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Anna Lee shed 24 was convicted of murder. She was sentenced to death by hanging. Anna who is 300 lbs murdered her boyfriend by sitting on him,suffocating him.
The defence attorney argued that this case did not weren’t the death penalty. The lawyer argued for life in prison instead. The prosecutor argued the crime was brutal. The jury sentenced her to death.
The defence with the help of cival liberty groups tried to get the governor to commute her sentence to life in prison. The governor refused to get involved.
The defense also tried to have her put to death by lethal injection instead of hanging. The county did not have lethal injection. There was no legal mecism to conduct an execution other then hanging. Unless something changed she would be put to death by the end of the day.
She had been moved from death row to a death watch cell. She was in a room near the place of execution.the death warent was oficily ordered.
Anna was woken up by a female guard. She wore an Orange prison issue nightie. It had the words death row inmate on the back.
The guard liked her.she hugged her. The two kept hugging for a few seconds.Anna was confined to a wheel chair.
She was sent to a shower room. Becky the guard picked her up. She and two female nurses tool out a spunge. They washed her hair. Them they washed her boobs. Then her belly. Becky washed her vaginal area.
Anna tried to hide the fact that she was turned in by it. She made noises.then her legs and feet were washed.
After she was dried off.she was wheeled back into the holding cell. She was nude.she was alowed to go back to bed.
She was given her last meal. It was cup cakes. She eat them all.usually condemned did not eat all of the last meal..she did. Why not it is coming to me.
She was then told it was Time to prepare. She was given a diaper.”why do I need to ware a diaper?” she asked.”prison rules. All condemned must be diapered while being executed. I’m sorr Ann!” Becky said.
“Very well. It is ok. ” she replied.Becky put the diaper on her. She closed the straps. She felt weird. She would get use to it.
“Where are my cloths?”she asked.”I’m sorry. You will be nude except for the diaper.” Becky said.”let me gues prison rules. “Anna said. ” yes that is correct.” Becky said.
The time arrived. Becky requested she not be shackled. The warden insisted.her hands,belly and feet were placed in shackles. She was wheeled to the gallows.
Her family was there. This included her sisters and mom. Her boyfriends family including his sisters were there.
The gallows was put on her neck. The warden read the sentence. She apolised for the pain she had caused. She asked the forgiveness of his family. She apolized to her family.
She mentally prepared.she was asked if She was ready.she said she was. The lever was pulled.She was dragged to her feet. She started to struggle. Her body skirmed. This went on for a few seconds.then the pee went to her diaper.then she took a dump.
She was pronounced dead. Her body was cut down. She was brought to the morgue.
Her diaper was removed.she was cleaned.her body was buried in the prison graveyard.
The end.