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Julie was scared. She was going to prison. Her husband was found guilty of tax fraud. He was sentenced to ten years in a federal prison..while she was aquited of all charges.  The middle nane she gave on am i.r.s document differed from her birth certificate.  Her mother died when she was young.her dad was a terrible speller.  He speled her middle name lee. The birth cirtificate has it lea. She was convicted of a process crime. She was sentenced to two weeks in a minimum secuity facility.

While she could fight the sentence. She was told by her lawyer that she would probably win.  He stressed that it would take time and mony.  It might take years. The conviction would hang over her head. If she got it overwith it would be over. It was only two weeks.  It would seem like an eternity.  When it was over it was over.

Her sister agreed to watch her two young children.  She had a three year son and six mounth old daughter. She would back with them. They would probably forget about it once she was back. She decided to get on with her sentence. Get it over with. 

She wore a black t shirt, pajama botoms and sandles. She went with her lawyer. She signed the paper work. She was then escorted to intake. 

” im Kylie a gaurd. If you agree to cooperate, you don’t have to be shackled.  ” she said.”no i will cooperate.  ” she assured her.

“I hope it rains these two weeks. With my luck it will be suny. The day i get out downpour for a week.” julie said.”that is how it goes for me. Suny on my work days days off monsoon. ” the. gaurd said. 

They entered intake. Kylie huged her.she found her to be soft and comforting.  “I need to strip naked now don’t i?” she asked. “Yea jules i am afraid so. ” she answered.  ” i figured.” she answered. 

Julie pulled off her tank top. She then pulled down her pj botoms and pulled them off. She then pulled off her bra. Then her panties.  She was searched. Kylie was very gentile. Julie quickly trusted her.

 She was taken to the infirmery. The nurse was also friendly.  She gave her a physical. She was gentile as well. Then she was given prison blue scrubs underware and sandles.  She put it on.

“All of the prisoners on this block are non violent. This is a safe cell block. You have nothing to wory about. ” kylie told her. She thanked her for that.

She was escorted to her cell. She was escorted inside.  She saw her cell mate. She had ling brown hair. She was prery. ” hi im katie. ” she said.she hugged her.  

” im julie?”she said. “Scared? ” she asked. ” a litle” she admited. “Understandable.  I assure You are perfectly safe hear. ” she answered.  

“Look i know you dont know me. Can you hold me?” she asked.  Her cell mate wraped her arms around her. They held on to each other. 

She was so soft. She loved the feel of her. She was not a lesbien or even bi or curias. There was a saying,  gay for the stay. Mayby that was this.Mayby she just needed comfort. Katie provided that. 

They went to one of the coats. They held on to eachother. It was nice. She had a chance to let it go. She likef katie. She liked her alot.

Over the two weeks they would become best friends.  They would become confidants.  

They slept in the same cot. They cuddled.  They loved to be around eachother. 

On day four julie kissed her.julie feared she went too far. She started to retract. Katie stoped her. She kissed her back. They continued to kiss eachother. 

Then julie took off her roommate’s blue scrub top off. Katie pulled off julies. Julie pulled off her blue pants. Her were pulled off. There bras cane off then there panties came off.

Julie kissed Katie’s niples. Katie was so aroused.  She beged her to keep going. Julie was happy to comply. She kept going. 

After a while,  katie liked Julie’s pussey. Julie orgasmed. They weny back and forth screwing eachother. They cudled afterwards. 

Julie was excited to see her family again.she would miss katie. This was almost like a vacation.  

After she was released, she went home. Then after two mouths katie was released.  Julie incisted she move in. They lived hapily after after 

The end.