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Craig had started his own company.  It became a very successful conpony. He eventualy sold it to a larger compony.be then started another compony from sctech just to prove he could. He had become very successful in this business as well. 

He got very stressed. Sometimes he wondered if the stress was worth it. He considered seling this compony and perhaps taking a break from cooperate life at least for a little while. He liked to stay buisy. It drove him crazy to be inactive. 

He could not decide what was worse,being idle or being stressed out. Both made him batty. He did not how to distress. 

One of his friends a fellow founder and ceo of a conpony saw that he was stressed out.he wanted to help his friend out. 

“You ok craig? You seam out of sorts lately. “His friend remarked. “I am a bit out of sorts barry. “Craig admitted. “Why is that craig?” he asked. 

“Well i find the job is getting to me. It is a lot harder then i thought. I need to take a break.”he told him. 

“I used to get stressed out myself.  I have found a way to destress.it realy works!” bary told him. He was realy exited to hear what this miracle cure was. He realy wanted to know what it was. So he asked him. 

“I go home. I take off all my cloths .i put on a women’s night gowan. I just relax.i watch a movie . i ware a soft nightie. I just enjoy it. ” his fellow c.e.o said. 

“Your suggesting i cross dress? I love being a man. I love being a masculine.  I really hope that your not sugesting the key to relaxing is a sex change. “Craig remarked.

“Oh no no! I too love being a man. This has nothing to do with wanting to be a women. It is a relaxing technique.  It is no different then going for a run or doing yoga. It is realy not a big deal. It is cloths. Thats all. ” Barry said. 

He was not sure about all this. He felt like he needed to try something.  He could not keep doing what he was doing. What he was doing was just not working. He knew that. 

He acted like he was incredulous to the idea. He acted like he was not even remotely interested in the idea. 

In truth he was wiling to give it a chance.  At this point he would try just about anything. He decided to buy a night gowan from a local box store. He ordered it on line but picked it up at the back of the store.  

He did not make much convrtsation with the clerk. They ofered to open the package to make sure that the item was the itim. He declined.  He figured that if it was not the item he would deal with it later. 

He went home. He opened the box. It was indeed the itim he ordered . he found that it was excited. He felt like a kid that just got a new toy. Now he was excited to try it out. This was brand new teritory. This was a brand new experience.  He was excited to experience it. 

He took off his cloths. He put on the night gown. He was really soft. It waa comfortible. He just took in the sensation. He felt odd. He also felt good. It was comfortible and comforting.

He sat down on the couch. He realy hoped that he would have no visitors tobight. He forgot about the stress he was deeling with. He just relaxed. 

He fell asleep on the couch. He woke up the next norning. Even on the couch it was the best sleep he had in a long time. 

He took a shower the next morning. He changed into normal busdiness atire. A suit and a tie. He came to work happy . the day seem to go so much better. 

He went home and changed. He got into a night gowan. He was so happy to relax.

This became his routine. He kept it qiet. He did not want it to be made public. It would be verry embarrassing.  

He did this for mouth.  His employies noticed a difference in him. He was a private person any ways. His private life was his private life. That was his bussiness. 

He was a life long belchor. No one knew why. There was stories that he had been engaged once but it was ended. There was rumors that he waa gay and rumors that he was impotent or a eunic. That was not true at all. 

He met a young lady who was a staff member to another coperate officer.  She and craig started off talking casualy. It was a hi how are you kind of thing. Then it started to grow. 

Craig did not want to get into a relationship of any kind. He was too buisy. He visited places all over the country and the world. He was always on the move. She did not report to him but he started the compony. She did work for him technically.  He was reluctent to persue this.

Clare was a sweet young women. They both started to like eachother. She took a job at another compony. She got to head up a department.  

She asked craig out. The two went on several dates. He was woried she would learn his secret. They eventually got maried. He decided to step down as ceo but retained the title of president and was active on the bored. 

She worked at her compony until she got pregnent. She left her job . one day she found his night gowan.  It was not hers. She had been told that he had not dated anyone in quite some time.

He finaly came cleen with his night gowan wearing. She laughed. Apparently he resumed his night gowam wear. They would watch tv in the bed room in matching night gowans. Both enjoyed this rituel. It was a secret only they knew about.

The end.