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Dr. Erin Cranston was a staff therapist at Edison gentle hospital. She was young,bright and beautiful. She was considered a rising star in the mental health world.
Both staff and patcient alike liked her. She was well liked. She was able to be a great help to her many  people.
She went to work in the morning. She went to the front desk.the desk clerk welcomes her as he usually did. The guard buzzed her in. She walked inside.
She was greated by orderlies and other members of the staff.she then wore A lab coat with a purple dress underth. She wore dress shoes and panty hose.
She went to see Annie.Annie was a young patcient . she was a 21 year college student who snapped.She was diagnosed with dipreson.
She wore a hospital issue Gray dress. She was barefoot.Erin entered.Erin always thought that she was very attractive.
“Hello Dr. Cranston “Annie asked.”how are you today?” the doctor asked. “I’m ok !” Annie said.
“What is wrong ! Something is clearly bothering you?” she remarked.”will I ever be back to whare I was?” she asked.
“Give it time! It won’t be easy. It will take time. I can’t promise you will back to the old you.some people just break down. There is nothing shame full in it. Some times after a time thing we have tried to ignore rush to the surface rather we want them to or not. ” she said.
“I was doing so good. I had a scholarship good grades.I was so close to fulfilling my goals!” Annie said. “It is a miner setback.” Erin assured the patcient.
She hugged her.she cried on her shoulder. Erin felt energy from Annie come into her. She felt pain. She ignored it.she tried to hide it. “I think we would stop hear. ” Erin said.
“I feel better. Thank you!”annis said.”you will be ok.”Erin said.then Erin left.
Erin went to the infirmary. She told the doctor on duty what happened.”ok strip to your underware and put on a gown!”Dr. Kathy ordered.”you just want to see me strip!”Erin said.
“Your one of the prettiest doctors hear. I just wish you were an inmate. ” Kathy said.”I am sure you do” Erin said.
She removed the purple dress.she put on the hospital gown. She checked her heart pulse . “everything is good but you test positive for electrical activity. I am a bit concerned. You might want to take the rest of the day off and recover. ” Kathy said.
She went home. She rested.the next day she came back. She saw checked on Becky.she was in the secured area.she was naked except for a diaper.she was in a straight jacket.
“Becky you. Going to behave” Erin asked. “I will. I don’t belong hear.I want to go home!” Becky said. She took her out of the straight jacket. She had her wet diaper removed.she was allowed to shower and get cleaned up. She was dressed and returned to her room.
  she hugged her. “It will get better” she assured the patcient. Energy left her. She  not tell anyone thus time.
She felt sad. She was down. She tried to put her best face forward. She acted weird.she was a chronic work a holic. She never missed work . later she called out a lot.
“Erin your one of my best therapist. You have been acting eraric .are you alright?” administrator Dr. Even Terence Clark asked.
“Yes I am fine !”She said. “If something is wrong you can tell me. I won’t judge I promise ” dr. Clark said.
“The job takes a lot out of me that all. ” she said. “Well ok. I am going to have to keep an eye in you. “He said.
She did ok for a while. The staf forget her previous problems. She was. Back to her old self. A year went by. The mishap was a distant memory.
She was carefull not to touch a patcient. No one noticed. She was back on tract.
One day she slipped. She hugged a patcient. Later that day she ran out of the hospital. She cried and screamed. She had to be tazed. It caused her bowels to go out of wack.
She woke up naked and dipered.she was in a straight jacket in a padded cell.
“What’s wrong with her?” Erin sister Mandy asked. “Some how she developed enthethuc ability. She was able to cure patcient of there abnormalities.unfortunately She tranafered them to herself!”Dr. Clark said.
“She has there sickness?”her sister Julie asked. “I am afraid so. We are going to gave her stat hear.he are hoping that with proper treatment she will be able to leave. Unforunently her carer will have to be over. I  see how She will be able to ever resume his carer. ” the Dr said.
She was in the mental hospital for six mounth. She was discharged. She moved in with her sisters. She decided to not engage in any physical contact.
She decided to make earnings and sold them. She was mostly a recluse.
Luckily Dr. Clark invented a pill that slowed her to live a normal life she had to be carefull.
What caused her ability is not known.was it due to some mutations caused by a caricylism or did she have it for a while and just not know it until now.
Perhaps it was latent until a certain time. She had no idea nor did Dr. Clark. He published a paper on It.he offered to share the accolades and prize mony but she declined. She wanted to leave this all behind.
The end.