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Lucy was a nurse . She headed for her shift. She wore a blue coat over blue nerse scrubs. She went to her car. She had no idea she was being being targarted. She was being watched from a far. 

She headed for the hospital.  A road closure forced her to take a less travaled. She headed for it. She knew that there was a car behind her. It was folowing from a far.while she was concerned,she figured that it was all in her head.she was stil concerned. 

She had to go further into an lightly travaled road. Soon she would be back on a main road. The soner the better she thought. The other car sped up. The car headed for her car.

She had dismised her fears as just paranoia.  Now she was certain that she was in danger. She was fairly certain now. 

Her car just died. She had no idea why. The car fell victom to a poorman’s electro magnetic pulse. Lucy’s fight or flight kicked into full gear. She bolted from her dead car.she did not brother shut the door.  She just ran. 

The orther car persued her. She kept runing. She refused to stop. He opened the window of the drivers side . he tazed her. She fell to the ground. She was unconscious. 

She had pee and craped into the scrubs. There were clear stains. He picked her up and threw her into the car. He threw her into the trunk.the car sped away. 

The car went into a garage.  He locked every door he had.she woke up. She was so scared. She pounded on the trunk. The door was opened. He picked her up. She kicked and screamed.  

He was undeterred.  He was hardened. He seemed to be able to withstand alot. He took her to his basement. He had turned the basement in a large dungon. 

He took off her shoes and sox. He then ripped off her scrub top. She screamed and begged him to stop. He did not comply. He riped her pants. Her panty was full of pee and poop. He pulled it off. He then pulled off her bra.

He took a hose and sprayed her. She screamed and yelled. It unphased him. He did not dry her off. He put her hands and feet into straps. He got on top of her and forced his thing into her. 

She cried abd cried. He kept going.he put his thing inside her. He was rough. He kept going.  

Finaly he went out. He tazed her again. She was found in a blanket naked near the hospital that she worked. 

A patcient’s husband found her and called for help.  She was rushed in. There was evidence of aggressive penetration but seaman was removed. The medical staf was almost certain that she was raped. There was no evidence that could be linked to the attacker. 

She was cleaned up and put in a gowan. She woke up. She was scared. ” luce luce its me its kathy! Your safe.”she said. She hugged her.

Lucy was the victom of a serial rapiat. A rapist that targarted nurses. The rapist was carefull to cover his tracks. He never raped more then one women in a county. He worked from coast to coast. He continued to move.  He never stoped. 

Lucy moved to her perents house in another sate. She discovered she waa pregnant.  She did not tell her perents that the baby wad a product of rape.she told them that the baby was from a one night stand. They knew better but went with it.

She gave birth to a baby girl. She loved her daughter. They were close. She did go back to nursing at a hospital near her perents. She is working on pre med. 

The end.