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With the rise of crime,voters blamed it on the government.  The center left party that controled the government had reduced spending on fighting crime. They had decriminalized several crimes. They cut police forces all over the country.  

At the same time they had been several key members of the government had been forced to resign due to corruption.  Manny were in jail or facing jail time.

Thus led to voter outrage. The party was kicked out in droves. From the president to parliment on down to local dig catcher the labor party was decimated.  

Voters put in a relatively unknown far right party.  The party had bean virtually unknown. The crises and scandal were enough to propel the party to controling the presidency and parliment.  

The extreme right wing government acted reasonably at first. They did small incremental changes. They made common sense changes. 

They were very popular.  As the party got more popular, they ganed largee mojority of seats in the lower house. They started to consolidate power. They also started to limit the power of opposition parties. They even moved the country closer to a one party sate. 

The part had been in power most of Miranda’s life. She was a 2o year old colege student. She was smart and athletic.she was an honor student and exceled in sports. She was outspoken. She was not a member of the ruling pary. The party tried to recruit her but she was not interested.she was fairly apolitical. 

She made a comment in passing. It could be interpreted as a dig at the government.  Aperently a fellow student and concerned citizen reported her to the ministery of public safty. M.o.p.s decided to apprehend her. 

Miranda had light brown hair. She Usualy put it in a poney tail.she wore a gray blouse and pink skirt and flip floops. She had left her first class and was walking to the second class held in a different classroom.

As she walked,several indudual walked to her. The males wore suits and ties. The female wore pantsuits similar to what gilion anderson wore in her potrail of agent scully in the x files. She guesed that they were federal agent. She had no idea that they were after her. She figured that they were after someobe else.

“Miranda holton ?”the lead agent a man in his late 40s with slightly balding hair asked. ” yes!”she answered. She was confused and slightly woried. You never wanted to have anyone from the federal government talk to you. 

“Miss houlton you are under arest for sedition and rebelion. You are in violwtion of the peace and teanquil society for the good of everyone act.”the lead agent said.

She was in schock.not only was she put in handcufs but in waist abd ance cuffs. She was hardly a dangerous criminal.  This was all fo show.  They wanted to send a message to everyone.  Do not interfear with the agenda of the ruling party.  

She was put in a ministry car.she was taken to a dentention center. She was striped out of her cloths.she was put in a prison issue two peacr bikini that had the words department if corection.

“Oh crap!”she thought.being dresed in a two peace prison bikini ment one thing, the box.  Female inmates being sent to the torture device commonly referred to as the box were rotinly atired in a bikini. 

It was part of the humilation. Being placed in it in glorified underware. It was also practical.  It got very warm.one hardly wanted to ware much inside. 

She found it hard to walk as she got closer.  It looked like a taning booth.the box was opened. She was helped inside. She laid down. The door was closed.

There was little light but there was some.  The box had perfectly breathable air. The box was designed as a instrument of torture and punishment not capital punishment.  She took a deep breath and waited.she tried to be brave. She hoped it would be quick and would all be over soon. 

A low level radiation was emited.it was very uncomfortable. At first it was tolerable.  It went from bad to worse. She screamed abd screamed.she started to cry. She begged for it to stoo.

She tried to bargan with them.she promised to be a good citizen.they were not done yet.  

It went from being excruciating to tolerable.  It kept going that way.she never knew what was coning next. 

The box did a number on her bladder as well.she pied herself a couple of times. 

She had no idea how long she had been in there. The device was powered down. They brought her out.she had trouble standing. She was put on a strecher. She was given a blanket. 

She was rushed to the prison infirmary.  A female nurse changed hwr soiled cloths bathed her and put her in fresh underware and a hospital gowan.

She was released from prison. She had to undergo goid ctizenship clasd.she promised to be a good citizen.  She had learned her lessin.after this she did not run afoul of the government again.  

The end.