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“Hi I’m ally. I graduated first if my class at high school. At college I had a 4.0 g..a. I had served as freshman and sophomore class treasurer. I had been very active at the university and In the community. I was a rising star. Then it all changed.”
“I left community center where I was voluntering. I got into my car. A man who had his drivers License suspended so many times that he was banned from ever being able to have a licence. He was driving while intoxicated again. ”
“He drove eraticaly. He slammed into my car. The jaws of life had to be used to extricate me from the car. I was rushed to the hospital. ”
“I woke up in a hospital bed. I was Waring a hospital gown. I found it difficult to move . I had a cathitor hooked up. ”
“Your awake!” nurse Jill exclaimed. “What happened?”I asked. “What do you remember?” Jill asked. ” I was driving home from the community center, I saw a blue car. The car was erratic. It hit my car. I tried to evade it but I could not. The last thing I remember was being hit. ” I said.
“I started to cry. I began to hyperventilate. Nurse Jill hugged me. I like the feel of her brushing up against me.she was just a little but older then me. She was very attractive and felt soft.”
“Both your legs were broken. You are going to need a lot of rehab.you may or may not walk again.we just don’t know yet. You have a long journey ahead of you. ” Jill said.
” I was told I would convolese at a rehabilitation center. It was near my parents home. My family could visit me. It was something I gues. ”
“After a couple of days at the hospital it was time for me to be moved to the rehab clinick. Jill changed me into my street cloths. It was a green sweater and jeans and flip flops. I was put in a wheel chair. I was transported to the Matheson hospital . ”
” when I arrived at the hospital I was taken to my floor. I was introduced to Julie my nurse.she was my age.she had ling hair she put in to a pony tail. She like Jill was very prety.”
“She hugged me and welcomed me to the facility. She wheeled me into my room. ”
” so after we have the get to know you and welcome to Matheson chat I need to bath you. While hear you have to be diapered. You will be changed as needed . ” Julie said.
“Wow ! Wait a minute! I have to ware a diaper?I am not incontinent.   ” I protested.
” you are paralyzed at least for the time being. This floor is very buisy.the staf does not have the Time to take you to the bathroom all the time. It Is easier this way. I am very sorry. ” Julie said.
“Ok . I understand . ” I said.  “She hugged me. She went over other procedures.  ”
“Then She wheeled me to the bathroom. She removed my flip flops. She then unzipped my jeens.she pulled them off. She pulled off my green sweeter. I felt kinda turned on. She then pulled off my bra .then my panties. ”
“She picked me up and put me in the tub. She washed my hair.she washed my tits. She spent quite some time cleaning my boobs. She cleaned my pussey feet and legs.She then dried me off.”
“I hated when she pulled out the diaper. I did not want to be diapered. I was so humiliated even before it was put on me. ”
“It felt really weird. It felt squishy. I was then put in a Gray scrubs.I was put in bed. She hugged me again. ”
“I cried when she left. Rehabilitation was quite arduous. I had to try to move my legs. I had to try to move on my own . I had to try to walk. They tried to have me build my strwngh. ”
” at first I spent most of my time not in rehab in my room. After a while I took meals in the cafeteria. I met other patients.there I met Tim and Katie.”
“Tim was injured in a ski accident. Katie was recovering from a car accident as well. I asked them if they were in diapers.they showed them there diapers.”
“My recovery was in baby steps. I started trying to move. I walked on a bar. I was determined to walk again. ”
“My mom and sisters were very supportive.they visited a lot. They were very caring . ”
“At first I tried to hold in my pee. I felt so awful. Julie told me it would be easier if I just let the pee go. I felt horrible the first time I emptied my bladder. The per never stoped.at Least it felt that way. ”
“After I pied that first time it became earlier. Eventually I stoped fighting Tim after a while I was nor in control of the bladder.I just peed. ”
“Do you need a diaper change? Julie asked. “I nodded yes. She pulled off my pants.my diaper had a lakes.she cleaned me off then gave me a fresh diaper. All all the nurses Julie was my favorite. After a while I looked forward to when she changed my diaper. ”
“I did finely start to walk. I regained my mobility. I was able to be discharged and got home health for a time.then I was free. ”
“The driver ended up going to jail. He was banned from ever getting a license or drinking. I wish him no I’ll. ”
“I tried to potty train myself. I got sick of it I enjoyed Waring a diaper. Now I am diapered 24_7 and could not be happier. In fact I just peed myself . ”
The end.