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Tracy jenson was falsly convicted of embezzlement.  The truth was the c.e.o of the compony was stealing the compony funds. He had power and influence. Tracy the young single mom had to take the fall. Luckily she got a relatively light sentence considering what she could have got. She was sentenced to six months in prison. 

It could be worse she thought. Really six mouths was a drop in the bucket. Before she knew it it would be over and a distent memory. The hard part was getting passed it. 

She was going to be sent to a minimum security facility. She got a mouth from the day of her sentencing to get her afairs in order. Her kids would stay with her sister. Lukily the prison was two miles from her house.  They would prety good about allowing visitors.  She was as ready as she could be given the situation.  

She wore a gray t shirt and black skirt and flip flops. Her sister drove her to the facility. She hugged her kids and her sister. She went inside. 

She went to the front desk.”i am tracy jenson . i am hear to surender myself. “She said in a very nervous tone. 

The clerk typed several information into her computor. She gave her a clip bored. “Please fill this out.answer to the best of your knowledge. Once you sign hear you are oficialy in our custody. “The receptionist said.

The questions were mostly medical. They were other questiones as well. It was prety straightforward.  Then she had to sign in. There was no going back now. She handed it to the clerk. The clark asked her to follow her.

They went to an intake room. “I know this is not fun. Can you remove your cloths?” she asked.

She took off her t shirt.  She then pulled down her skirt.  The clerk helped her take off her bra.she pulled off her panty .”i have to search you.  I promise i will be gentle. “She said.

After the search was complete. She took her to the infirmery. “Look this prison is the lowest secuity in this jurisdiction.  This is a prison but it is prety good. You dont have to worry. You will be safe hear.”the clerk assured her.

She put on a gowan. The doctor was very friendly. She checked various things. Then she turned her over to a gaurd. “Hi im april. If you will come with me. “She said. 

The prison uniform were two peace pajamas. They had the logo of the prison.  She would be barefoot except for slipers. She put in.

The facility did not shakles unles the prisoner was unryly. The inmates were all non violent. The staff considered most of them to be political prisoners.  They would never say that out loud. 

She was escorted to her room. The room looked like a dorm room at a colege.  The beding was helo kitty. There were three girls in the room.they all hugged her. 

“Hi im anie. This is katie and jullie”she said. “Hi im Tracy “she said. “Can i braid your hair?” katie asked.  Tracy said yes. They had her sit down. Katie pulled her hair down. She started to put in a braid.  

They gave her a tour of the place. They went to a comon room. There were dolls and toys. On tv was various cartoons. Tracy came to suapect that they tried to keep them almost infantilized.

It was not so bad she thought. After the tour they painted each other nails. Some times she forgot that it was a prison. 

The gaurds were nice. The staff were nice. She did not have any real problems. In a way it was almost like a vacation.  The only bad part was that she could not have her kids with her all the time. 

That night she got ready for bed. Karie offered to cuddle with her. She acepted. She was so soft. They held eeach other all night.

They took turns cudiling with eachother. The time in prison wwnt very well. She kind of enjoyed it. 

After two mouths the c.e.o of her compony confessed to the embezzlement and framing her. She was ordered released. She was sad to go in a way. The girls threw her a going away party. She promised to keep in touch.she did. 

She was happy to be back home. She was glad to be with her kids and her sister. The compony paid her restitution. She was well taken care of. She considered her incarceration a vacation. 

The end.