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Prisoner 1779886 

Subject grace anne marie townsend fuller.

 Mrs fuller was convicted of violating the better family makes a better society act. The acts mandates that a family cannot have more then two children.  Miss fuller and her husband saught to get pregnant and was successful.  


The fundamental party was able to be elected to lead the parliament.  They were reelected and given a seccond mandate.  They increased there power and limited the power of opposition parties.  They changed the name of there party to the loyalist party. They limited the power of opposition. 

They saught to have a controled society.  They wanted a centraly planed society.  They wanted to transform the nation from a constitutional representative government into what they saw as a benevolent oligarchy.  They would see it as a technocratic aristocracy.  

The dream of the curent president was to have every families have two parent with two children. They preferred every family have a son and daughters.  Right now that could not be controled. A branch of the science ministry was looking into a unigenics divison of genetic engineering.  For right now that was not an issue.

It was ilegal to have more then two kids. It was punishable by prison time and or fine. The government offered free contraception.  Hospitals were ligally required to report un lawful pregnancy.  If they did not they could lose there accreditation and be shut down.sometimes indefinitely.  The hospital did not want that.

Gracie was a young women. She had graduated from law school.  She had taken time off to raise her children. Being a lawer was problematic any ways sense the loyaliat took over. She loved practicing law but with the rise of the loyals she no longer enjoyed it. 

She and her husband were really religious and traditional.  Gracie waa not particularly political. She believed in submitting to government authority. Then the government cracked down on anything they did not like. 

Gracie had a son and then a daughter.they had not planned to get pregnant.  When she was late for her period she freaked out but remaned calm.

She did not tell her husband ray at firs.she did not want to worry him for nothing.  Her period continued to be delayed. She did not dare to go to her doctor.  All purchases were monitored by the ministry of commerce.  Cash was ilegal.  Bills were paid by finance ministry crcredets. She had to find out if she was pregnant although she was prety sure she was. She just senced it. She wanted some independent confirmation.  

She went to see a friend of hers from her church. She was a midwife.she knocked on the back door. Her friend jeanie opened the back door.  She welcomed her inside. She went inside.  They went downstairs.  

She explained the situation to her friend.  She had a stolkpile of pregnancy test. She was a registered midwife so her buying pregnancy test could be explained and justified.  She took one out. They waited for the result. Of course there was two pink lines. She was indeed pregnant!  

She hugged her. They were scared. Under the law they had few options. They could have the chikd aborted. That was not an option.  She was vehemently pro life. She found abortion to be repugnant.  She loved children.  She had a strong motherly instinct.  She was very close to her two year daughter and four year son.  

Were it not for this infernal law,she would be happy.  Ecstatic really? She loved kids. This law made that impossible. 

The other option was to put the child up for adoption.the government alowed thoae who could not have children were permitted to adopt after they were vetted.  It was a langthy process. She would be required to give up all ties to her child. That she could not do. That she would not do. 

Jeanie was suposed to report this.she was not going to do this. The baby seamed to be healthy.  

Her husband was scared but happy. She stayed home most of the time.she had not started to show yet.  She knew that she would eventually.

A concerned neughbor wondered why she was not leaving the house.she suggested to others that perhaps she was dead. She implied that maybe her husband was involved. 

A friend of a friend of a friend made anonymous call to the ministet of justice.  A police officer went inside. “Sir. I am officer Jacobs.  I have reason to believe that bodily harm may have come to your wife. I need to see her at once!”the officer incisted.

He knew that if he did as instructed ,her secret would be exposed. If he did not produce her as the officer instructed he could be arested for murder. The only way to clear his name would be to produce her.  He would be stuck. 

“Hunie!”he said. She wore a pink shirt and a denim skirt and bare foot came in. The officer incisted that she be examined at a hospital. 

At the hospital, a female. Nurse came in. The nurse waa young.her brown hair was in a poney tail.she was prety.”strip to your underware!” she incisted.  “Cant i have privacy? “She asked. “No!strip now!” she said. Gracie pulled off her pink shirt.  She then took off her skirt.she felt weird being in her underware in front of stranger.  She suspected thatvthe nurse might be bi sexual. She seemed turned  on by gracie. She had her get in a hospital gowan . she do. It was determined that she was healthy but pregnant. 

“I have to report this to the authorities. ” nurse hanah said.”i understand.  “Gracie was arested. She was taken to lock up. She spent what felt like a million yearnin the nude in intake with other nude women. 

She was sent to the pregnancy to ward. She was put in a prison issue nigh gowan.  She was put into restraints. While the government alowed abortion they did not force abortion. Shw she would be alowed to cary the baby to term. The baby would be adopted.  She would never be alowed to see the child. 

Her husband was also arested.  Jeanie the midwife was not discovered.


Gracie is being hailed in lockup at pregnancy ward pending trial.