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Rebecca and katie and Megan had all moved back home.  Rebecca had been to university. She was a ceo of her own compony. Her conpony fell victom to a hostle takeover. She was emotionaly and physically exhausted.  Her father was woried about her and begged her to come home for a while.  She was reluctent to.she loved her farther but liked her independence.  She decided she could use a change of synery. Going back to her home town could be the medicine she needed. She decided to go back at least until she got direction on what to do next. 

Rebecca was the oldest daughter. She was the most responsible. She h ad always been. She was the five going on forty child. She was teacher assistant so on. That was just how she was. 

Katie was in colege. She was smart. She was bubily. In some ways she was the pollar oposite of rebecca. Rebecca was able to tenper her. She pushed katie. Katie decided to take a year off . she decided to move home while she worked.  

Megen was the baby of the family.  She was attending. Comunity colege. She worked at a grocery store. Her dad talked her out of going to colege of the orther side of the contry at least for now.   He was not ready to let go of his little girl quite yet.

 Tom was a widower. He was a lawyer and a part time judge. He lost his wife a few years ago. He was qiet and reserve anyways. He short of lived vicariously though his kids. He was fine with that. 

He was glad to see his kids back in his house. While some dads were eaiger to see there kids leave the nest not him. He liked his kids.  He felt the oposite.  He dreaded seing them all gone. Espeacialy if he went far out of town. 

He had a firat day back party. He ordered piza. He made cake. ” ok. I have tons of food! ” he said. “What are we celebrating ?” rebecca asked.  “You all being back hear.” he said 

,Rebecca wore a pink shirt jeens and was barefoot. Katie wore a purple tank top and blavk shorts and waa barefoot.  Megen wore a white tank top and pajama bottom.

 They eat. He saw the girls gerting along.they laughed. Swared stories. Tom was happy. He liked seing them together. They were different. They fought alot. They at the end of the day did get together.  

“After dinner they cleaned up. They watched a movie. After the movie the dad sugested they play a game. “Lets play truth or dare?” katie suggested. “Really katie? ” megen said. “It will be fun. ” katie said. 

“Ok bec truth or dare? ” Katie asked.”truth!” rebecca asked. “Have you ever had lesbien fantasies? ” katie asked. The rest of the family hised and laughed. ” oh my. Yes i have.” she said.” i knew you.” katie said. 

“I had no idea.” tom said. ” yea sorry dady” she said. ” nothing to be ashamed of. ” he said.”ok bec your turn! ” katie said.  “Ok. Meg truth or dare !” rebecca said. “Dare.” megen said. “Take off yout shirt. , rebecca ordered. Oh. Megen pulled off her shirt.she  was just in her bra now. 

“Ok meg” katie said.  “Dad!” Megen said.”dare!” he said.”kiss rebecca. ” Megen said. He went over and kissed his olest dayghter. They kept going at it. “My turn? ” he asked.”your turn?” meg said.

“Katie?  ” he said ” truth” she said.  ” who have you fantisize about having sex with?” he asked.”rebecca!” she said without any hesitation.  “Really”  she said. “You are realy hot!” Katie said.

“Lets take this into the bed room. ” tom said.  They went to his bed room.becky and katie got on to the bed. They started to kiss. They kept kissing. 

Rebbecca took off Katie’s shirt. She licked her tits though her bra. She removed her bra.she kept going at her boobs.  Rebecca loved it. She begged her to keep going. 

Katie took off becky’s botoms and psnty. She licked her pussey. She just kept going. Becky pulled off katie shorts and underware and went at her pussey.

 Megen took off her cloths and both girls took her on.one licked her boobs while the other took her pussey. After they all got on the bed and cudled. 

They all felt more relaxed. The bed in dads room became the family bed. They slept together and showrred together. He hoped that they would never leave home. 

The end.