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Prisoner 1171464

Name Becky Simon

Rebecca Simon was wearing a gray suit coat with matching skirt and white blouse. She was arrested for disloyalty. She voted for an opposition candidate for parliment and not the candidate endorsed by the president. Ballots are secret. She told a friend who told a friend who told a friend who reported her to the loyalist party. 

Upon wrestling,she was placed in a security field controlled by the rival authority. She was taken to a process center. “Please remove your cloths!” The female gaurs demended. She unbottoned the sports coat. She gave it to the gaurd. She pulled down her skirt and gave it to the gaurd. She removed the blouse. She removed the half slip. Then she took of her panty hose.

She then removed her bra. She pulled off her panties. She was placed in a force field itg other naked women. She knew would probably spend a year in a forced labor camp. She pulls probably not survive.

They were taken to a shower room. She went next to a young lady who was in her twenties. Becky out soap on her. They washed each other until they were told to leave the shower room. 

They were all still naked. The device generated a force field attached to there ancle.it was activated. They were taken. To the infirmary to receive a medical exam. 

The infirmary was a bit chilly.the new arrivals were naked.they shivered. They wanted the inmates to feel uncomfortable. Humiliation was part of the punishment regimen.they had a kind going. Becky felt like she had been waiting for a hundred years of at least twenty. Finally it was her turn.she walked to the examination table. The doctor was in her late twenties. She had long flowering black hair. She was five ten.she appeared to be friendly. As she did the exam she did say please and thank you every step of the way.she seemed to genuine about it. 

She took her breasts and examined them. They checked her blood pressure . They also took other readings.”Humm!”she said.”what’s hum?”she asked.”Becky was a little concerned. She had met this lady prior to this encounter. She had nothing to go on. She suspected that something was up. She just did not know what.

“Oh don’t worry! You are perfectly healthy!”the sexy female doctor informed her. “That’s good but what is going on?”she asked. ” The doctor chuckled. “Your pregnant!”she informed her. ” She was not even sure she had heard her correctly. “What did you say?”she asked. “Your pregnant!”the doctor told her.

It took a few seconds for the news to settle in. It was hard to believe. Had she not been in prison and facing a prison term this would be welcome news. She and her husband Donald had wanted to have a baby. Why did this have to be now she thought.”is everything OK doctor?”Becky asked! ” Yes it seams your having twins!”the doctor said. She and Donald have talked about how it would be fun to have twins. Again this would have been great has she not be under arrest. She was a political prisoner. She was at the whim of the ruling party. That was a horrible place to be for an expectent mom. 

After the exam she was escorted to the transfer area. She was allowed to sit. She was still in the nude. She was hoping that they would at least give her a bathrobe but no of course not. She had no idea what would happen to her. Would she still be sent to the mines? Would the government and the party that back it send a pregnant women to perform forced labor? She had no idea. She was worked. Before this she disliked the ruling party. It was for policy and philosophical reasons. Now it was personal. The party scared the living daylights out of her.  Now she had evidence validating her fears. 

Doctor Valerie teague informed the warden of her condition. The warden informed the party representative assigned to lock up.the party official agreed to have her locked up in the pregnancy ward until the courts decided what to do with her. A gaurd entered the waiting area.”Mrs Simon’s I am officer Wilson head of intake devision. I am hear to inform you that will be assigned to pregnancy ward until your case is ajudicated. “The guard said. 

She thought that this was a relief but she had no idea.she heard that it was until her case could b heard by a controlling legal authority. She knew that she was still not out of the woods.not even close. She was taken to the transfer area.”hi I’m nurse Julie!”she said.becky introduced herself.she was put in a wheel chair. Jersey Julie wheeled her to the pregnancy ward.she escorted her to the intake room. She was given a diaper.she as also given a prison issue nightie that said department of corrections.on it. 

She as wheeled into the Maine section. She saw 14 inmates.they were all pregnant of course. They were in the prison issue nightgowns and were barefoot. There hands and feet were put in restraints. Becky assumed that the inmates were all diapered. She was wheeled to an empty bed.

” Get comfortable.you will be hear for a few houses.your restrained for 22 hours a day. “Jenny a valued informed her.she laid down on the bed.the bed was pretty comfortable.it seemed to be a hospital bed. The guess we’re fairly gentle as they put her hands and feet were placed in restraints. At least she was not working in the mines. It was not bad she supposed.

Her babies had saved her life. She figured that they would get along fine. She hoped by the time that they were born she would be released. She decided that she would quietly server her sentence. She would be well behaved. She would wait. She hoped that she soon would be back home.until then she would make the best of this. 

Pregnant prisoners were for the most part well treated. They were well fed.she like the nursss,gaurds and fellow inmates.the ward was one of the better ran parts of the prison. System. It was still prison. 

The end.