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” I’m Jessica I was once a judge. I was considered a rising star In my county. It was believed that the sky was the limit for me. My pears Said that I was tough but fair. ”
“I tried to be a good judge. I tried to Be resonible. I tried to fairly apply the law. I had no idea that my life would change. ”
“One day there was a savere earth quake.I tried to help evalucuate everyone to the basement shelters . the roof caved in. ”
“The next thing I knew I woke up. I was stim Waring a black pant suit and white blouse. I was the back of some kind of truck. My hands feet and neck were in chains. I was barefoot. My shoes had been removed.”
“There were other women with me.I had no idea what was going on.  I tried to engage the other inmates . no one dared to speak. So I did not dare to speak.”
“We seam to drive for hours . we we’re taken to an underground basements . it was difficult to walk with the chains. That was probably want they wanted.they wanted us humiliated. They want us controlled.”
“We were escorted to what could only be described as a prison intake room. Our shackles were removed . we were told to strip. ”
“It dawned on me that we were being Sold as slaves. I suppose I could have told them that I was a judge.I had a feeling that they did not care .”
“I hated being naked in front of people. I had no choice. I took off the black suit coat. I then took off the white top.then I took off my pants. Then a female helped me remove my bra.then I took off my panties. ”
“I was very cold.they put a collar on me. They put me in a cage.I was there with four other girls. They were also naked. The cage was small. ”
“The cage smelled like forces and urine. I was there was a couple of days. I was washed off. I was led off to the auction bloc”
“I was sold for a million dollars.I was sold to a reclusive bilionare.he kept me naked and In a collar. I had to clean everything. ”
“One day he took me to his bed.he got on top of me.he forced himself on me and had his way with me. He put his thing in me. I could tell that he intended to get me pregnant. ”
“I was pregnant.he cut me some slack.he wanted my babies healthy.he steamed to have pregnancy fetish.he watched me clean .
“The babies were adopted not long after I gave birth.I went back to work full time.he was not a bad master. I was whoever stil a slave.”
“Although my body was never found it was assumed that I was killed in the earth qauke. No one knew the truth. ”
“I never tried to escape. I assumed he would tract me down. After being in charge for a long time.I kinda enjoyed being deminated.I have never tried to escape. Will I some day you never know. Not planing on it. ”
The end.