. 

It had paid off. She was exceling. Sense she avoided politics, no one questioned her loyalty to the country or the leaders. She planed to graduate from college,  teach for a while. Eventualy she wanted to get maried ane raise a family.  She figured she could start a business and work from home. She could run a business in between her other job as a dairy cow.she felt that she would have plenty of options. 

Then she ran afowel of the wrong person. One of her rivals at college was charles duffy ryian the fouth. His father was an oficial in the justice department and a party elder. His mom was an official in the foreign ministry.  She chaired a party policy committee.  He was determined to become valorvictorian.  If he could not get it legitimately,  he was perfectly wiling to persue the top honors by other means.  

Amy did not care if she got first or secoond. She did not care if she graduated third in her class. All she wanted was to graduate in the top four of her class. Salutatorian was fine. 

Duff ,as he was called, felt very differently.  He wanted to be at the top .  he did not care how he got there.  As it got close to finals, amy seemed to be slightly ahead of duff. The two seemed to be the two finalest for the top rankings. 

“Amy we need to talk! ” duffy said. “Alright, what do you want to talk about? ” she asked. ” i need to be valorvictorian.  My future could depend on it. ” he said.

“Work hard buckle down and i am sure it will happen. I dont mind playing second fiddle. ” she said.

“Look my patents are very influential.  They are technocrats and they serve in the party echelon.  You can make friends with them or enemies.  The latter is unwise. ” he said.  “You want me to throw the final exams so you get to be valorvictorian? ” she remarked.

“I will let you draw those conclusion.  ” he said. ” whatever happens,  it will be due to my diligence or lack thereof.  I dont cheat. I work hard sonetimes i achieve ,sonetimes i come short. I wont throw the test.  I wont help you or hurt you. It is an even playing field.  We all get a shot.what happens nect is up to you. ” she said. 

“My parents are powerful people.  My family’s involvement in the party goes back genegenerations. Do not doubt Our  influence!” duff declared. 

“I dont yield!  I dont cower. ” she said.”you will regret this! ” he declared. Then he stormed off.

She scored slightly ahead of duffy. She was awarded the top honors.just before she was about to march to graduation, members of one watter street, the elete paramilutary unit which answered to the party elders only. 

She was dresed in the gradution gown.underneth was a purple slevless dress and black nylons and dress shoes. “Ammy greer, you are under arest. You ate charged with violation of the good citizen act.” the lead officer said.

Her hands were put behind her back. She was led into a van designed to be used by 1,w,s. She was placed with other ladies who were shackked and under arest. 

The law said that a defendent detaned by the party must apear before a judge.  The hearing was a formality. Basically the malitia reported the arest to the magistrate.  The magustrate says ok. It called an act of jucidial review but is is really not. The magistrate was probably a party member.  Even if he was not, he was still there at the sufferance of the party. That was very clear. 

After the hearing she ended up at clark corectional facility. She was dressed in an orange two peace jump suit. She had to wear a diaper.  Her diaper was only changed once a day. She was not alowed to wear shoes.she was always batefoot. 

Her hands,waist and feet were shackled almost all the time. She spent most of the day in her cell. The cott was somewhat comfortable.  She was alowed to paint her toe nails. She was given nail polish. 

Her cell mate was katie. Katie was around the same age as amy. She was convicted of petty theft. She was not a political prisonor. At Clark,  political inmates were shackled, non political were not.

 When amy arived, Katie hugged her. Amy cried on her shoulder. Katie held her. The first night,  amy had trouble getting to sleep.  She asked katie to get in bed with her. She asked her to cuddle with her. She held on to her.

They cuddled together evety night.  They spent hours talking.  Removing eachothers diaper was aganst ragulations. They could remove cloths just not thr diaper. They likcked eachothers tits.  

After a few mounths in jail, duffy who graduated from college first in class cooled off. He was now a party oficial and worked for the transportation ministry. He ofered to use his influence to have her released.  

“Look i offer you something.  You release me . i will forgot the whole abuse of power thing. In return you mary me , alow me to live in your home. You will get my cell mate released. I will have your children.  ” she said.

He agreed. All three stayed in one bed. She now considered herself bi sexual. She decided to stay incontinent and wore s diaper. They waterproof the bed.

He considered himself a voyer. He loved to watch them suck eachothers pussey. He got her pregnent with twin girls.  Later on she had a son. 

Katie wanted kids so he got her pregnent with a son and later a daughter. They had party protection. Duffy was killed in a rebelion. Amy was the sole baneficiary. She maried katie. They adopted eachother kid.

Evebtualy the party minopoly fell. Multi party returned. Full and free election rerurned. A new constitution was aproved. The civil service was reformed. The party technocracy fell into abeyance.  Life went back to normal.

Katie and amy lived hapily ever after.

The end.