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Mia was a sweet young lady. She was attractive and smart.while in college she started an internship at a huge company that was a big employer in the sate. She was put in charge of the finance department upon graduauon. 

She was offered a posustion in another company out of sate. She was apointed vice president of finance. She was on her way up in the bussiness world. She was a force to be reckoned with. 

The president of the company had made a series of bad decisions. He lost mony. He covered his tracts. With his secrets about to exposed he framed mia for the embezzlement and fraud . he was able to cover his tracks and make it look like she was gulty.

While the fellow cooperate officers ,who had no idea if his misdeeds, did not want to aid his cover up. They felt conpelled to do so. They agreed. 

Mia was shocked when she was arested. The conpony threw her under the buss. They used there influence to burry her. She did not have the mony or resources to fight this. She was convicted and sentenced to fincluding  in a minimum security facility.  

She was alowed to have two months to get her affairs in order. Her young daughter would stay with her sister.

Another sister drove her to the prison.she dressed sinply.she wore a gray t shirt,green skirt and flip flops.  She hugged her sister. She went inside. 

She turned herself in. She filled out the paper work and was btought inside. She was escorted to intake. As she walked she saw other female inmates.  They wore red swet pants or shorts.  They wore flip flops or barefoot.  They were all topless. Not even a bra. 

She had no idea why they were topless. It made little sense to her. She did not give it a lot of thought. Inside intake she was told by a female gaurd to strip naked. She complied.

She pulled her t shirt up to her head.she pulled it off. She pulled off her skirt. She then took off her bra. Then she pulled her off her panties. She was given a full cavity search and enima. She was hosed off in the shower. 

She was returned to intake. She was given her uniform.  There was swet pants and panties and sandles. there was no top or bra. 

“Female inmates in this sate dont ware shirts or bra. You go topless. Everyone sees your tits.even visators. “The gourd said.

Mia was horified. Not only was she incarcerated for a crime she did not commit.  A crime that orginated when she was a child. She would have to be half naked for the next five years. This was really bad she thought. 

She put on her red prison issue panty. She then put on the red swet pants. Both had the logo of the prison and the department of corections. She started to put her arms over her boobs. The gaurd told her it was useless. She stoped.

The prison was a bit chilly. This was done on perpouse. The prison staf wanted the inmates kept a little uncomfortable.  She saw other inmates.  They looked her over.she felt so exposed.

She saw various inmates.  Some were just in there underware.some weny naked. She was not gay but had some bi fantasis she never told anyone. She arived at her cell. She was put inside.

Her cel mate was around her same age. She wore red shorts. She was very prety and seemed shy.like her she had been convicted of a white collar crime.  She hugged her. 

They had become very close. At this prison there was none of the gangs or fears of being shanked. Thr girls hear were not hardened criminal.  Most were convicted of provess crimes. 

Mia did not mind prison. She had a lot of friends including her cell. Mate bre. They were very close. She had orther friends as well. She got along with the gourds. 

Many of the inmates liked to suck on the tits of fellow inmates. It was soothing.  Mia fell asleep many night on the brest of bre and vice versa. They slept in the same cot.it was cramped but they cudled. 

Mia enjoyed prison. After six mouth’s her sentence was comuted by the governor.  While the boss wanted her to take the fall.he hayed seng her behind bars. She was released .she was sad to leave. 

She was not used to waring a shirt.her boobs itched. She felt weird. She had gotten used to being naked from the waist up. She felt weird.  

When she got home she pulled off her shirt and bra. Her sister was not impressed.  Her sister got used to it.her sister eventually went toess frequently. 

Many prison reform advocates wanted her to sign on to prison refotm. They wanted several reforns including alowing women to ware top in prison.  Mia was not interested.  She fully suported topless prison.  She did not want that policy to change.  She loved it.she would not tell anyone that.she mearly said that she was too buisy. Her close friends knew the truth.

Bre also got released. She moved in with them. She also liked going topless at home. 

The end.