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Annie and Amy were the closest of sisters. They were two years apart they had always been close ever sense they were young.
Now that they were adults,they moved in to an apartment together. What they did not know was that they were being watched.
They had both caught the fancy of a rich man who had power and influence.  He could win there affection.he was ritch and did not feel that he had to go though all of that. He wanted them both
He decided to have them captured and brought to a ranch he owned under a shel company. There was nothing that could be tied to him.
He hired a group of people to tail and then capture the two sisters. That day Anna and Amy were doing some shopping. Annie wore a pink blouse and black skirt and flip flops .Amy wore a black shirt and Gray skirt and wore sandles.
They had been buisy.neither one had any idea what was about to happen. There car was followed. In a less traveled road the car was taken out by a device designed to short out power. The car failed.
The murcineries stormed the car. They tried to fight back. They we’re knocked out. The mercenaries picked up the two sisters. They we’re put a car. A hood was put over there head. There hands were handcuffed.they neck was put in a chain.as was there belly and feet. The car sped off.
They woke up. They were in manicals  They were stil dressed but the sandles were removed.they had peed themselves.there were urine stains.
“Good your awake!” the man said. “Please let us go. “Amy said. “I am afraid I can’t do that. I have utilized a lot of resources to procure it. I have little interest in parting with you. ” the man said
“What do you want?” Annie asked “I am a  man of much means I get what I want when I want it. I want the two of you. ” he said. “What do you want with us?” Amy asked.
“You will be my slaves. You will cook clean and provide northern services. ” the man said.
“You can’t do this! Slavery is illegal.” Amy asked. “Legalities have never really been an impediment for me . I am not too concerned!” the man responded.
“Please! Let us go! We won’t tell any one. “Annie said. “Not a chance ! I am your master. From now on any interaction between Me and you will include the words yes master. Is that clear?” he asked.
“Yes master!” they said. He got the attention of a guard. “Remove there manicles!” the master ordered.the guards opened there chains .they were brought to the center of the basement.
“I want you to strip each other naked. ” the master said. “Please no!”Annie said. “You must do it.” he said. They finality responded with yes master.
Annie felt several different and conflicting opinions. A part of her was humiliated. To be forced to do this to her sister. Another part of her found this so hot. She had a submissive side. She had been attracted to her sister for a while now. She had fantasized about doing what She was about to do.
Amy wishes that this was under better circumstances but she found herself a bit excited. She had wanted to do this for a while. Now she got to.
Annie apologized to Amy. Then she pulled off her sister’s t shirt.She pulled it up and then over her head.Amy pulled off Annie’s head.
Annie pulled off her sisters skirt. She pulled it down her legs and down to her feet.then she pulled it off.
Amy then went for Annie’s skirt. She pulled it off . then Annie unclapsed Amy’s bra.She pulled it off.then She pulled off Annie bra. Annie got wet as she pulled down her panty.Amy took off Annie’s.
“Now hug each other!” he insisted.they said yes master.there naked skin met each other. Both enjoyed being wrapped around each other. They held each other for a few minutes. The master was quite pleased.
“I want you two to kiss!”he ordered. They did want not to be used for voyerustic pleasure.they did not seam to have any choice. Amy took her lips and brought then to Annie. Annie extended her lips to her.there lips lock. They kissed and kissed. It was like they forgot where they were.
He took them to a shower room. e personally bathed them. He washed them head to toe personally . he played special attention to there tits. He was definently enjoying his new slaves.
They sleep tied up downstairs.during the day they cleaned and cook.they did it in the nude.
He was not a harsh master. He was not mean.he just did not a low you any freedom. Other the. That he was not too bad.
At night ,they held each other. “You have a great body !  Amy told her.”so do you.”Annie said. ” I have wanted to tell you that for quite some time! ” Amy said. ” I felt the same way. “Annie said.
They never try to escape. They were well fed. After a few months they both got pregnant.they both had twins daughters.
After a couple years a private investigator for Annie and Amy investigated and got evidence of there location. The f.b.I went in. The master was arrested.
Annie and Amy were fried.they got another apartment together.they slept in the same bed.they cuddled.
The end.