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Jim had been dating leah for a few years now. It started off as a casual acquaintance but led to a friendship then full fledge datting. Now both were contemplating marriage.  

Leah was short.  She was 5.1.she was fairly thin.she was not anorexic but she was on the edgecof being at an unhealthy weight.

She was very self conscious about her weight even though she was thin.she did nit see it that way. She was anal about watching calories. She was meticulous at knowing precisely what she weighed. She set a limit and freked if she exced it even if  was a pont ahead. 

Jim tried to assure her that she was fine. She did not need to worry. She would not listen. She drove herself and everyone ekse crazy.  He tried to get her to losen up but it did not work. 

On special ocasions he tried to get her to indulge.  She would get really mad at him. “Do you want me to get fat?”she would ask. He droped it. The truth is he kinda did. He had a thing for fat girls.  His inicial perpose in befrending her was to get hwr fattened up a bit. His eforts failed.  He was woried that she was unhealthy in her thiness.all atenpts to get her her at a healthy weight or slightly unheathy failed.

He had a fat fetish since he was young. No one knew about it. His first girlfriend was so obese that she was in a wheal chair.  He was smart good looking athletic and popular. His family did not aprove .she lost weight . she got too thin.at least for him. He broke up with her. No one understood why he did that.

After that be dated thin girls.everyobe assumed he prefered thin girls.  That could not be further from the truth. Sense he played quarterback on th high school football teams, attractive girls flocked to him. 

He went on to college getting a business degree . He bought a convenient stote and started  his own gyim. 

He knew it was time to setle down.it was time to start a family. Leah was the perfect choice to be a wife. He would be a fool to let her go. She was getting bored with her. He had got her engagment ring and planed to perpose. He even planed to go though with the wedding.  

He went to his store. He saw Annabel.  She weighed 300 lbs.she wore a purple and white shirt that resembled a shirt worn by a soccer player. The shirt did not fit. Tbere was a buch of skin exposed. He coukd see flab. She wore black jeend and sandles. She had big feet. They were stil sexy.  She waddle a bit but not bad. 

Jim was entranced by her. He was absolutely mesmerized by her. She caught him staring at her. He figured he was repulsed by her. 

“You know it is not polite to stare! ” she said.not a promising first line if you hope to start a romance. “Im sorry.” he said.

“Look i know i am a fat slob.” she said.  “No i dont see you that way.”he said she did not believe him. She did not want to be rude.she hated when people engaged in platitudes.  She believed in getting to the point. Say what you meen or dont say anything at all. 

“That’s sweet of you to say. Why cant you just say i am fat ans disgusting! ” she said.

“Well there is no denying that you are fat but you certainty are not disgusting! ” he said. “You meen that? ” she asked. “I do.” he said.

He was really horny right now. He would not say that out loud. He really was. The conversation ended. 

He hoped to see her again. He broke up with leah that day. Shs she was devisated. She tried to talk him out of it. ” so why are you leaving me?”she asked. “Do you really want to know the truth?” he asked. She indicated that she did. He told her rather she wanted to hear it or not.he was prety sure that she did not. 

“Your way too thin!” he said. “What?” she asked.  “Your have nothing to you.” he said 

He kept seing Annabel around town and in the store. He finally asked her out. They started dating.he perposed. 

One day in a resturant Leah saw them together. She noticed that Annabel was waring a weading ring and an engagement ring.she could not believe he left her for a chubby girl. 

Leah saw her around at a store.she introduced herself. Annabel looked diferently. Her fat in her stomich wad concentrated. It was a baby bump. He had sex with her?

She saw her later on.she had twins. Leah thouhht that he would break up with her but she did not. Leah was devisated. They lived hapilu ever after.

The end