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Im maggie. I am a senior vice president at everitcorps. Everitcorps is one of the bigest companies in the world. I started off as a mid level manager.  I rose to one of the top posistion within the compony. I am in my early thirties and am a single mom. 

Everitcorps has come under a lot of scrutiny for what many see as extreme polices.  Some groups have boy caught the compony. When i joned the compony i was a bit suprised by some of there policies. 

I had worked for different conpanies before joining e corps. I enjoyed my previous job at another compony.  Several cooperation expressed interest in hiring me. I was not looking for another job. My former boss told me that he did not to lose me but there was not really a place for advancement. They could not compete on pay with thr compinies that were seaking her. Several conpanies asked to intervue me.

 I decided to accept those intervues. I was reluctent at first but decided to accept the intervues. Everitcorps was one of the coperations that sent out entrties. I was to meet with the ceo and orther key officers. I was nervous and excited at the same time. 

I wore a black sports coat. I wore a white blose underneath.  I had a black skirt . i wore panty hose and a black shoes. I made sure i was tbete lightly ahead of schedule. I tried to always being prompt. 

 I was escorted to a bored room. The ceo was there with orther cooperate vice presidents. Besides the ceo was two males and two females. After everyone went inside,the door was closed.  I figured that they wanted privacy.  That was fine.

I was invited to sit. I joined the orthers. “We know the compony is seen as strict. We have found that in order to give great privileges, we ask much of our staff.some of our procedures may apear to be unconventional to say the least. “The ceo told me.

I really had no idea where he was going with this. I was wiling to hear him out. 

“As part of our policy,we require all perspective  perspective employees and current ones up to and including the ceo and bored members to submit to strip searches. We conduct sheduled snd surprise strip searches. “The vice president im charge of secuity and safty said. 

I was shocked to say the least. I could not believe i could not believe that any compony would subject there employees to this. They came to me. This was unsolicited on my part. I could walk away.  I was potentially going to make a lot of mony.i decided to go with it.

“If you will please remove your clothing “a female vp asked.i could have withdrawn my request to join the compony. I decided not to withdraw.i agreed.

I got up. I kicked off my shoes. I removed the black suit coat. I pulled it off and placed it on the confrence table. I thwn unbuttoned my blouse.i slowly pulled it off. I put it on the table along side the coat. 

I then pulled down my skirt to my feet. I pulled the skirt under my feet then off. I felt really weird being half naked in front of a mixed group of male and female executives of a very influential compony.  

I seemed to be turning on both the male and female compony officers.when i got up this morning i never expected to titilate cooperate officers.  I then retracted the panty horse. I pullef it down to my feet and then off. I could not believe that i was in my underware in front of orthers. Everyone in the room seamed to be horny around me. 

I asked one of the females in the room to unclasp my bra. She pulled it off of me. I felt weird having my tities in the open.  I was tempted to cover them but i did not see the point. I did not. I pulled my panties down then off. 

The room was very cold. I felt uncomfortable and really humiliated.  Another female put on latax gloves. She went inside my rectal area. She checked for contraband.  Of course she did not find any. I have no idea what they were looking for but they did not find it. 

I was hoping to be able to put my cloths back on. They wanted me to remain naked during the intervue. I was not a big fan of it but i really did not have a say it it. At least if i wanted the job. I did.i probably should have wanted to run away.for whatever reason i did not. 

The intervue went very well. At the end they asked me to join the compony. I decided to accept. I shock everyone’s hand while stil in the nude. They told me that i could get dressed.  I put my underware on.then i put the skirt and blouse back on. I did not put the sports coat or panty hose back on. I was glad to get our of there.  I knew this will not be the laet time.

I went home. I was subjected to strip search at least three times a day. At first i hated it. Overtime i got used to it. I came to expect it. Over time i looked forward to it. Now that i am a vice president i am actually subjected to extra scrutiny.   Not only am i subjected to strip searches,i also get to ovetsee them. I love overseeing strio searches of female employees. I gues i have become a bit of a voyeur.  Oh well.i gues that makes me perfect for the job.

The end

This is a woek of fiction.it does not condone or encourage activitied mentioned hear.

My inspiration for this comes form another website. I tried not to plagiarize but i did get the idea from a couple sites.