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Im drake. I was falsly convicted of fraud. I was the fall guy. The real embazler framed me . i tried to prove my inocence. The compony i worked for har power and influence. They used it to berry me. 

There was not much i could do.i was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. I was shocked.  I hoped that the truth would come out. So far it had not. 

I had a mounth to get my afairs in order. I did so . it was time to report.i eat breakfast and had some cofee. I showered. I put on a Grey t shirt jeens and sandles. I headed off to what would be my new home for the next five years. 

I arived and went inside. A gaurd who wore a nurse uniform came over to me. “Hi im mandi. “She said. She hugged me. I was not expecting that. “Welcome. ” she said.

She held my hand as we went to the intake room. She told me to pick out a stugfed animal.  Aperently upon admison,inmates were given stuffec animals.  I knew prison life would be an ajustment but this was just getting weird. 

I was striped out of my cloths. I waa given a blue two piece pajama set. I was taken to the infirnery to be checked out. I was given a physical.then i was given some of injection. I had no idea what it was. 

Then i was brought to the residential section.i was brought to my room. My cell mate was a young mqn around the same age. He hugged me. This was for white coller criminal but this was stil a bit out of the ordinary. 

I arived at nap time. I was tired. I laid down. Kevin my cell mate cudfled me. I was not a fan of that.he was softer then i expected.it did feel nice. 

After nap time we were sent to the play room. There were kids toys. There were cartons. The inmates seam to be ebjoying watching kids tv or playing with toys. 

We eat from plates with cartoon characters.  I came to beleve that they were atenpting to juvinilize or infantilize us. Make us dosile. Calm us down. Make us piliable controllable some how. I did not fully understand it. It did make sense from a law enforcement stance.  It made jail some what tolerable. 

Before we went to bed we got another injection. I came to realize that the injection was female harmones. It was designed to calm us down. Not only were we controled by the injections but also by conditioning and reinforcement. The toys , huging and other things. It was also a distraction. 

It was not quite brane washing. In a way it was a kind of indoctrination. That was fine. I was dreading being incarcerated.  This was not too bad. I could handle this.

I kinda liked it hear. I made friends with staf and residents alike. It waa very relaxing. In a way it was kind of like a vacation. 

There were some down sides. The drugs caused my penus to shrink. It went limp.  It was imposible to get it up. Of course masturbation was against the rules. 

I started to get boobs. I decided to ware a bra. I started to feel odd. I liked to read romance novals. I even played with dols.

Then six mounths into my sentence i got a new trial. I was aquuted this time. I was not sure what to do. Should i go off the medication?  I went off slowly.my penis got big. My boobs vanished. 

I got maried and had kidsmi am able to live a normal life. I do enjoy cartons and romance noval.i do on occasion play with doles. 

Life was simple in that jail. I stil dont want to return there.  I have hopgully left it behind never to rerurn to it. 

The end.