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I’m calie. One day i was heading to work. I worked in accounting. While on my way,another driver had a heart attack and died almost instently. The car hit me. 

My car was forced off the road. The car hit a gaurd rail. I hit my head. I blacked out. Anothet vehicle passed by and saw what had transpired. The driver checked on the other driver and me. The other driver was dead from the heart attack. The driver was an off duty emt. He checked my pulse and found a pulse. He. Draged me out of the wrecked car. He called 911. 

The ambulance arived and i was rushed to a local hospital. I had been waring a pink sweter,and gray dress pants. I wore dress shoes and was otherwise barefoot.my cloths were removed andwas changed into a hospital gowan. 

I woke up in a hospital bed. I was grogy. I had no idea where i was.as u became more coherent i began to remember. I saw that i was hooked up to michines. I could not move my legs. I feared i was peralized.

I looked for a call button. I found it and pressed it. I waited for someone to arive. The door opened and several came in. The doctor was a women who apeared to be inbher thirties. She had a white lab coat and blue scrubs. She had blondish,brown hair in s ponytail. I was not a lesbien but i found her attractive. This might be my way to coupe with all this. 

“I am glad your awake. You have been put though the ringer and then some. ” the doctor said. “I remember the other slaming into me. I saw my car hitting the gaurd rail.  ” i said.

“The other driver died of a heart attack before the car slamed into you. You are paralized. It is not clear if you will regain the use of your legs. ” she said.

Dr. Megen Elizabeth randolf haf a reputation was being cold and callous.  She could describe a slow and painful death in vivid details and sound more monotone then a reporter for national public radio. She was good at what she did.she was competent.  She could be relied on. 

“Your thinking that it is more likly that i wont be able to walk again?” i asked her. “Yes that is correct cal!”she said.

I was surprised that she used. Nickname. I was told by a nurse that was just her way.  She liked to use pet names especialy when giving less then pleasent news.  

After a while i was left alone.i was glad to have some time to myself. I took that time.  I rested and did some commiseration as well. 

I tried to watch some tv but i realy was not intetested. I shut it off. I slept on and off. I heared a door open.i figured it was probably a nurse. They were probably checking something.  I realy hoped that i was not going to be poaked and prodded again.  

I closed and opened my eyes.i felt a bit weak. I forgot that anone was there until i reopened my eyes. I remembered that i heared the door open.  I saw who it was.

It was her. It was dr. Randolf.  She just stood there.  “Hi doctor.  ” i said.”hello callie. ” she said. I did not know why but she made me nervous.  I was not sure why but i felt that my life was in danger. Even more so then the acident. I had no idea why or if my fears were true.  I was really nervous.

“Whats up?” i asked. “Oh nothing. Relax. You need to keep your strength up. “She told me. All of a sudden i felt her on top of me. She put her hand on my mouth.she incisted that i keep silent.  

She released her hand  from my mouth. I kept silent. She kissed her. Her lips were soft. I had no idea what was going on. 

She pulled up my hospital gowan.she touched one of my tits.she ceresed it until it was quite erect. Then she suck on it. Although this was rape it wad kinda nice. It felt good. 

She switched to the orther boob. She licked and licked.  Then she pulled off my diaper. She licked my pussey. She was really good. 

The acident left me incontinent.  I peed all over the bed. Urine fell on her head. Although i did not relish being molested ,i hardly wanted to give my rapist a golden shower. It not deter her.she was not amgered by it either. 

After she changed steiped my bed and gave me a fresh diaper.  I was not going to report her action. It was she said she said. I did kinda enjoy it. She was good at it. 

She visited me freqently before i was discharged. I was sent to a rehab facility. I was going to miss dr. Ransolf. I would not admit that. 

Eventually dr. Randolf was caught trying to rape another female patcient. She was attested. She ended up in an orange jump suit. 

I spent time in asisted living facility before being discharged. I never fully reganed the use of my legs. I was able to live a productive life. 

The end.