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Nicole, Jessica, becca and maddy were heading to a shoping mall.they had a day off so they decided to hang out together.   They enjoyed having off time and they looked froward to spending the day together. 

They went to the mall. It was a normal day at the mall. It was a buz of activity. It was a fairly buisy day.  

The groups of friend began to rome the mall. They saw some shops that interested them. They went inside.

They visited several stores. They bought a few small items.  Nothing too big. They were having fun. After a while they went to the food court. They were eating and having fun. 

They came to realize that they were being watched. At first they dismissed it. They kept seng the same people over and over again. After a while they got rattled but did not want to let it get to them. They did not want to have it put a damper on an otherwise good day. 

After a while it got worse and worse. “This is driving me crazy! ” nicky remarked.  “I know. I wish that they would just go away. “Becca said. “Maybe we should just go. ” jessie suggested.  

None of them wanted to leave. They were having a good day. They were having fun. They were reluctent to leave but they suspected that they needed to. After they finished eating, they decided to head out. 

They tried to exit in a non chalant manor.  They were determined at the same time. They wanted to get out of there and fast. They wanted to get to the car. 

As they neard the door,those that doging them made there moves. Four males ran to them. They surrounded them. They were serrounded on all sides. 

People watched but not one intervened.  No one wanted to get involved. It appeared that no one would. They were on there own. They knew that. 

One rushed becca. He pinned her down. He pulled off her black t shirt. He pulled off her denim skirt. He ripped her panty. He riped off her bra. He forced himself into her. He kept going. 

He was relentless.  He was forceful. His thing was going into her. She could do nothing to stop it.

Nicky tried to help becca.  Another one of the thugs came at her. He forced her to the ground. He removed her pink sweater.   He then pulled off her gray skirt. He pulled off ber bra and panty.  He went at her. 

Jessie and Mandy wanted to help there friends. After a while it was clear they were goners. It was an everyone for themselves proposition. They took each other’s hand and atempted to esape. 

They were intercepted before they could make it to the door. They were both forced to the ground.  They tried to fight back but neither one were strong enough to fight back.  

Jessie brown top was removed. Then her bra was ripped off.then her brown pants were ripped open.  Her panties were cut. He licked her tits while his penis went into her. He kept going. 

Mandy was able to get away.her blue shirt was ripped but she got outside. She got outside and called 911. 

After they were done they left the mall. The ambulence arived.the girks were brought to the hospital. They were examined and then released. They wore hospital gowns but were given scrubs to wear on there way home. 

They went home and comforted eacother. They had never been raped before.  It was a traumatic event for all of them. 

You see in the future following backlash over draconian sexual harassment and decrimination laws,male supremicist parties began to crop up. Mens rights movement began.  At first they denanded comon sence easing if laws. After the pitsfeld masicure of 2088, militant pro mens group began armed resistance.  Thid led to a cival war. Right ring male groups took over the congress and legalized rape and sexual herashment. 

Now rape was legal with a few stipulations.  The women had to be adults and after the ‘procedure’  they had to be allowed acess to medical care.  They had to be permited to leave. No other harm could come. 

Mandy felt a bit isolated from the group. She had no conection to them.she did not have the bounf with them.  They were all rape victoms but her. 

Then all of them got pregnent. Abortion was now illegal.  They had to have the kids. There belles got big. They all loved being pregnent. 

Nicky had twin girls. Jessie had a little boy and becca had a girl. Mandy felt isolated.  She was not in the rape club. 

One day a guy at work got horney and dragged her into a janitors closet and had his way with her. She got pregnent and had twin boy and girl. They all knew they could be targeted again. 

They kind of enjoyed the experience.  It was definitely an experience. One they would never forget.  

The end.  


This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone rape or other forms of secualy based crimes.