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Whenever the pendulum swing too far,it swing back in the orther direction. In the 20th century,  women got the right to vote. They then tried to advance in politics and bussiness even in religious clegy. 

In 1992 women began to be elected to u.s house abd senate in droves.  That year was called the year of women. Female ceo crop out. Females were taking role as world leaders. From england to Germany, chilie,Argentina Brazil even indonesia had a female president for a time. 

It seemed that women had turned the corner. They had reached a point of no return. It was believed that women were now eaquil to men or e even have the chance if surpassing them. As it had been observed,if the pendulum goes too far to a certain direction,it night soon swing into tbe oposite direction.  As it was observed , every action has an equal and oposite  reaction. 

The trend saw the emurgence of a movement to undo the feminest insurgence.  All over the world anti eqality parties swept into congress, parliment and presidency all over the world.  They started to role back progress made in the 20th and early 21st century.  

Some nations took there country back a hundred years in the wrong direction. Others partially undid equal rights or scaled it back slightly. 

In the us,house majority leader hosen introduced a bill that legalize unwanted groping of women by men. The bill passed the house and the senate. The president signed it into law. 

 Missy was a college student on her way home from college for spring break. She wore a brown shirt and tan skirt and flip flops.

She pumped gass. She was not really paying attention to anything but the pump. She did not want to go pass a certain point. She did not see that someone was approaching her. 

He started to feel her up. He rubed her but. She looked up. She was a bit startled.  She had heard that unwanted groping was now ligal. She put up with it. He placed his hand into her skirt.he felt his pussy.  Then he left.

She finished punping gas. She put her debit card inside and got her recipt. She went back in. The whole event made her wet. For some reason being groped made her horny.  

She stoped at a fast foid restaurant. She ordered her food.  She wanted a break from being on the road. She took her food in the store.  She got the tray and sat at a table. She started eating. Someone went inside her shirt and bra. He rubed her tits.

Later another man touched her feet that were in sandles. One man rubed her leg. A girl touched her hair. Some women might be offended but not Missy.  She loved it. 

She would never set out to be grouped. If it happened she would not do much to stop it. She would not protest.  If she did they might stop. She did not want that. She did not off too eager but did not go out of her way to discourage it either.

She got in her car and continued her jouney. She made it home.shewaa glad to see her family. She huged her mom and her dad. She had two olders brothers and sisters.  She had three younger brother and three younger sisters.  She was glad to see him.

“So how many times were you grouped! “Her older sister elise asked.”too manny to count. ” she said. They laughed.

“Why arw you laughing about this?” there mom asked.”this is terible. ” there mom added. Missy and elise said something like true or your right. Both did not think that it was abig deal. 

Some might want to repeal this.  Not them.  They loved it. They kept that to themselves. At least in front of there mom.  

The end.